Compact travel umbrella w windproof double cover creation – car open near button for one surpassed operation strong – transportable and lightweight for smooth convey

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  • made in the united states of america or imported
  • fiberglass frame
  • made with a vented double cover minimizing the hazard of flipping over and breaking in sturdy winds
  • precise body gadget; thisumbrella made with fiberglass and stainless steel will now not rust or break
  • exceptional durability in a light-weight, small umbrella; folds to eleven inches, can fit your backpack or bag
  • automated umbrella, ideal for one-hand operation, open and near it with just a click of a button
  • slip resistant rubberized manage; bolstered slack steel shaft and 9 long lasting fiberglass ribs
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product description

big sufficient to offer notable safety for harsh weather, but incredibly portable, this compact journey umbrella could be your best friend for wet days!

at only zero. Nine lb this travel umbrella is the right accomplice to take everywhere you go.

robust creation ensures that both the metallic shaft and wreck-resistant fiberglass ribs provide more electricity and durability. Non-slip handle makes sure you get an awesome grip to your umbrella, all throughout the heavy rain.

high techwater-repellent 210 t material offers you the remaining protection and dryness even in the worst storms.

a extensive variety of colors to pick out from ensure there’s some thing for every person’s liking.

say goodbye to umbrella flipping or breaking inside the wind. Way to its double canopy production this travel companion will hold off strong winds & heavy rains.


Burgundy, Caffe Latte Polka Dots, Grey, Jet Black, Light Blue, Marsala, Navy Blue, Oreo Polka Dots, Peach, Red, Salt'n'Pepper Polka Dots, UV Black, Yellow

5 reviews for Compact travel umbrella w windproof double cover creation – car open near button for one surpassed operation strong – transportable and lightweight for smooth convey

  1. M. Burke

    This is the second one I purchased in the last year (the first is still in service as well) and really like the compactness of it for travelling. It secures easily to my laptop bag with a carabiner, and is small and compact, yet fairly sturdy. I don’t know if I would call it “windproof”, but it’s pretty good – if it’s windy in the city I still need to be careful it doesn’t invert on me. The feature I love most is the one-button open and close. While many umbrellas open with the press of a button, this one closes as well – not completely, but the fabric hood contracts easily. You just need to re-compress the mast once done. But it makes getting in and out of a car with the umbrella opening and closing a breeze. The first one has been a year in use and still works great. This is a great umbrella! Read more

  2. Mario Rivera

    My review is based solely an amazing experience with customer support. I had previously bought two EEZ-Y Windproof Double Canopy umbrellas and would have to agree with a lot of the positive reviews. This is top quality product and given my personal experience of working around downtown Los Angeles it gets really windy and have put this baby to the test. While some of my colleagues and others using other sub-par products that tend to break during the Santa Ana winds my umbrellas have withstand the gusts of winds without breaking. It is very sturdy and easy to launch when pressing the Open and close button. Now here is the reason why I feel that you should buy or give this product a chance. Unfortunately one of my EEZ-Y umbrellas malfunctioned and I was not fully aware of the reason until I contacted EEZ-Y’s customer support team. I had registered my umbrella and contacted them via email through their website for assistance with warranty. The Open/Close button was working and still is, but what ‘we’ were doing wrong was that we were not pressing the Open/Close button to close the umbrella as it is recommended by EEZ-Y. You will notice on my pictures that by not doing as instructed it pushed out a white thread that helps with the mechanism which closes the umbrella. Well year had gone by and I thought there is no way that I’m going to get this either replaced or repaired. Within a few a couple of hours customer support rep Olivia was informing me that I should not worry about it. She offered a brand NEW umbrella at no cost for using their product. It was simply amazing and it is what will now keep me as a loyal customer of EEZ-Y umbrellas. I have recommended this wonderful company to family, and friends. I kept the other umbrella and will attempt repairing it, but I was told to just throw it away, because the mechanism is broken. It will be worth a try. Here is exactly what Olivia at EEZ-Y informed me: “From what I can see, the Auto Open/ Close mechanism is broken. The white threads are out and can not be retracted manually. This problem usually occurs when you close the umbrella manually and not by pushing the button on the handle. By pushing the Open button on the handle, the umbrella will pop open. Pushing the button again, it will only close the canopy but not retract the shaft. To correctly close the umbrella, take the palm of your hand and place it on the top of the umbrella, on the small circular plastic cap at the top. Push both ends toward the center until you hear a click sound. Please don’t close the umbrella by grabbing the ribs.” Very simple, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that may or will experience when not properly using the product. I’m glad I contacted EEZ-Y and now will make sure to take care of my new umbrella. Read more

  3. Titus

    I purchased this umbrella since I was tired of having my umbrella’s ripped to shreds by NYC winds on rainy, cold days. Just as luck would have it, two days after it was delivered, we had one of those cold, windy, very wet winter days. The umbrella held up perfectly in the gusting winds and kept me relatively dry. Read more

  4. Queenie

    I bought this over a year ago and have used it about 6 times. I really like the size and color and especially the double canopy which helps a lot in the wind. HOWEVER, I have finally realized that there is one flaw with this umbrella that made me finally decide to toss it and buy another. It is nearly impossible to CLOSE. Today I could hardly get into my car in a downpour, fighting to close the umbrella so I could get in out of the rain. I had to get out, manually fold it shut, getting drenched in the process, and even then I was unable to get the handle to telescope. This has happened multiple times – why did it take me so long to give it up?! This is an addendum. After I wrote this review, the company, EEZ-Y Umbrella, obviously saw the review and, completely unsolicited, sent me a replacement umbrella. It is a different version, a lovely 58″ golf umbrella and upon receiving it, I find no difficulty in opening or closing it. What a company! I can’t rate the old umbrella higher but give great kudos to the company any my new replacement. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Read more

  5. dd

    I haven’t used this in the rain yet.. But I can assume it’s going to do what all umbrellas do. It’s a big enough size that two people can fit under it, but not too big as to be awkward on a sidewalk. We got the Marsala (burgundy) color. It’s a nice deep hue. What I particularly like is the cocking mechanism. The final closing “push” might be a little tough for wimps. What it does is loads up the spring for a nice quick opening and closing action. Great for when getting into and out of your car when speed is appreciated. Folds up to a fairly small size for car storage. PS… for size perspective in picture, please note that I am 6’1″ and 260lbs. Read more

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