Background travelware vinyl single compartment 17. 3” computer case with cozy aggregate lock briefcase, black, one size

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of coming into your model number.
  • secure storage: organizers includes compartment record wallet with double snap expansion function, a big open pinnacle pocket, three pen/ pencil holders, and a compartment flap over pocket with velcro closure.
  • tech take alongside: consists of a computer restraint strap, and a padded, adjustable/ removable bar. Holds maximum laptops with up to 17. 3-inch screens.
  • first-class finishes: durable leather-based-like vinyl outside with absolutely covered indoors. Cozy, strengthened top seize deal with. Relaxed aggregate lock closures.
  • product specs: typical size: 17. 75” w x thirteen. 5” h x four. Zero” d. Computer compartment dimensions: 17. Zero” w x 12. 0” h x 2. 5” d. Weight: four. Eight lbs.
  • buy with self belief: backed by a producer 10-year restricted . A fashionable yet expert laptop case for the current commercial enterprise individual.
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history brand – “continually extra to explore”

background product was first released in 1983. History prides itself on satisfactory product that is simple to your pockets. We stride towards dependable product for a cause: it doesn’t remember whether or not you’re headed to the office or the airport, when you’re on the flow you p. C. With motive. We don’t fill our briefcases and suitcases with every little element. We p. C. The necessities, the favorites, the things most vital to the adventure we’re about to embark on. Which is why it’s all of the extra critical to make sure they’ll be safeguarded by reliable product like our historical past product.

historical past travelware

product description

tour in fashion with the style-forward leather-like vinyl computer case from background travelware. Full of capabilities such as a fully lined interior, and comfortable combination lock closures, you can make certain your assets can be secure till you arrive at your destination. Includes a computer restraint strap, and a padded, adjustable/ removable bar that holds most laptops and drugs up to a 17. 3-in screen. Organizers consists of two compartment record pockets with double snap expansion feature, a big open top pocket, 3 pen/ pencil holders, and a compartment flap over pocket with velcro closure. Travel without problems with a strong, bolstered top snatch cope with. A stylish yet professional pc case for the modern-day enterprise man or woman. Size: 17. 75 in w x thirteen. 5 in h x four. Zero in d. Weight: 4. Eight lbs. Backed through a 10-year manufacturer limited .


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8 reviews for Background travelware vinyl single compartment 17. 3” computer case with cozy aggregate lock briefcase, black, one size

  1. Tempting Reviews

    despite it looking absolutely fabulous and feeling quite solid, I am not giving more stars due to the “warranty” and a later point below. Don’t bother trying to read that (unless you’re bored). I’ll summarize. “Our warranty only covers things that were wrong the moment you got this thing. So if it’s perfect now but, say, one of the latches starts to separate, that’s not covered (normal wear and tear). If the interior fabric starts to wear or come detached, that’s not covered (normal wear and tear). If one of the outer panels begins to come off that’s also not covered (normal wear and tear)…” Like basically, as written, the warranty isn’t worth the cardstock it was printed on because damn near nothing is covered. I won’t recommend a product to anyone with such an overly strict warranty. I get “normal” wear and tear like, say, fading. That’s not their fault; the handle IS going to have some fading due to the salts and stuff from your palms. But to not cover latches because you used them? And even if you DO find a defect, you have to ship it back to them (at your cost) AND pay them for the privilege (as in, they want you to PAY THEM MONEY) AND wait two months for a replacement. By the time you’re done you’re halfway towards buying a new one. SO…if you find a defect within your 30-day Amazon return, use that. DO NOT use the company. If it’s after that, chalk it up as a loss because it’s just not worth it. And I shared another picture after doing a deep dive, where there’s what I like to affectionately refer to as “Ghetto Glue” with the straps inside for the laptop. Absolutely no quality. I am NOT shipping to the company, I will get my money back the ‘Murican way…through Amazon. Read more

  2. Brenden

    I purchased this brief case over several others because it states that it’s backed by a 10 year manufacture warranty. I just received this item and opened the briefcase to find a card stating the warranty is in fact only 5 years so half the time stated in the description. I have screenshot the description in case they try to not honor any warranty after that time and I’ve contacted the seller and just waiting for a response. I will update my post when I get a response back from the seller Read more

  3. Davis K

    What can I say….. this thing is pretty good, the ‘leather’ binding isn’t bulletproof or anything, but it looks nice. The arms inside that hold the lid open are stiff and can get stuck, but it’s uncommon rather than an everyday thing, and a bit of wd-40 keeps it in good shape. The pockets are a pretty good size, I can fit my 17″ laptop, several file folders, a couple notebooks and a handful of pens in the case, with a bit of room to spare if I need to add a small tablet or my phone, no problem. All in all, it probably won’t compete with a high power attorney attache’ case that costs a grand….. but for typical everyday office carry for pretty much anyone else, this is a solid purchase that will be worth the money. Read more

  4. JHawk

    I love this new case. It hold the basics of what I need plus a bit more. crisp and clean. Locks work fine. I can’t say there is anything I dislike about this case. The inside is the perfect size for my current computer and I’m confident will work when I have to replace this one with something slimmer and lighter. The extra little divider that came inside the case works great for the power supply, mouse and headphone case. Leaving room on top of my computer to put notebooks, bible, folder(s) needed for the day and pens. Even room to put my cell phone inside. Plus space for a bit of snack or candy, mints and gum. I would order same again if I needed a second one. I am very pleased with this purchase. Read more

  5. S T

    Great when programming the lock: push in the square lever on the side of the combition scroll,doesn’t matter which side u choose to do first, and re program your 3 digits. Then repeat.. On the opposite side. Read more

  6. jenny hill washburn

    Fine while it lasted, about 2 – 3 years moderate use. I used it about twice a week and after about 3 years the handle broke completely off. But the price was reasonable and a plain, simple “trial bag” is not as easy to find as one might think. Put it this way: I’m writing this review at the same time I’m ordering another one.. And in 2 – 3 years I’ll order another one. And so on until I retire or fall over dead. Read more

  7. Roger Secura

    This is a nice case for storing my personal papers. The inside of the case is divided into two folder sections. It would of been nice to have four or five folder sections, but it’s still a good buy for the money. The inside of the top flap has a few small pockets and holders for pencils/pens/credit cards, etc. The top of the case has a couple of brass rotating wheel combination locks (3 digits each). If you’re afraid of forgetting the combination number don’t worry, just leave the red plastic safety pins in place and snap the brass locks closed. Then when you want to lock the case, remove the two red safety pins, snap the locks down, and then dial in your secret number into each of the two combination locks.. Read more

  8. Caldesjv

    This briefcase is fantastic except for one flaw. The hinges do a poor job of holding up the lid when it is open. If it were not for this I would give 5 stars. I still use this every day, and it has held up very well. The velcro strap to hold a laptop works perfectly, and the storage pockets have made this an excellent option for work. Read more

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