Computerized travel small compact umbrella with wind vent – black

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  • black, widespread travel umbrella closes to a compact length
  • canopy robotically opens/closes at the touch of a button
  • soft-grip take care of for a cozy preserve; wrist strap for fingers-unfastened carrying
  • measures 11-inches lengthy when fully closed; garage sleeve protected
  • imported; fabricated from durable metal and one hundred% polyester
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8 reviews for Computerized travel small compact umbrella with wind vent – black

  1. Michela

    I’ve only used this umbrella a hand full of times and it’s never really worked well. It’s an automatic umbrella…but when it would go up, it wouldn’t open all the way. No big deal, I didn’t mind that much……but after only 3 or 4 times using it, I noticed one of the “arms” would not bend out….so the one side would be flat. Yesterday, I went to use it and noticed the whole arm was broken! Look closely at the pic…the “metal” frayed! What?! How does that even happen? Anyway…total waste of money and it’s been too long to send it back. I’ll never purchase this umbrella again. Read more

  2. Simon Ray

    This umbrella was purchased over the better-reviewed Repel umbrella because it had a wind vent so I expected it would shed not only rain but the wind. Well, it didn’t. First time use in the rain in Providence, RI, and a normal gust, nothing out of the ordinary, turned it inside-out and ripped one rib from its attachment leaving it poking out of a wind vent, as shown. On the plus side, a customer service gentleman waved my having to return the broken one, as normal Amazon policy requires, and is sending me a replacement with one-day shipping. Read more

  3. Horse Farm

    The small plastic cap on the tip of the umbrella inexplicably fell off after 1 day of light use. It was not easy to screw back on, and worse yet, the umbrella is now leaking from that spot. Also, the overlapping area of the (thin and fragile) fabric at the wind vent is too small, and as a result, rain can get through the wind vent when there is wind. All in all a disappointing product. Read more

  4. Mars fan

    I got this some time back. Still works but the underside is getting rusty and beginning to squeak. The squeaking I can probably fix with some WD-40. But the rusting, for a product in contact with water, I would have hoped I wouldn’t have to encounter. Read more

  5. Tom H

    So what can I say? This umbrella is fairly sturdy and the automatic mechanism for opening and closing is quite fantastic… The frame of the umbrella is sturdy as well. However, it is a little heavy for an umbrella if weight is an issue. It’s definitely a bargain at ~$17 and you should buy one! My only two gripes are that the wrist strap is a little cheap feeling and the “AmazonBasics” logo on the velcro strap is not pleasant to look at… I love AmazonBasics products, they are some of the best bargain-to-quality products, but that logo is hideous. Anyway, you can easily remove the logo on the velcro strap by carefully getting rid of the thread that attaches to it, and BAM you got yourself one fine looking umbrella. Read more

  6. R. Chaffin

    I live in So. California where I don’t use an umbrella all that often. Bought this umbrella to take to New York City over the Thanksgiving weekend. So glad I did. It fit into my backpack perfectly. The test was the Monday night rainstorm. Powerful wind gusts were tunneling through 56th street. This umbrella was so strong, I thought I was going to become airborne a couple of times. Other people’s umbrellas were flipping inside out and breaking. At the corner of 56th and 6th Ave. the trash receptacle was overflowing with broken discarded umbrellas – never saw anything like that before. This umbrella – still going strong. I do need to take a 1/2 point off for construction. The ribs are reinforced and seem very well made. However, the torque on the spring is great for automatic opening, but makes it difficult to close and lock it in. I noticed that it became easier the more I used it. Finally figured out that using two hands works better to pull the knob on the shaft down to lock the umbrella closed. Amazon might want to create a small video showing how to do that Overall, I’m very pleased with this umbrella. Read more

  7. Philip E. Stuart

    Umbrella looks great and has a large canopy for its small form factor when folded. But the quality of the opening/locking mechanism is very poor. Even when brand new it was hard to get it to stay closed, and after no more than 5-6 uses the mechanism broke, preventing the umbrella from being fully closed or fully opened. Read more

  8. LegoGirl

    I bought 3 of these for a recent family trip, seems like we always end up out of town and forced to buy some garbage overpriced umbrella when I’m caught in a downpour. Quality of this Amazon Basic was pretty decent, although the price point might be a little high depending on color choice. Overall not bad at all. The fabric seems thin but I guess that helps it keep its compact shape when closed. Pops open easily too. Comes with an outer sleeve that completely encloses it; usually I toss that in the trash but I found it useful this time to cover the damp umbrella when I got to my destination. i chose navy blue, pink, and yellow: all nice colors, and the 2 vibrant hues make it really easy for a friend to find me in a crowd! Read more

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