Fdjasgy uv sun umbrella compact folding journey umbrella auto open near compact folding rain umbrellas for women men blockading uv 99. Ninety eight% purple

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  • ☂auto open & near: routinely open/near with one press of button in a 2d. One-hand operation presents brilliant convenience to open/near it whilst you maintain loads of cumbersome items or get on/off the automobile.
  • ☂water-proof & anti-uv : made from waterproof 210t pongee fabric with black anti-uv rubber layer, supported by using strong shaft & aluminum alloy body, this durable cover correctly resists rain, sleet, snow, wind and ultraviolet radiation. A dual-use compact umbrella for sunny and rainy day.
  • ☂water resistant and windproof : the water resistant umbrella has eight ribs and a more potent mandrel that doesn’t easily flip outward. Has a sure windproof potential. Provides you advanced protection in opposition to drenching in heavy rain.
  • ☂compact and lightweight: measuring simply 11. Five” long and weighing much less than 1lb the folding handheld umbrella is extraordinarily packable in handbags, briefcases, backpacks, bags and more.
  • ☂one hundred eighty day cash back guarantee: we stand not only for our products, but also for the first-rate experience feasible that our clients may have! For the primary one hundred eighty days we offer a full refund or replacement if it does not meet your expectations! Higher merchandise, and the first-rate in customer pride. It’s the fdjasgy way! Please sense free to touch us, we can response lower back within 24 hours.
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the corporation continually adheres to the cause of excessive great, excessive efficiency and perfect carrier. It maintains improving products and innovates for improvement.

fdjasgy transportable solar & rain parasol

our professional design crew, we can convey almost all creative layout to existence and assist you achieve your very own customization.

  • 3-d digital printing generation
  • uv protection
  • the generously sized ergonomic
  • fdjasgy umbrella creates limitless opportunities for you!

    32 years umbrella producer

    fdjasgy is a manufacturer that devoted to creating excessive nice umbrellas. It turned into a small own family workshop which founded in 1988 and sign up as a prison employer in 1999. After 32 years of development, fdjasgy has become a well-known expert umbrella producer, that specialize in all sorts of umbrellas which include solar umbrella, foldingumbrella, compact umbrella , windproof umbrella and mini umbrella .

    ninety nine. Nine% shading & warmness shielding

    solar umbrella

    ultraviolet(uv) is composed of uva, uvb, uvc and uvd, and uva is the ‘pores and skin killer’. The fdjasgy zero mild transmittance parasol can defend you from 99. 9% uva.

    compact umbrella

    it is a pretty obligation travel umbrella, measures just 11″ lengthy and weighs much less than zero. 8lb, light-weight and compact so effortlessly fits in purses, briefcases, backpacks, baggage and greater.

    folding umbrella

    robotically opens and closes via urgent the button. One hand operation, whilst you get out from your automobile inside the rains, in particular at some point of heavy rains.

    pleasant workmanship

    zippered umbrella sleeve

    the umbrella sleeve is made from double layer polyester. And pleasant zipper design makes it less difficult to put the umbrella back into the sleeve.

    advanced water repellency

    made from 210t pongee cloth, with teflon coating technology, water-resistant, weatherproof and right away dry.

    perfect for sunny and wet

    the uv protection umbrella can block ninety nine. 9% uv rays and protects you nicely from the sturdy sunlight, keep you cool in sunny day and safe in wet days and windy days.

    product description

    ☂one hundred eighty day cash back guarantee: we stand now not handiest for our products, but also for the fine experience possible that our customers could have! For the first a hundred and eighty days we offer a complete refund or replacement if it would not meet your expectations! Higher merchandise, and the excellent in purchaser satisfaction. That’s the fdjasgy way! Please experience loose to touch us, we are able to response lower back within 24 hours.


