Compact journey umbrella,windproof water resistant stick umbrella anti-uv protection golfing umbrellas

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  • fiberglass frame
  • ideal length:the travel umbrella less than 10in lengthy and weighing just 0. 7 lb,is extraordinarily packable in purses, briefcases,backpacks,baggage,and many others. Compact,and lightweight.
  • excessive high-quality:the golfing umbrellas designed with eight bolstered fiberglass ribs with strong all metallic body and shaft make the canopy particularly wind resistant for storms and the cruel outside.
  • oversize cover:the cover uses resistant pongee micro-weave cloth. This cloth is light-weight,quick drying,water-resistant,anti-uv protection.
  • package:1x umbrella,1x umbrella cover.
  • guarantee:the folding handheld umbrella is perfect gift for mother and father,children,friends,colleagues etc. We’re dedicated to customer pride,if for any cause you are no longer satisfied along with your purchase,you will obtain a full refund or replacement assured.
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product description

the tour umbrella windproof water-resistant anti-uv protection. Compact,and light-weight.

excessive first-rate:

1:the tour umbrella is extremely packable in purses,briefcases,backpacks,luggage,and many others. Compact,and lightweight.

much less than 10in lengthy

weighing just 0. 7 lb

2:the golf umbrellas designed with 8 reinforced fiberglass ribs with robust all metallic body and shaft make the canopy distinctly wind resistant for storms and the tough exterior.

3:the canopy makes use of resistant pongee micro-weave material. This cloth is lightweight,brief drying,windproof,water-resistant.

four:novel coating system

barrier ninety nine% uv light,efficaciously blocking ultraviolet radiation on the human body injury.

package deal:1x umbrella,1x umbrella cover.

guarantee:the folding handheld umbrella is best gift for parents,youngsters,pals,colleagues and so on. We’re committed to client pleasure,if for any reason you are now not glad with your purchase,you’ll get hold of a complete refund or substitute assured,no return required.


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8 reviews for Compact journey umbrella,windproof water resistant stick umbrella anti-uv protection golfing umbrellas

  1. kelseybobelsey

    While cute, this umbrella is very cheaply made. Fully manual open and close makes having 2 free hands necessary. I didn’t realize until it arrived that it’s apparently an inverted design – in theory this is a nice feature but on this particular model it’s just annoying. Once opened it’s very hard to secure the umbrella in a closed position, as the exposed hinges don’t fit nicely into the handle. When it’s closed the handle likes to slide out into extended position so you can’t carry it by the wrist loop. So far it’s been functional for keeping the rain off, but overall I’m quite underwhelmed with this purchase. Read more

  2. Alycia Shrader

    I should’ve paid better attention to what I was buying and read the reviews. So I received my package and was expecting a black umbrella with a cute, simple floral pattern on the underside. However, I was surprised to see it also had dogs on it. It was my fault for not paying better attention to the pattern description (pastoral dogs) and relying on the picture alone which I don’t typically do. However, the umbrella cover trim is brown and doesn’t even match the black umbrella. Not an issue, just poor attention to detail. Now onto the real issues. First, the umbrella was very difficult to open. It took me quite awhile to even get it open and it kept trying to open outward (wind blown look). Thankfully, it finally figured out what it was supposed to do. But the entire time I tried, it felt like it was going to break which brings up issue number two: poor quality. It’s extremely obvious that the umbrella was cheaply made. It feels as if it’s going to break apart with just one small gust of wind. I’ve purchased $5 umbrellas from Aldi that were made better than this. Honestly, I don’t even expect it to last longer than one use. Lastly, closing the umbrella is also a difficult task. Not only does it feel like you’re going to break it just by looking at it, but you can’t even get it compact enough to fit back into the cover that was provided. It’s just this frumpy mess! I tried for over 10 mins folding the seams down to get it back to the way it was when I first opened it. No way it’s going to fit neatly in my diaper bag! Plus I don’t have the time to try folding it back up after every time I use the darn thing. Overall, I shouldn’t be worried about my umbrella snapping on me before I’ve even had a chance to use it and it should be easier to fold back up. Do yourself a favor and just buy something else. Read more

  3. Katherine Law

    I really love the look of this umbrella, I’ve got blue skies when it’s raining. I was really excited about the function, folding in so my car doesn’t get soaked. That’s great. The only complaint is the umbrella doesn’t fold down as flat as I would like. It’s bulky unless you use the cover it comes with. I usually throw those out but I kept this one and use it when I throw it in my purse, otherwise it’s bulky. And sometimes when you open it it opens inside-out like what happens if it’s really windy. Easy fix, I just pop it right side out. Love it otherwise. Read more

  4. Gingersmom

    I really liked the design and wanted to like this umbrella. The first time I used it, the plastic handle came off. I got it back on, but every once in a while it comes off again. When you put the umbrella up it occasionally turns inside out which is a big problem if it happens to be a hard rain. So all in all, I wouldn’t recommend the umbrella even though it is probably the prettiest one I’ve ever had Read more

  5. Sarah McBride

    I got the umbrella on time, and I was excited to open it. For $11 this umbrella looked pretty good. It is a bit difficult to close and replace in the sleeve. Despite claiming to be windproof, my first time using it while bringing in the trash can it immediately succumbed to the wind and the metal arms are bent and clearly low quality. Some of he connections in the umbrella broke as well. Honestly I dont know what I was expecting. Not even worth the trouble. Read more

  6. Scotty

    Opens outward as in the picture. Every single time. I can turn it right and it will turn outward as soon as I close and open it again. Boo. It was a gift too, very disappointed. Read more

  7. Paul M. Puckett

    This umbrella gives every impression of technically being able to keep rain from hitting your head, but if that was the only criterion you were using I’d advise you just by a large plastic bag. The umbrella only can be opened with 2 hands, and even then with much difficulty. As other reviewers have mentioned the umbrella closes in an inverted fashion which to be frank is a disastrous design flaw on their part because it takes a veritable act of Congress to get all the ends to come together in any semblance of order so that you can put the velcro strap around them. The one saving grace is the printed inside appeared as advertised and the print job is of good quality, but again if you’re searching for an umbrella, this is very pretty aesthetically when open, but unfortunately lacks much of the functionality of an actual umbrella. Read more

  8. BoxesLikeChristmas

    3 stars because it is really cute. But I don’t think it’s advertised correctly – while yes, you can use it for travel, it’s bigger than most travel umbrellas. It also folds up oddly and is impossible to get back tight in the handle. The handle is so small it will be uncomfortable to hold very long. For the size, I wish I had gotten the C shaped handle, but I’ll keep it because it’s still cute and my other broke. Read more

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