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  • make sure this fits by using entering your version number.
  • the convertabrief – this multi-useful bag designed with an expansion of carrying alternatives, starting from a backpack, over-the-shoulder crossbody and a manage bring; bag dimensions: 12. Seventy five x 17. Seventy five x eight in 3 lbs 1 oz.
  • info depend – the convertabrief is built difficult with long lasting water-repellent fabric and features puncture-resistant, #10 lockable zippers, and a vital lock factor to keep your things comfy
  • tech company – every bag includes a completely unique twine winder, padded electronics pocket, zippered pocket, pen slots, and key fob storage disposing of litter
  • tsa convenience – bored with unloading your electronics on the airport? The convertabrief is a checkpoint friendly, allowing you to depart your 17″ pc inside whilst going through airport security
  • regardless of what – eagle creek’s covers the lifetime promise plus the added insurance of restore or alternative because of product failure during the product lifetime, irrespective of the reason
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  • does it suit a dell inspiron 17 inch pc?
  • question: does it healthy a dell inspiron 17 inch pc? Solution: i’ve a 15″ macbook seasoned that fits and has area final. So, my first-class bet, is that yes it might healthy a 17″ computer, but i’m now not sure. By stratton hrncir on february five, 2018 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (2) fall apart all answers

  • wherein is it made?
  • query: in which is it made? Answer: it is a great nylon material by dey on july 29, 2018 fall apart all answers

  • does the bag suit at the manage do a spinner case?
  • there’s a sleeve throughout the returned that suits over a take care of – it might be a foot wide, so it does higher on handles that have two uprights instead of the unmarried up-proper t-manage fashion. This is a killer bag, within the final 18 months ihave flown every week and kick this bag underneath the seat, and use it as my briefcase – it has stood up genuinely nicely and executed the whole thing i’ve requested it to do. See less

  • does it healthy a 17. Three inch computer (hp zbook g3)?
  • query: does it match a 17. 3 inch laptop (hp zbook g3)? Answer: i can’t solution, bought as a gift by v. Bailey on march eight, 2018 fall apart all answers


    Asphalt Black

    2 reviews for Convertabrief, asphalt black, one size,ec0a34pt199

    1. John Wilson

      I travel every week and needed something that would carry my gadgets, a laptop or two, have space for a shaving kit and change of clothes yet still fit under the seat AND be my briefcase during the week. I have used this bag on 5 trips and carry it everyday to work. It is awesome. Remarkably lightweight to be so durable – you cannot tell I have drug it around, shoved under seats, kicked around and tossed about the car – it is very well made. It is nicely padded but not bulky. The first few trips I was nervous thinking it would never fit under the seat, but it fits perfectly AND leaves room for one foot, so I can shift it back and forth and stretch my legs. The ONLY thing that is not Totally Wonderful about this bag is the ‘human-side’ of the shoulder strap…it will slip off my shoulder pretty regularly, especially if I wear a nylon shirt or windbreaker – would be nice if it was less slippery. But the more I use this bag, the more I like it and the better it performs. Access to the various sections and compartments is excellent – I can find anything and rarely ‘lose’ anything, Having used a variety of backpacks and laptop bags over the last 25 years, I have to say this is far and away the most practical, well thought out under-seat overnight bag ever. Update: been a month or so, this bag goes under the seat 4 times a week, goes to work every day, gets way over-stuffed once a month and still looks brand new, no sign of wear. Zippers and strap are perfect. I’m feeling kind of creepy gushing about a bag, but I depend on it a lot and it is awesome. A years worth of use and abuse later, this bag still looks great, remains incredibly functional, has zero problems (the seams are perfect, the zippers are perfect, the strap is perfect) and gets me through every day. It is just barely scuffed because I kick it back and forth under the airplane seat so I can stretch out my legs. And while it isn’t quite the most stylish bag out there, it is a thousand times better than being an adult with a student backpack. Read more

    2. Kaye

      OCTOBER 2018. I experience separation anxiety if I’m away from my laptop for too long, so I bought this ‘convertabrief’ to safely transport all my work gear during week-long trips to California and Florida. It was a perfect complement to an Eagle Creek carry-on suitcase purchased two years ago, and qualified as a ‘personal item’ for carry-on purposes because it LEGITIMATELY fit under the seat in front of me on every single flight (American Airlines) including the 3-across ‘jumper jet’ (American Eagle). I traveled in secure comfort and ease without ever having to gate-check the ‘convertabrief’ OR the suitcase and felt like I was cheating the system every step of the way. Re: the comment about an ‘overstuffed appearance’ I read in another review. This is true but not a flaw, it’s that ‘pack up not out’ design that lets the ‘convertabrief’ slide under your seat and qualify as a ‘personal item.’ Best overlooked feature: The incredibly spacious front two pockets are lined with gored siding that starts about halfway down and allows you to completely unzip the pockets and dig through their contents while standing in line at the airport without any risk that something might fall out by accident (the “tech accessories” compartment also offers gored lining but it’s not quite so critical there because everything is secured in pockets or behind zippers). I typically transfer the contents of my purse into the narrow “top” pocket and then fold flat into the bottom pocket either my purse or a “day bag” to use when I reach my destination. MARCH 2019. I fractured my foot recently and ended up using the backpack feature while on crutches. Worked GREAT. Yes it sits high and yes the straps sometimes slip around, but let’s remember this is essentially a briefcase and wasn’t intended to hike the Appalachian Trail. I definitely appreciated how the backpack straps tucked away so securely when not in use. FEBRUARY 2020. My mom frequently asks me to spend a couple nights at her house when she’s not feeling well. Very easy to pack this bag with a combination of computer / tech gear AND clothes / toiletries for 2-3 nights and days spent working from (her) home. JULY 2020. Realized while shopping for Eagle Creek packing sleeves that despite the many reviewers waxing poetic about this bag – myself included! – no one had uploaded any pictures that might have answered some of the questions asked. This ‘convertabrief’ has been my go-to bag for all work-related travel in the last two years so I decided to fix that oversight ASAP. Hope they help. Read more

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