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    8 reviews for Fdjasgy uv sun umbrella compact folding journey umbrella auto open near compact folding rain umbrellas for women men blockading uv 99. Ninety eight% purple

    1. toolsa

      I walk a lot during my commute and this 2020 summer has been pretty brutal in OK. Recently went through 10 high UV alert days in a row. I usually wear a wide-brim hat and long sleeves to protect my skin, but it was just too hot and I decided to give this UV umbrella a go. It’s not like other umbrellas where the sun can still get through a little. It’s white and reflective on top, with a second lining on the bottom that is black. Completely blocks the sunlight. I’ve used it everyday for about 2 weeks now. Now that I can block the sun, my walk to and from the bus stop is actually pleasant instead of me ending up drenched when I get to my destination. If you’re from Oklahoma, you know this smaller umbrella isn’t worth much for our sometimes crazy rain storms, but for light straight-down rain, it’ll do ok. (I carry a larger one with me in case I get caught out in a gully washer.) Anyway, if you need protection from the sun while walking, yep, you wanna get this one. The price is right, and it fits perfectly into the side mesh pocket on my backback. later Read more

    2. Maruchi

      I live in always hot and sunny S. Florida, the wrong place for someone who must avoid sun exposure and can’t stand the heat as well. Regular rain umbrellas allow light and heat to filter through and my afternoon walks with my dog had to be caught short. Not anymore! After receiving my new sunbrella, I immediately went to try it out in the middle of the hot day. Not only did it block the sun entirely, it also prevented the scorching heat from filtering through. To top it off, it is so easy to open and close and so lightweight. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend it. Read more

    3. Jess S.

      If you live in CA you will know how severe the sun exposure problem is. Besides sunscreens, sun glasses and sun hat, sun umbrella is a good little thing to help block UV radiation as well. This is a good product, lightweighted, easy to use, decent quality. I like it because I can operate it with one hand only, I mean open and closure. This is a very useful feature especially when I need to carry something on the other hand. Would recommend it to anyone who is used to use sun umbrella as a sun protection tool. Read more

    4. Karen Lin

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is a very good quality umbrella! I love how it also can be collapsed by pressing the button. Light weight yet well made! Totally recommend! Read more

    5. Esme

      The umbrella seems to block out all the UV rays as it claims. I used it today under the hot sun and there was a marked difference with it over me and not over me. I have used it in the rain too. Acts like a typical umbrella in the rain. Its not too wide so not good for downpours. My feet and pants were soaked. But light to med rain its good and fantastic for blocking out UV rays. Does not instantly dry. Takes a while. It is thinner than I thought it would be and It does have a strong chemical smell. But it seems sturdier than normal umbrellas and i bought it for the sun not for the rain so for me, a strong 4 stars. Read more

    6. Zozo

      It’s good for sun protection but broke after 11 month of daily use. One of the metallic rib broke completely at the hook part, sad. The price is still good for the length of the time it functioned. Read more

    7. Queen Mother

      I used my first one of these for about two months of daily walks around my neighborhood, then one of the ribs broke and it started to make irritating squeaking noises. I wasn’t happy about that, so I ordered a different brand of UV umbrella, which broke upon the second use and was far inferior to this one. Now I’ve gone back and ordered a second one of these from FDJASGY because maybe another 60 days of daily use is all you can expect. The good things about this umbrella: UV fabric was solid, ribs are quite strong, handle is big enough to hold (with my average woman hands), wrist loop is large enough to get my hand through, and the tie has a snap that actually does hold it closed. I now appreciate those things after buying that other brand of Amazon UV umbrella, which was only $9, but very expensive considering it was a one-time use umbrella! Read more

    8. love2dance

      I used this umbrella while in Palm Springs,CA with weather reaching scorching levels of 120 degrees! I always reapply sunblock but I knew it would be extra hot on my trip so I decided to bring this umbrella. I held this umbrella over my head while in the pool for hours! I felt like it made it cooler in the shade it provided, and made my trip so much more enjoyable. I didn’t get burned at all between the umbrella and many many sunblock applications. Most of all, the umbrella made the heat and sun so much more comfortable during my trip! Lots of hotel guests gave me the “nod” or commented on my smart purchase. Highly recommend! Read more

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