Computerized small compact travel umbrella – black

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  • make sure this fits by means of getting into your version wide variety.
  • black, sizeable journey umbrella closes to a compact length
  • canopy mechanically opens/closes at the contact of a button
  • tender-grip handle for a at ease maintain; wrist strap for arms-loose wearing
  • measures 11-inches lengthy when fully closed; storage sleeve included
  • imported; product of durable metal and 100% polyester
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7 reviews for Computerized small compact travel umbrella – black

  1. Eduardo

    Pros +Compact Design +Excellent Build Quality +Comfy Handle +Strong Umbrella Cons -Pop up action could be a potential problem -Good, but not excellent, wind resistant. -Plain Design Should you buy: Yes Actual Value: $20 AmazonBasics has always surprised me in that they provide a variety of products that are not only useful, but high quality and rivals and even beats the price of some other products. This umbrella is no exception and my expectations were high. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the best and most affordable umbrellas I’ve ever used. -Design- This is a no frills basic umbrella, so there isn’t much to talk about in terms of design. However, there are some small, subtle details that I appreciate Amazon added to it. For instance, the handle has a comfortable design and it is covered in soft touch plastic that adds a premium feel that you don’t find from a plastic handle. There isn’t much in the way of Amazon branding apart from the strap that holds the umbrella together when folded. It is also very compact, which makes it small enough to carry anywhere, such as in the car, in a bag, or in a backpack. But it is still large enough to cover 2 small people or, in my case, one big guy. -Function- The umbrella has a nice open/close button that works as advertised and opens the bag with a satisfying amount of force and closes the umbrella that makes it easy to fold. Granted, while this is a convenient addition, it does look like something that could potentially be a problem in the future. But for now, it is nice to use. The fabric used for the umbrella itself is great and water doesn’t leak and water flows nicely away. The construction itself is good and the frame feels really sturdy. I used it in the brief storm that we have right now in Los Angeles and it does resist the winds fairly well. However, it does feel like anything stronger than the winds that are outside right now will destroy it. Nevertheless, this is still great for this umbrella, especially given its price. Just don’t expect it to handle hurricane level winds. -Conclusion- I’ve used a couple of umbrellas that were in this price range that were flimsy and didn’t last more than a month. But this umbrella sets the new standard for cheap umbrellas that should be enough for most, if not all, people who don’t want to get wet in the rain. And with the wet season fast approaching, there has never been a perfect time to purchase an umbrella. Definitely a top pick for me and AmazonBasics once again delivers a great product. Read more

  2. Random Dude

    I generally am a fan of AmazonBasics! This wasn’t a good experience for me. The umbrella looks good and initially seems fine… but there are some huge flaws in the design. PROS: – Cheap – Waterproof – Looks good CONS: – This umbrella could not handle wind at all. – Flawed pole design. (The design is weirdly backwards for the main pole in the middle of the umbrella. The part that is near your hand is the thinnest part…and it gets larger and heavier towards the top. This causes a weird balance and makes the umbrella feel not sturdy.) – It feels cheap. – It is tiny. I recognize it may be my fault for not knowing what “travel” umbrellas are… but this was incredibly small. I’m not even sure if it would help most people outside of just saving your hair from getting wet. So, yeah… generally I like Amazon’s products but this one sadly didn’t hold up. I think I will be shopping for umbrellas in person from now on. Read more

  3. Mom2two

    Bought this for my 8 year old son to take to school. He didn’t want the younger kid cartoonish looking ones so this was perfect. Push button is quick and easy to use. One push and it snaps completely into place, no need to “lock it” up. You can push the button again to release the lock, but it needs to be pushed back down to its compact form manually. He had a harder time doing that, but figured out to turn it upside down and push it down instead but if pulling it down. Overall a great purchase. Perfect length and sturdy. I’m thinking of buying another one for myself to keep in the car for backup. Read more

  4. D. Bez

    I bought the “Wind Vent” version and I thought it looked well-built and seemed to work very well in situations with little to no wind. But then this morning, the weather is really rainy and windy. This umbrella literally didn’t even bother to fight with the wind, and went inside-out instantly. I couldn’t help notice that of several people with umbrellas around me, mine was the only one that couldn’t survive the wind. Read more

  5. Susan

    My son and I travel overseas a lot and always carry a dollar store umbrella. Caught in heavy winds and rain in Thailand in November our little compact Dollar Store umbrellas were torn to shreds. I decided to try one of these and purchased one for my son at Christmas. He is an architect and on the job sites quite a bit so when he had a chance to use it, he was delighted. All his co-workers love the concept of the push button open and close and all wanted to ordered one. It was $15 at the time and was down to $10 on the lightening deal so I snatch one for myself. Love it. Read more

  6. Lindsay Anne

    I bought this umbrella to take on my honeymoon to London and boy am I glad I had this with me because it rained like crazy! What I loved most about this umbrella was how portable it was. I just threw the folded up umbrella into my backpack and could use it as needed. The sleeve you can put the umbrella in helps keep the rest of your bag dry. Even right after getting out of the rain and placing the umbrella in the sleeve, my bag stayed dry. Both my husband and I, although a bit cramped, did fit under this umbrella. However, if I were to do it again…I’d buy one for him and one for me – especially since the price is so reasonable! I highly recommend this umbrella. Read more

  7. Abdi

    Great umbrella, the cloth is really good and stiff, not flimsy or anything. I really love the button that automatically opens and closes the umbrella. Once you press the button to close it, all you have to do is push down the thing all the way to the bottom till it clicks to make it small again. And that’s the only reason it loses one star. Sometimes it gets really tough to push it down, you need both hands to do it. Not a huge issue though. But definitely a great buy. Read more

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