Backpack trolley – wheeled trolley hand aluminium alloy non-folding trolley cart for backpack (blue, 6 wheels)

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  • ensure this fits by means of entering your model variety.
  • excessive first-rate stair hiking six-wheels trolley,bearings shape, convenience and noiseless.
  • the trolley wheels are made from excessive satisfactory rubber,robust and durable.
  • load bearing: 15kg or less. Washable and rain-evidence, detachable and folding.
  • [application] an excellent gift for kids, the stylish backpack is ideal for tour, faculty and excursions.
  • in case you come across issues within the system of assembling the product, please confer with the preparation manual that comes with the product packaging or watch movies on line. In case you receive a trolley with broken or missing add-ons hassle , please do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply you inside 24 hours and provide you with a great solution. Before buying, please check with the scale photo of the trolley to keep away from discrepancies with real desires after receiving the product.
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6 Wheels Blue, 6 Wheels Blue Improved Version, 6 Wheels Pink, 6 Wheels Pink Improved Version

8 reviews for Backpack trolley – wheeled trolley hand aluminium alloy non-folding trolley cart for backpack (blue, 6 wheels)

  1. Kyle2here

    with covid the schools are making my young kids bring everything home each day. Bags are extremely heavy so this has helped a lot. Downside is there is no way to simply take this off the trolly quickly or just sling on your back. I knew this before buying. We did not bother with strapping it in because it just seemed like more time consuming and difficult to take off and on. Instead we bought two medium carabiners from dollar G, pulled the backpack straps around the trolley poles, and hooked together near the top and bottom of the backpack. This was a quick $3 fix that allows us to take off and on the backpack much faster and works at keeping it on the trolley. I saw someone else sew a strap scross the back of a backpack so it fits over the trolly handle like a luggage bag and that is another good option that could allow you to quickly put the backpack, possibly while even still attached to the trolly. Price was ok, but kids have really needed it. Dont really think the 3 wheels for going up and down steps really do much. Doesn’t change how heay a bag can be while going up so they are still probably just going to pick it up step by step. Going down is never an issue. So the 3 wheel thing on each side wouldn’t necessarily be something I would pay extra for, but I didnt see other options anyway. I had to buy 3 of these (pink and blue) and had some that said they were the new and improved versions. Honestly, there isn’t really a difference in functionality. The new and improved has a slightly different shaped handle and more curved trolly bars that does not effect functionality. The strap colors are different too. The feet on the bottom of the trolly are different where the improved version is kind of square all the way to the floor and the other version gets a little slimmer as the trolly floor feet touch the ground with little circle tips on the bottom. Again, dont think this really makes any difference at all. I will say my sons blue non improved version has fallen forward more than the girls pink improves version, but i think that is more due to his backpack being a little different and how we may have it clipped on slightly different from the others with carabiners. I would buy based upon look that is better and not because it says new improved version. Read more

  2. Mikmo28

    I gave this 4 stars because my grandson loves it. It would definetly not fit a large backpack, but is perfect for his. We tried to attach his backpack per the instruction and the backpack was flopping all over the place. I bought a table runner from the dollar store and sewed a strip of the fabric on the back of his backpack so we could slip the backpack onto the handle and then attacked the straps to the bottom. Now it’s snug and not going anywhere. In my opinion that’s the only way to make this functional. The handle jiggles and feels lose so we’ll see how long it holds up. So far, so good. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Very cool idea but the ‘tray’ is not quite deep enough. We are going to have to modify something somewhere to keep the backpacks from falling off and dragging. Read more

  4. Kimben11

    It’s a great buy, but definitely made for a smaller backpack. I purchased this to carry my backpack after having neck surgery. I am a home visitor, and therefore carry it full time. This just didn’t work for me. My bag was much to large, and when I did finally find a way for it to stay attached to the trolley, it was too heavy to stand up. Read more

  5. Bojan Beran

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This trolley is complete junk. First it took almost a month for it to arrive. When it did there were pretty much no instructions, but we figured it out. Next, there were supposed to be 2 screws to hold the aluminum handle in the base, but only 1 in the box…but the biggest problem is that one of the shafts is bent and the three wheels don’t rotate. We got this roller for my 5 year old to takes an iPad, a handful of papers and a sandwich to school. I do t know if the shaft was bent originally and we just didn’t notice or it got bent in the 5 times he’s walked to school and back, either way, this thing is garbage. Save your money and get something higher quality. Read more

  6. Stefanie C

    My daughter has scoliosis and she wanted to use her current bookbag. We found this item and we absolutely love it she’s in middle school and she uses it every day Read more

  7. Solomon

    The backpack trolley did not come in it’s own box but rather was repacked at Amazon. Also arrived with no instructions for use or assembly, or warranty information, and was definitely missing two screws that are necessary for assembly. No doubt that these were misplaced at the Amazon warehouse and not the vendor’s fault. I was able to figure out the assembly and provide my own screws and mount my daughter’s backpack in 40 minutes. Still no warranty information and I will await feedback from my high school Junior on the practicality and functionality of the trolley. Read more

  8. Carey W.

    We ordered 2 of these and one kiddo doesn’t like it. The other uses it but the base is not big enough to hold her backpack. Husband added a piece of something like mdf (only thinner) to make the base bigger to accommodate the backpack. The straps are not positioned well for the backpack (Jansport) we use. Overall we are glad we got them. Just not as perfect as we hoped. Read more

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