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  • make sure this fits by coming into your model number.
  • the larger trolley dolly is the image-best foldable cart that balances light-weight functionality with sturdiness. Trolley dolly folds in 1/2 for compact storage. Save it within the trunk of your vehicle, beneath your bed, for your mudroom, and in the storage.
  • a distinct characteristic in the larger trolley dolly is the outsized heavy duty beefy wheel that can take on diverse terrains. It may roll up within the sand it is able to go upstairs. It takes on broken and high curbs and sidewalks simply.
  • multi-practical makes use of: use it as a purchasing cart, grocery cart, utility cart and universal first rate cart on wheels with little to no assembly required. 60% larger than the same old trolley dolly.
  • the weatherproof cloth keeps contents dry from the rain snow and the opposite forces of nature. This smooth rolling cart is terrific in aiding seniors on their trips to the marketplace because of the soft ergonomic cushion deal with which reduces the strain on the joints.
  • consists of 8 compartments, which consist of a beverage holder. Holds 250 kilos
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dbest merchandise bigger trolley dolly, black buying grocery foldable cart

the bigger trolley dolly is ideal to transport gadgets around at the same time as on the move, downtown, or the commercial enterprise. It has a huge at ease cushion cope with decreasing the shock whilst it’s miles being pulled. The oversize beefy wheels allow for clean rolling on any floor, together with uneven paths. It has a removable buying bag which capabilities seven cubicles and pockets which includes beverage holder. Eliminate the purchasing bag and the trolley transforms right into a dolly for extremely good weight ability. It is the proper answer to transport a huge sort of items with no trouble.


  • oversize beefy wheels can easily pass over any terrain.
  • big manage with a rubberized grip offers comfortable use.
  • frame is constituted of long lasting metal.
  • purchasing bag is made from strong weatherproof material that capabilities seven pockets and compartment which includes a beverage holder and umbrella pocket.
  • get rid of the bag to transform right into a dolly for transporting big items.
  • dimensions: l 14″ x w sixteen” x h forty”
  • product description

    the folding bigger trolley dolly folds in 1/2 for compact storage. It has a consolation cushion deal with that allows you to drag it everywhere. The folding trolley dolly is designed with 7 cubicles/pockets including a beverage holder. The oversized beefy wheels allow for smooth rolling on any surface which include cobblestones, sand, stairs or any uneven surfaces. Convey the whole lot from utilities, small groceries, and laundry with this lightweight wheeled push handcart.


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    5 reviews for Dbest products bigger trolley dolly, black buying grocery foldable cart

    1. B. S. Bishop

      I bought this a few months back and, overall, I like it. I do have one issue with it, though. First, it’s sturdy. Great for groceries. I don’t know that I’d stand on it but, structurally, I wouldn’t worry about groceries or similarly sized/weighted items. Second, the wheels are pretty great. I read in one of the reviews about the “plastic wheels” and thought back to old plastic wheels from the past which were either hollow or thin and would rattle as you toted things around. These wheels are more like some kind of plastic-rubber combinations (hard to describe) but appear to be solid and don’t rattle at all. It’s all really smooth. I read some issues with the bag not staying on. I think these folks didn’t realize how to attach the bag. There is a lower “pocket” on the back-bottom of the bag which slides over the handled and then about midway up there’s a nylon strap and, finally, at the top there’s another velcro strap which loops over a bar near the top to keep from falling. Yes, it’s possible for the items in the bag to slide off of the side and pull the bag towards it but it’s pretty uncommon in practice. Generally speaking, the bag stays where you need it to. The one flaw of this setup is the bag. It’s the kind of bag where it’s pliable plastic attached to a thin fabric. Generally it works ok but it doesn’t take long to see where it starts to break down from folds. I had a bit of a funk smell coming from the bag and the reusable grocery bags I use (some meat probably leaked a bit). I put the Trolly Dolly bag and the grocery bags into the way on tap-cold and the grocery bags came out OK. The Trolly Dolly bag has sections of plastic peeling away from the fabric part of the bag. There is no replacement bag that I can see on Amazon or the dbest site. Maybe you’re not supposed to wash the bag – I don’t know. It seemed like the thing to do if the bag was developing odors, though. I almost gave it 3 stars because of the bag issue but, overall, it’s a good product, they just need to use a higher quality bag and have some kind of replacement bag purchase available. Read more

