Especial stash weatherproof messenger bag

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  • a hundred% percent
  • imported
  • adjustable closure
  • hand wash
  • the especial stash messenger: a weatherproof messenger bag constructed to fight the factors of your day by day trip
  • maintain it organized: water-proof 15″ laptop compartment; napoleon pocket with key keeper
  • clever extras: grab manage for easy lifting; vista loop with reflective branding; reflective printed emblem; magnetic buckle closure; reflective u-fashioned pullers for visibility and simplicity of use
  • substances & fit: ambidextrous and adjustable crossbody strap with daisy chain, beer tiki, and quick-release buckle; principal frame cloth is rugged 600d non-p p. C/p1200d galaxy fm
  • lifetime guarantee: timbuk2 stands at the back of the mythical first-class and craftsmanship of all our products; we additionally embrace the wild, twisty methods of existence; if there is a illness in the substances or workmanship we can repair the bag at our discretion for the lifetime of the product
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8 reviews for Especial stash weatherproof messenger bag

  1. Mike Hoy

    I love this bag. Very expensive though. I would have rather bought this off of eBay. I’ve used this bag everyday for about a month. I use it to carry my iPad Pro for when I do urban sketching, trips to the store via bus and on my daily walks. It holds a water bottle on the outside. If the pack is nearly empty it’s best to put the bottle on the inside to level the bag better. This bag is not recommended for a person that is looking to haul a ton of stuff home from the grocery store. This is more of a “Everyday Carry” bag. It’s very attractive and is solidly built. I can tell that this bag should last longer than my interest needs it to. If I was smart I would use it until it fails in some way (literally years later imo) considering how much I spent on it. Yes the strap sucks but I don’t care. I’m very happy with this bag. It suits me well in pretty much every situation. Read more

  2. Nobody Special

    Reviewing the TIMBUK2 Especial Stash Weatherproof Messenger Bag. The bag appeared to be the right size for my use case, and although it lacked some of the organization features I was looking for, I decided to give it a try. I loved the bright green interior that allowed me to view what I had in the bag, but some of that green was covered by black organizers – so maybe it was sort of a wash on that account. I didn’t like that the bag narrowed in depth from top to bottom. It prevented the bag from sitting nicely on surfaces without being propped against something sturdy/significant. I didn’t like that the carry strap seems to be designed to make the bag a SLING-TYPE ONLY bag. I could not position the strap and padding to use the bag as a cross-body / messenger-type bag. I didn’t like the lack of externally-accessible storage (just one pocket), the difficulty of using some of the pockets when the bag is carrying other items, and the amount of time it was taking me to get used to the flap closures. The bag did seem quite sturdy and waterproof, though I did not test such, nor did I keep the bag very long. I returned this item to try the Vanquest Envoy 17 (4th Gen) Messenger Bag – and that bag seems to be a better fit for my uses. holding back 1 star for lack of description as “Sling-only”; for the black organizers (instead of say light-medium grey); pockets that don’t seem to be well thought out (under the flap); and lack of externally-accessible storage (though somewhat understandable in the name of waterproofing). Read more

  3. Renz

    I used this bag for about 2 months and I really wanted to like it but ultimately couldn’t. Pros: + great quality bag: the quality and material is top notch. Performs wonderfully in wet conditions. The look of the bag is wonderful, has a very urban tech look. Bold but stealthy and sleek looking enough to not command too much attention. + front horizontal storage: neat little compartment that I found myself using a lot. Great for when you want to have quick access to something. Neutral: +/- Magnetic closure buckles: wonderful to use however feels insecure as I’ve encountered times where I’ve put down the bag and seen the bucket closures come undone. +/- bottle/umbrella holder – neat, but small. Tbh I feel highly uncomfortable in the puches secureness to hold a water bottle in its place. Still a nice addition to have I guess, but would rather place my bottle inside the bag. Cons: – Horrible strap design: very confusing buckle system. User will have to go through a bit of a learning curve trying to learn how to use it. End result is still rather disappointing as the process is still quite cumbersome to get the right fit. – 2 front pockets are rather useless: can hardly fit anything of use in the front pockets when the bag is even moderately packed. Good for storing stuff such as masks, pens, etc. I guess, but would’ve rather had these pockets designed to be on the inside of the bag. – uncomfortable: when moderately packed the weight distribution combined with the horrible strap system make for a uncomfortable experience. Due to the bag’s design forces the user to have to carry the bag high and tight to the body. Full loose side shoulder/relaxed back bag positions feel highly awkward as the padded strap is non-adjustable. – disappointing storage space: on timbuk2’s website it lists the bag as 17L for the medium. Compared to my other bag the Arc’teryx Granville 16 Courier, it pales in comparison as I can comfortably fit a lot more in that 16L rated bag than this. Overall in the end I really wanted to like this bag in the end. It does have some wonderful and unique features that I liked but ultimately using this bag in my everyday life felt somewhat annoying at times. The horrible strap design and the way the bag forces you to wear it one way, imo defeats the purpose of a messenger bag – you want these types of bags to be versatile, to have that pick-up-strap-up-and-go functionality to them, however this bag doesn’t provide that. All in all I’d say the bag is a good example of design over function. Read more

  4. Planet Chu

    I needed a messenger bag for work and I saw this. I liked the “weather-proof” aspect and it is a bit more unique looking than typical messenger bags. When I looked online for reviews, there were very few, with one of the major standouts being someone who couldn’t figure out how to use the straps. For me, not a big deal. Straps are easy enough to figure out once you focus on them for a few minutes. Love the bag! Has all the pockets I need and, while staying compact, also has ample space for all of my things, including a full frame camera with a big lens on occasion. Highly recommend! Read more

  5. B

    Had the bag less than 2 months and the stitching started to give, and I really don’t carry much other than an Ipad and a couple of files and a paperback or 2. I’d also echo some of the other criticisms I’ve read regarding the strap. It is over-engineered to the point of being not helpful or useful. And it’s design works against the bag’s goal of being “waterproof.” I’d expect higher quality for the price. The bag is still useful, but I can’t recommend it based on the low quality and wouldn’t buy anything from the brand again based on the experience. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Bought it for my husband, as he bikes to work. He loves it, very durable and he can fit a lot in it. Read more

  7. Arnie Buffon

    Looks cheap in photos, but its a high quality bag. Read more

  8. Scott

    Perfect bag! Read more

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