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  • make sure this fits by using getting into your version wide variety.
  • long lasting and rugged wheels in notable blue shade
  • robust and lightweight
  • foldable for less area storage
  • adjustable double strap anchors baggage and forestalls moving
  • without difficulty bring luggage, heavy containers and diverse wishes up to seventy seven lbs

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long lasting and rugged wheels in tremendous blue shade,strong and light-weight,foldable for much less space storage,adjustable double strap anchors bags and prevents shifting,effortlessly convey luggage, heavy packing containers and numerous needs up to 77 lbs

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3.15, x, 9.05, x, 17.7, inches

Item Weight

2.85, pounds


Unisex-adult, (luggage, only)



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4.3, out, of, 5, stars, 781, ratings, 4.3, out, of, 5, stars

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8 reviews for Bags cart

  1. TBT

    I initially purchased a different luggage cart, but I was somewhat disappointed so I ended up ordering this one, too. It was hard to choose between them, largely because they’re very similar. The worst “feature” is that the base (platform) of these carts doesn’t lock in the open position – I was heartened to hear the “click,” but when I tightened the bungee cord to secure my bag, the base folded upwards as other reviewers have noted, Bummer. That was true of both carts. Also, the product information lists a “shipping weight” that is actually the product weight – I had hoped that they weighed somewhat less than the 2.8 – 2.9 pounds listed as shipping weight. But they don’t – that’s their actual weight. As you can see in the first photo, below, the Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart, Black, One Size is quite a bit shorter than the BlueJan (on the left) when they are folded up. When the handles are extended (the second photo), you can see that the BlueJan (on the left) is slightly taller than the Samsonite, but only by about a cm. The third photo shows the bases of the units. (Again, the BluJan is on the left.) The Samsonite’s base is somewhat wider than the BlueJan and seems sturdier, The differences: Samsonite (on right in photos): Significantly shorter when collapsed (Photo 1) Base is a little wider and seems sturdier Telescoping handles are slightly shorter when extended (maybe a centimeter shorter) Two cross braces instead of one offers another place to secure luggage to cart A little more stubborn about collapsing the handle (have to fuss with it more) BlueJan (on left in photos): Seems a little sleeker overall, although taller when collapsed Telescoping mechanism works better The deciding factor for me was that the Samsonite model fits somewhat better in my carry on duffle, where it will have to go when I board the plane. I like them both, though, and it was hard to choose between them. I think they are both a good value and will perform well. Read more

  2. Suzanne

    This cart has saved me! I hurt my neck a few months ago, and carrying a heavy backpack or even a small bag was killing me every day. I bought this and it is the perfect size for my backpack. No matter how much stuff I put on the cart, rolling it still feels incredibly lightweight. I can put a full backpack and also a camera bag on here and roll it with no problem. I honestly don’t know what I would do without this cart. It has truly saved me from triggering excruciating pain, and I will continue to use it! The only downside of the cart is that the handle is a little flimsy. The strap came off once but I easily tied it back on, no problem. The strap hook is hooked on to the handles and are knotted securely underneath. There’s no photos on Amazon of the actual size comparison of the cart, so I took some with it holding my regular-sized backpack for scale. Handle is fully extended in the photos. Read more

  3. VegasAmy

    Purchased to strap our car seat to and pull our toddler through the airport. It worked great! It does have 1 attached bungee cord but you will need 1 additional one to make it snug. Read more

  4. KayJay

    This worked as a cart for my carry on and carried my checked luggage easily. It folds wonderfully flat and fit easily under the seat on the airline. Read more

  5. Boogieman

    Pros: It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carrry Cons: It just not that sturdy to move things on. The adjustable handle become more loosy goosy over time and the wheels are very small, so it can easily tip over the minute it hits a tiny groove in the sidewalk or something. I’ve had much better experience with steel models. The wheels are a bit bigger and it’s a bit heavier overall, but much, much easier to move things around in, IMO. If you just want something that’s light for traveling then this is probably a good choice. Read more

  6. SK Juno Beach

    What a back-saver! I will never take another long trip without this lightweight and handy cart to roll my hand luggage around the airport. I recently toted 25 pound camera bag and 24 x 8 x 12 tote bag together on this cart. Perfect solution for those long walks through airports around the world. Read more

  7. Avid Amazoner

    I needed a compact luggage cart for my motorcycle T-Bag. This is a very small cart that is especially well made with the exception of the handle which is somewhat flimsy (side to side) when fully extended. The handle is made of very sturdy plastic, but the tolerances of the telescoping is a bit loose causing the side to side movement. The wheels are bulletproof. I really like the design, easy to unfold and fold back up. It is about the size of my 15″ Macbook Pro. I’ll post an update after my next trip on the durability, but I think it will do just fine, if not abused. Folded it is exactly 17.5″ x 9.75″. I’ll give two widths because most of it (14″ worth) is 2″ or less wide. The wheels (including the wheel guard) are 3.25″ wide. It is really quite small! Read more

  8. J. Hall

    I have a Vera Bradley tote that I like to take as my carry on bag when flying but don’t like to have to carry it around airport terminals. The tote and cart fit under the seat in front of me so short me doesn’t have to struggle to drag a bag from the overhead bins and possibly drop it on me or another passenger. I place the tote sideways on the cart, crisscross the bungee ties from the cart through the tote handles and then pass them around the back of the cart handles to hook on the opposite sides. My tote is firmly attached, I can easily reach things on top without unhooking the whole assembly and I don’t have to shoulder or hand carry a heavy tote. Only minus is the cart isn’t 4 wheels but maybe that’s asking for the unreasonable. I’ve never had an airline ask to gate check my tote either. I can fit my purse and flying supplies in my tote and not worry about its weight now. Very pleased. Read more

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