Commercial enterprise one cell workplace, black, 14 x nine x 17. Five-inch

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  • make certain this suits via coming into your version variety.
  • notebook case is made from ballistic nylon cloth with eva foam backing
  • layout features a separate compartment for business and personal property, padded honeycomb body laptop compartment, absolutely coated interior, and gusseted wallet
  • deliver with zip-away retractable handle or secure padded handles. Inline skate wheels, retractable manage
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product description

product description

notebook case is made of ballistic nylon cloth with eva foam backing. Design features a separate compartment for business and private assets, padded honeycomb frame computer compartment, completely lined interior, and gusseted wallet. Carry with zip-away retractable cope with or cozy padded handles. Pocket book case rolls on shock-absorbing softspin wheels.

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samsonite’s rugged and attractive commercial enterprise one cell office boasts long lasting 1680 denier ballistic nylon cloth with eva foam backing and roomy cubicles to your computer and other personal effects. The case’s 1680d ballistic nylon is a trendy, even weave of durable nylon at first particular through the federal authorities for army use. The time period “denier” (d) refers to the size of the yarn used: the bigger the denier, the larger the yarn.

the case’s softspin wheels tour extra quietly than conventional inline skate wheels and decrease shocks with the aid of soaking up vibrations. Its push-button retractable manage locks whilst fully prolonged so that you can push or pull the case, and the take care of additionally locks when completely recessed, reducing the risk of harm whilst it’s not in use.

stash your laptop in a padded compartment in particular designed to carry and defend it even as you’re touring. Last but certainly now not least, a accessible organizer pocket gives areas to save writing contraptions, cellular phones, pdas, and other add-ons.

the case measures 17. 5 x 14 x nine inches (w x h x d).





8 reviews for Commercial enterprise one cell workplace, black, 14 x nine x 17. Five-inch

  1. Queen

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have had the product for just under a month. I now rate it a 3 because of the handle, and the fact that the 17″ laptop does not fit inside the bag meant for that size screen. The fabric is of expected good quality that I appreciate in a Samsonite merchandise. The video, showing the handle collapsing even after being locked in place, speaks for itself. Read more

  2. Ivy

    Bad handle worn-out in 2 weeks and Bad wheels started in 5 months. The reason I brought it is it can fit in my big laptop ( real 15 inches laptop) !! I use it 3 days in a week traveling to school in NYC. (I am a graduate Data Science student, major thing is a laptop, not so much heavy stuff I carry every day. ) The plastic at top of the handle started peeling off ( layer by layer like skin) in 2 two weeks. I bear it since it is cheap. And today, the wheels has very noise sound come out. It is very embarrassed me to carry it to library and school. I call Samsonite customer service in NYC. They said the wheels are not included in their service. They charge 30 dollars per wheel!!! I read the reviews many time and took a chance to buy it. I feel very regret now. Another things is this case has small wheels. It is not very smooth in NYC street. I am sorry to say this company forget the most import parts- The wheels and handler in the design. Else material is good. But I cant use it any more after 5 months. Read more

  3. James Vanhook

    Got the bag out of the box. Two different zippers were broken. One didn’t work. One had come unsewn from the bag. Almost seemed used or maybe a defective product from Samsonite that had been sold by amazon. Update>>> Upon further inspection after receiving the replacement bag. The original bag I received WAS USED. I found a travel shampoo in one of the compartments. I examined the wheels closer. One was almost squared off on one side from use and dragging. Some of the compartments were clearly dirty. Signs of wear on the wear strips on the front of the bag. It was sold by Amazon LLC, which I understand to be Amazon. Where do they get this used inventory sold as new? Read more

  4. valerie k

    This was perfect for my work. It is well made and sturdy. No problems with wheels. The handle telescopes out easily. The front smaller zipper compartment has pockets for pens, cell phones and other smaller items. the second zippered compartment has two divided spaces. The third zippered compartment has 4 divided spaces I use to slide in my work folders. The fourth zippered compartment has two separate spaces. One is a padded space for a laptop. There is a black polyester insert with a handle that I can remove and carry the laptop separately. The other separate space has two meshed enclosures. I keep my laptop cords in there. Read more

  5. P.T.

    I bought this bag this year last April 2012. The main reason I purchased it was because I had an older Mobile office bag from Samsonite which looked almost identical to the new bag. The quality of the old bag was superb with basically weekly use for years and the only reason I decided to purchase a new bag was that the wheels were beginning to sqeak a bit. Well, the new bag arrived promptly from Amazon and it looked great, I was happy but as it turned out that didn’t last long. The first thing to break was the handle, within a few weeks it would no longer lock except when fully extended or all the way closed. Next, the wheels began to clog with all sorts of stuff including hair, the wheels are like long hair magnets and for some reason it gets caught up in the hub. Can’t tell you how many times I cut away hair with a razor, but wait, there’s more. Next the wheels started to disintegrate, I kid you not, they are falling apart today. The bottom of the bag, in the center back portion has also rubbed the ground to the point that it is falling apart, basically you cannot put much weight in it either. All in all, I would not purchase this bag again under any circumstances and I am considering contacting Amazon’s customer service to see if there’s anything I can do here. The bag is dead in only 6 months. As a recommendation, I would consider other products with good reviews first. Read more

  6. J. Steele

    Very happy with this laptop bag. I was thrilled to find Samsonite was still making this model as I bought this to replace the same one that finally gave out after well over a decade of reliable use. I travel with TWO laptops and this bag holds that as well as many accessories. For my needs, this particular laptop bag is far superior to anything else I could find! Read more

  7. Fema Birch

    I purchased this bag for law school to carry a huge load of books. The first thing I noticed is that there were screws directly under where the laptop would go, thus damaging my laptop significantly. Secondly, the wheels kept catching every single hair on the face of the earth and getting jammed to a point where i would have to use a razor to get them out. Thirdly, the handle disintegrated almost immediately. Within a week the rubber was just gone. Back to the wheels other then the fact that they wouldn’t work because they kept getting jammed, the wheels were almost entirely gone by week 2 of use, they would constantly get stuck in the smallest crevices i mean in places where a quarter would have a hard time getting in. There were screws in the storage compartment as well which damaged my books. Who ever designed this bag should be forced to use it for a day to understand how bad it is. Anyways sending it back. DO NOT BUY THIS BAG Read more

  8. TGC

    It’s a perfect fit for Dell Inspiron 7786 17.3 – 3 in 1 machine. Samsonite has made this for years. My wife has one that fails every six years or so – maybe because she packs 20 pounds of paperwork into it. I only wish they had a model just like this with 4 wheels. 4 is better than 2 when you are in a queue. Handling a 17 inch laptop (and lots else) is the real key here. Read more

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