    2. Neely O’Hara

      Pros: It holds a LOT of stuff, steers easily, and seems capable of carrying a fairy heavy load, The canvas is sturdy and the many pockets are very useful. Unfortunately the cons keep this from being a five star purchase. Cons: The biggest one for me is that it doesn’t lock into place when you fold it flat. That may not be an issue if you’re just going to throw it in the trunk of your car, but I live in a city and use public transportation. I bought this cart just before a week-long beach vacation, with plans to use it after a two hour train ride for a big grocery trip before getting on the ferry to the island. Transporting it fully assembled while also lugging a big suitcase was not possible and I really needed to fold it flat. But when you fold the cart flat it flops open constantly, making it very inconvenient to carry. I had to use a bungee cord to keep it closed on the trip. It also really needs some way to fasten the bottom of the bag to the platform at the bottom to hold the bag more securely in place because if you take a quick turn or hit a bump the whole bag slides right off the platform and you have to wrestle it back into place. And when it first arrived one of the wheels was next to impossible to get to snap into place. The first one went on fine so I knew how it was supposed to work, but the lock on the second one wouldn’t pop into place. After 20 minutes of struggling with it, I called dbest to ask if I could get a replacement wheel (and quickly, because I was leaving for my trip in just a couple of days) and they said they’d be happy to send me one but I’d have to pay shipping — and overnight shipping was a crazy amount. I don’t remember specifically but it was something like $20 or $30. I was just about to pack the whole dang thing up and send it back to Amazon when I decided to try switching the wheels and the one that had been such a problem locked right into place on the other axle. SUPER irritating. Read more

    3. Sib

      Sturdy, lightweight and easy to use. I have limited mobility and failing musculature so trying to do simple things like bring the groceries in from the car can be overwhelmingly painful and exhausting. After much searching I chose the Bigger Trolly Dolly and is has been perfect. I added a few hooks and some bungie cords for toting awkward items, and it has been stellar. Very pleased and would recommend. Read more

    4. Book Mom

      I use this for farmer’s market shopping. There are good and bad points for the Bigger Trolley Dolly. The biggest problem I have is that the bag slides off the platform as items shift around in the bag. It then hangs off to one side and unbalances the whole thing. The ease of taking the bag off the frame is the reason it doesn’t stay in place – the back of the bag slides down over the frame, but it’s not attached to the dolly base, so that’s a tradeoff that some people might be OK with. I would probably like it better if I needed to take the bag off the frame a lot. But I really don’t need to. A much smaller issue is that it’s a little large for my trunk, I have to fold the handle down, or slide the bag off the frame, which means I have to reassemble it once I get it out of the trunk, which is hard when it’s full. I used to have a bag with a telescoping handle, which was easier to push down and lift the whole thing into the trunk. The best thing about it is that the large wheels mean it goes up steps quite easily. The platform is also high off the ground so it never drags the bag even if you are going over dirt or grass. Read more

    5. mom2matthew

      I bought this item for a co-worker who got a new job as a traveling music teacher. She loves it! The backpack is very spacious and sits nicely on the dolly. We personalized it for her with iron-on letters on the front flap. The only negative: one of the wheel axles was damaged and we could not assemble it for rolling. I quickly logged onto Amazon to order a replacement. So far, it has been 3 weeks and have not received the replacement yet…so, when the replacement is received I will assemble and assess the function. I will gladly update the review at that time. Overall, an excellent gift and many of the teachers we work with were impressed and maybe a bit envious! Read more

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