Cellular office spinner wheeled briefcase, black, one length

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  • make sure this fits by coming into your model quantity.
  • extend the samsonite achievement tale of spinners into mobile workplaces
  • ease of mobility with the versatility of four wheels
  • 5 level handle with two locking factors at 37 forty two
  • padded laptop and accessory cubicles. Separate document section
  • accommodates 15. 4 widescreen laptops
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samsonite’s now not simply within the commercial enterprise of creating baggage, we’re inside the enterprise of constructing confidence. Self belief that when you step off the scale down, your bags wheel isn’t always going to pop off. Confidence that if you put your laptop inside the bag in one piece, that’s the way it will come out. Samsonite has set an industry precedence through perfecting and innovating luggage, informal luggage, backpacks, tour add-ons, and now electronics carriers and pc luggage. Over a hundred years of reliability, sturdiness, style and modern functionality have made samsonite’s iconic products, and brand, a international chief they are today. In case you are going to move out the door, do it with peace of mind. Because, existence has a way of coming at you fast. Be geared up for anywhere.

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travel effortlessly with the samsonite spinner cellular workplace. The 4 wheels permit clean motion through busy airports and assist you to push it sideways down the aisle of an aircraft. This example additionally offers terrific enterprise for the commercial enterprise tourist with its padded laptop compartment, accessory wallet, and separate file segment.


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8 reviews for Cellular office spinner wheeled briefcase, black, one length

  1. Carol JeanLouis

    I use it for my job and school. It is a hassle for me to use. This is the first time I have ever used one of these. When I unzip and open it it falls over no matter what. I do not know if there is a hack to it. No matter what it falls over on either side!! I put the handle all the way out, it tips over, I put my things to one side to distribute the weight but it tips over or is not stable enough for me to go in and take something out without it tipping over… I think it looks very nice, beautiful, heavy duty exterior. The wheels are awesome, I can go any direction. I like how much room it gives and how it is divided inside for organizing, even the outside pocket is nice. Great size. Overall I am not happy with this purchase. I cannot seem to manage opening it without tipping over, especially for how much I need to take something out and put something back in. Read more

  2. heidi

    I am an attorney with (surprise) lower back problems from carrying heavy litigation bags all the time. I got this bag on the advice of my physical therapist. The wheels are great, and it is true that it makes a big difference to have all the weight on the ground, rather than dragging a 2 wheeled bag behind you. However, this bag seems to me to be release 1.0, and needs some bug fixes. First, no outside pocket. Where do my coffee and water go??? Not even a pen easy to get to? Second, and a bigger issue, is you can’t pull anything in the main compartment out, without laying the bag down and unzipping it all the way open. The laptop slot (nicely padded) is in the front, so when you unzip, the bag does tip over forwards immediately — bashing you in the head with the handle unless you are paying attention. Twenty minutes work with a lawyer and Samsonite would have immediately seen these problems. Finally, when this bag is full of papers and computers and is heavy, the handles twist as you move the bag, leaving me questioning how long they are going to last. They do adjust marvelously for different heights, but they twist quite a bit, feeling weak. So…. lots of heavy stuff, and I’m not sure….. But outside of the handles, this is a bag built to last and feels weather proof (I live in wet Seattle) and durable. So…. some good some bad. I didn’t see anything much better out there. Read more

  3. So. CAL Lady

    UGH! I’m returning this. I’m incredibly disappointed. The bag tipped over the minute I opened it. Even though it’s got four wheels, it won’t stay upright. This design is totally wrong and the problem makes the bag unusable. I returned it. Read more

  4. Lorri Griffin

    While I like almost everything about this bag, the main design flaw is that to get my laptop in and out of the main compartment, I have to COMPLETELY unzip the bag. This means I have to pull one pull down completely to the bottom on one side and the other zip pull all the way down to the opposite side.(NOTE: The zippers extend all the way to the bottom of both sides. Please look at the picture to see just how far you have to pull the zippers to reach into the bag opening.) This would not be so bad if once the zippers are moved far enough to allow me to stick my hand into the compartment, this means the entire side of the bag is released causing the entire bag to topple over. The design problem is that the material around the zipper on the top has no give. In other bags, I could unzip just the top of the bag (or maybe just an inch or so down either side) and I can pull the bag apart to fit my hands in and lift out the laptop. Not with this bag. The sides remain tightly upright and unmoving until you pull the zippers completely to the bottom of the zipper line on BOTH sides. I’ve never seen such a thing. It’s a real pain in the behind, especially when I’m just trying to slip in a piece of paper or a folder. In addition, the internal compartment does not have much padding to support the laptop. I wish this were like a pair of leather shoes that just need to loosen up with wear. I’ve had this for months and still need to unzip the bag COMPLETELY to get any items out of the main compartment. (Then I can retrieve my laptop but the bag also falls over.) Read more

  5. Chetknox

    Tips over too easily You have to use one hand to keep it from tipping over and the other to dig into the bag to pull out what you want You have to unzip the other pockets all of the way to get into the bag. The handle when extended fully is at an angle. This makes it impossible to push the bag down the aisle of an airplane without punching someone in the face The main pouch doesn’t offer much space after the laptop is in the bag Read more

  6. Adofri

    For a Samsonite I am highly displeased with the quality of this product, the telescoping handle is the most fragile shaky thing I have ever seen, to compare on my trip to Indonesia I stopped to pickup a “throw-away” suitcase to bring home souvenirs I had bought for which I paid $30.00 USD, it also had the spinner type wheels and telescoping handle which is so much stronger and the wheels travel over different type floors than the Samsonite which cost 4 times the amount. Took this Samsonite Spinner Mobile Office with me on one trip and it lasted one week, ended up having to hand carry it with a 25lb load the rest of my trip. Read more

  7. Nanda Dyssou

    I bought this to replace my old laptop case. I was looking for something that would accommodate a laptop, several books, and a toiletry bag. I searched using the words “expendable,” “expand,” “office,” “laptop,” “overnight,” etcetera. This one seemed like the best match. The pictures suggested that it was spacious and expandable. Unfortunately, it is pretty small, does not expand, and cannot accommodate much. I will have to return it and search for something larger. I’m giving it 4 stars because it seems well-made and sturdy. It’s just not ideal for me. Read more

  8. lynn

    My husband carries around a LOT of paper & 2 computers for work every day & I finally tired of him lugging his briefcase in & out of the house because he brings home work all the time (also has a home office.) He essentially works 24/7. So we got this case & he says it was a good idea & he likes it. Has many compartments & pockets & has worked out well for him. He can open it like an accordion & access files etc easily. Read more

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