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  • make sure this suits by means of coming into your model quantity.
  • light-weight, automobile open, foldable clean cover umbrella permits for easy one-exceeded operation, plus see via layout adds a punch of style
  • glossy black cover trim coordinates with any outfit. Take care with the aid of leave open to dry. Wipe smooth with damp fabric
  • 100% durable and smooth, clar tpu material for the remaining in premium great
  • flawlessly portable with ergonomic rubber covered cope with and wrist strap; folds to simply eleven-inches
  • cover size: forty two-inches; stands 11-inches when closed. Care instructions: depart open to dry. Wipe smooth with a damp cloth
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from the manufacturer

armed with intuitive capabilities like smooth-to-maintain handles and fuss-loose tie straps, totes umbrellas outsmart the rain. Robust however lightweight, they’re engineered to last thru an entire life of stormy climate or we’ll update it totally free.

  • clever design features
  • modern-day sun shades and prints
  • long lasting and dependable
  • clean safety lets your style shine thru

    on wet days, negotiating busy streets whilst staying covered under your umbrella typically way awkward bumps and run-ins. But totes’ clean-view cover umbrellas assist you to see wherein you’re going so you can navigate crowded sidewalks readily.

    each time rainy weather comes, this neatly designed umbrella will do the trick. Deliver the totes clear umbrella with you on unique activities or a informal walk — its easy layout and clean canopy we could your own personal style shine through.

  • increase your visibility with crystal clean canopies
  • revel in herbal light even on cloudy days
  • supplement any outfit with the impartial layout
  • navigate busy commuter streets with the clean-view cover, which permits you to peer in which you are going whilst staying dry.

    clean-view canopies include modern-day prints and colourful styles that maintain you included at the same time as you stroll.

    robust however light-weight, totes products are engineered to ultimate through a lifetime of stormy climate.

    product description

    get a vivid view on those gray days with the totes ultra clear automated open close folding umbrella. Enjoy protection from wind and rain with this 42-inch ultra-clean cover – absolutely see-via coverage that shields your hair and makeup from the factors. Without difficulty navigate busy city streets with a canopy that might not hinder your imaginative and prescient of people passing via. Mechanically opens with the touch of a button keeping one hand free while you’re on the move. The ergonomic rubber lined take care of, wrist strap, and smooth black cover trim make this umbrellathe perfect rain accessory for girls of every age and lifestlyes.



    8 reviews for Clean canopy computerized open foldable umbrella

    1. Papa Koulikov

      I didn’t expect this umberella to be so bad. The plastic is very thin, and I suspect will not survive two seasons. The ribs are also very flimsy, which makes it hard to open and close. This umberella is very cheaply made, it was supposed to be a gift for my wife. However, I am going to return it. Also, you will notice that most of the 5 star reviews are from people who got this umberella for free or at a discount. I have no bais in reviewing this product because I paid full price. Read more

    2. R. E. Thompson

      This Totes umbrella specifically is listed as “Clear.” Only three reviewers — one in October 2017, two in October 2018 — said its entire canopy is marred by irregular powdery-looking white blotches that cannot be removed, and which make its canopy NOT clear. Many other reviewers talked about its being clear. So I thought the splotches were a quality control issue and I would get lucky. But I received a splotchy one; completely ugly and not the “clear” umbrella that I had paid for. I thought, next time I’ll get lucky, since so few reviewers had complained. I immediately ordered two more. Both arrived hopelessly blotchy. I give up. Too bad. If its canopy were clear, as advertised, this umbrella is *Exactly* what I want. Shame on Amazon for shipping out this defective product. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I expected something closer to the picture.. This umbrella is full of nasty white stains and markings EVERYWHERE. It is barely see through at this point, and despite my efforts to wash the umbrella the stains do not come off… I’m not sure if this was due to a transportation issue or simply an issue straight from the manufacturer, but the smell was very unpleasant and the appearance was, at the least, shocking… Not satisfied with my purchase and will most likely return this product, don’t recommend!! Buy one at the store or another vendor, I have never seen these distinct markings on anything that is supposedly clear/plastic. Read more

    4. Sonia

      I have been using my Totes Clear Bubble umbrella for years but I recently moved to New York and I wanted an umbrella that was more travel friendly. I love clear umbrellas and I was stoked to see the company had a compact version. Upon pressing the button to open it, only the metal arm extended and the umbrella itself did not open. I was concerned that I got a defective one but I tried again three more times and it finally opened. I did have the powdery residue that was talked about in other reviews but I’ve seen this with other plastic items (rain ponchos, pool inflatables, etc) that I’ve bought before so it was expected. I just took some spray I had on hand and a microfiber cloth and wiped it down. It was kind of annoying that I had to wipe it down but it worked. A few people in these reviews also mentioned it didn’t close and wrap the same and I feel this is to be expected with a flexible plastic product. Since it doesn’t come with a cover, I plan to buy a wet bag for it so I can still store it in my bag without getting the contents of my bag wet. Read more

    5. Dot Com

      The mechanism of the umbrella is fine but the one I received has white splotches everywhere! I tried to get them off with a damp microfiber cloth and some water and it helped a tiny bit but they are still there. I’m still going to keep this umbrella but if this sort of thing bothers you, I wouldn’t purchase it. I like the fact that it is clear so you can see what you are walking into but like I said, there are white blotches everywhere from some unknown substance. So just be aware of this. Read more

    6. Paul T

      My Daughter works at a corrections facility, employees and visitors are not permitted to enter through the gates with umbrellas unless they are clear (see-through) and can not have a pointed tip at the top (umbrella with a spike or tip is considered a weapon). Totes must be the only umbrella manufacturer who knew that, because I went crazy trying to find on that met the specs. I bought my Daughter two just in case one got lost (lost because no one would steal a hard to find umbrella RIGHT) and kept the website info for other employees needing one. Read more

    7. ech1216

      I purchased this umbrella to take on a trip to Europe, just in case it rained I didn’t want to miss any of the sights. Even though I read a bunch of reviews stating the panels were cloudy or looked like it had some kind of filmy grime on it, I still purchased. I should have listened to those reviewers. My umbrella arrived, and all but two panels were cloudy. I washed the umbrella hoping that would help, it did not. I didn’t have enough time to return and purchase something different, so I kept it. It served its purpose and seems to be a sturdy umbrella, just wish it was actually clear. Read more

    8. Eric S.

      as many other reviews state,there is a white powdery residue on the inside. You can still see thru it,just not totally clearly.I can only assume this is to keep it from sealing to itself when stored closed for long periods of time or in a hot car. I cleaned about 60 % off with Windex although absolute clarity was not as important to me. I cut the handle off and cut hole in the top to attach a vent tube to make a vent hood for over my workbench that did not interfere with my lights. Works great ! Read more

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