Cara messenger

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  • a hundred% polyester
  • imported
  • pockets: 3 slip, four zip
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functional flap messenger with adjustable move body strap. 조절 가능한 크로스 바디 스트랩이 있는 기능성 플랩 메신저.


One Size


Barley, Black Multi, Black Script, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Black/White Poppy Floral, Boucle Black Print, Forest Multi Floral, Merlot, Navy

7 reviews for Cara messenger

  1. Becky Keith

    I love, love, love this bag! I bought the merlot one at a store and loved it! I was looking for a new bag for Spring and thought, I love this one so much, check out the colors here and found the floral one! Perfect! The bag is so sturdy for being nylon, it has great structure. The strap is hefty and comfortable and there are pockets and compartments for everything. I’ll probably purchase a black one eventually. Read more

  2. Jennie Genz

    This is perfect in size and comfort. Read more

  3. Kimberly D.

    I purchases this bag just a few months ago and the strap broke off! So disappointed, and just missed the return window from Amazon by a few weeks! This was not a cheap bag, lesson learned, no more Karl bags for me! UGH Read more

  4. Brandra Vaughn

    Pretty bag!! So many compartments! Love it!! Read more

  5. Reneerk

    This is a cute cross body. It is a medium sized messenger style bag with a flap closure. It is a vinyl material and stiff inside to keep it structured. The strap is adjustable and the perfect length for me (5’9) as a cross body pulled almost to full length. You could also pull the strap shorter and wear it on the shoulder. As far as being comfortable to wear and how cute it looks (lots of compliments on it!) I’d give it 5 stars. As far as function, I’d probably give it 3 stars. Even though it has lots of pockets, you can’t fit much in there and it’s hard to find anything. It is a slim design, so nothing even slightly bulky will fit. In the big, open main part, all I can fit is my wallet and keys. There is a zippered coin pocket and 2 compartments inside where I can fit a pack of gum, travel sized lotion, travel hand sanitizer, and a chapstick. This is all it can handle and if my keys drop under my wallet, I have to take it out to get to them. The front has a pocket that is wide but slim. I put some hair ties in there, nothing else can fit because the flap will not connect to the magnetic circle that is there if it sticks out at all. The flap has a zippered compartment, but again, only flat objects can go in there or it won’t close properly. The magnetic closure is not very strong and pops open. There are 2 zippered side pockets on the outside front of the purse. The back of the purse, close to the body, is a larger compartment with a snap closure. That part can handle some bulk, like my keys, phone, tissues, and feminine products, but then it doesn’t lay close to the body. Unfortunately, there is no more room for my sunglasses case or other miscellaneous things I normally carry. This purse will be fine if you don’t have much to carry. Updated- I’ve had this purse a little over a year now and the straps are barely hanging on at the loops. They started fraying a few months ago and now I’m afraid to carry it because they’re going to snap off at anytime. The finish on the loops has rubbed off as well. The rest of the purse is still in good shape, they just decided to be cheap on the part that needed the most reinforcement. I’ve had cheap purses last much longer than this one, it’s pretty disappointing. Read more

  6. Joe

    We were both impressed with the quality, versatility, and the aesthetic. This is a very nice messenger bag. Nice enough that my wife, who hates bags, is now carrying it daily with all if her stuff in it and loving it. I really can’t relay exactly what it is about this bag, but man it just exudes quality. It’s a perfect size, it has many compartments, and the flap compartment goes the entire length down to the bottom of the bag so if you have something long, but flexible, it will fit without having to bend it to a point that might leave a crease. The material seems like it will hold up well, too, as my wife is hard on bags this is a necessary feature. With some women’s bags the aesthetic is primary and durability and versatility are second thoughts if considered at all, this bag it seems all three categories were given equal attention and the result is, in my wife’s words: Fabulous. Another really nice thing about this bag is the adjustable strap. Now I know all messenger bags come with this feature, but this one is sturdy like a seat belt without being ugly or uncomfortable, it’s remarkable nice. Going back to the pockets, not just are there lots of them, but they’re really well thought out giving you all kinds of options. There are quick access pockets and zippered pockets. The zippers are really high quality and should hold up against abuse. The material of the bag is smooth, water resistant, durable, and soft. I feel like most messenger bags that aren’t leather are made from a rough, almost burlap like material that would hold dirt and not shed water well. This bag doesn’t suffer either of those drawbacks while not sacrificing quality, nor costing an arm and a leg. It really is a nice bag for a good price, and it looks great. Read more

  7. No Drama Mama Llama

    Admittedly I’m not a purse person. I usually carry one purse until it basically disintegrates and I’m forced to get a new one. Which means I want purses that are durable, easy to clean, can organize my stuff, and aren’t a pain to carry (ugh do I hate clutches). I also don’t like huge boho style purses, I’m 5’2″ and I don’t want a purse that looks like I’m a kid holding my mom’s bag while she shops. This one fit all my requirements and it feels really well made. Solid seams, nice lining, etc. Also, my iPhone XS Max with its case on fits inside that front pouch pocket right under the flip up part. My only complaint is a minor one, the vertical zip pockets on the front are silly. You can’t really put much in them, it will just all fall out when you unzip. I will probably just think of them as decorative. Read more

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