Fifty two/62inch wooden j cope with golf umbrella windproof uv safety classic stick wedding ceremony cane umbrellas, car open cane hook cope with

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  • 2 variations: conventional and sun safety. 3 size: 52 inch, 54 inch, 62 inch
  • 210t excessive density pongee fabric feels tender and comfy
  • proposing wooden j manage for at ease grip and smooth hangup, 8 fiberglass ribs offers top notch long lasting overall performance without smooth inverting and long umbrella tail in case as a cane for elders. Come with protective sleeve to keep in vehicle or residence
  • double canopy vented windproof shape permit wind bypass through easily, helping to lessen the umbrella being turn within the windy condition
  • vehicle open in one 2nd. Giving a timely safety in a downpour. Big and standard canopy are available. 52 inch for non-public; fifty four inch for one grownup and a kid; 62 inch for 3 people
  • three hundred and sixty five days guarantee. We engineer our umbrellas to stand the check of time. For the ribs and suggestions we use fibreglass, which is bendy and durable. The cover is created the use of chain sewing with nine stitches consistent with inch. We stand behind the sturdiness of our goods and offer an unconditional guarantee against any defects in craftsmanship. Word: in case you find any illness at the hook, pls don’t sense concerned, just contact us for a alternative
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product description

conventional & style

protects in rain & shine.

designed as hook umbrella, you could take it everywhere.

what you could get ?

  • 7 color: black, blue, wine pink ,gray,dark green,sky blue,white
  • 3 sizes: 52inch & 54inch & 62inch
  • 2 model: classic & uv protection
  • experience your time with someone

  • 52/fifty four inch massive umbrella is appropriate for couple, pals, own family. Perfect for 1~2 humans. Big cover can provide a sufficient cover.
  • sixty two inch outsized umbrella is extra appropriate for circle of relatives trip(2~3 human beings). You may clearly have a great time together with your partner, kids or your dog.
  • come with sleeve, handy to save on your cargo or umbrella stand, no pollution.
  • functions

    providing wooden j cope with for comfortable grip and clean hangup, durable and smooth dry up. Never feel sticky like normal golfing umbrella. 2 variations on sale, traditional and uv protection, promising you an extended lasting performance and top notch cool coverage.

    appropriate for a spread of outdoor sports, consisting of wedding ceremony, day by day commuting, golfing play, soccer games and so on. It seems very excellent and genuinely fit your character.

    lengthy metal umbrella tail in case as a walking cane. It works as an rain umbrella within the morning whilst it is raining and doubles as a strolling stick at the way returned to your automobile when it stops raining.


    52 inch, 62 inch


    Black, Black-UV, Blue, Blue-UV, Dark Green, White

    8 reviews for Fifty two/62inch wooden j cope with golf umbrella windproof uv safety classic stick wedding ceremony cane umbrellas, car open cane hook cope with

    1. Margaretta Williams

      Bought for Kingsman prop. Very nice quality! Would buy again! My pictures of my boys turned out awesome!!! Read more

    2. Todd Snyder

      I can’t believe I am leaving a review for an umbrella but when something is made very well and I feel this good about the purchase, its hard not to say something positive about it. It’s a great umbrella. I use it for my commute to downtown chicago where there is plenty of wind/rain. It holds up great. I wont need another umbrella for a very long time. Read more

    3. Michael VanPay

      Excellent umbrella for the price. I love the curved handle and steel tipped topper. It works as an umbrella in the morning when it’s raining and doubles as a walking stick on the way back to your vehicle when it stops raining. The color is true to the images. The framework is solid enough to hold up to midwestern winds! Read more

    4. Taylor

      This umbrella is huge and looks really good! I bought 2 of these when my husband and I eloped (I could’ve gotten 1 because they are so big that they fit 2 people underneath) to use in our outdoor wedding because they look so nice. But be warned, this thing is big. We tried fitting it in our baggage and it just wouldn’t fit. We got lucky because we could take it on the plane with us, but if you’re trying to travel with it, just know that it is very long and the dimensions it lists are accurate. In saying this, I really enjoy this umbrella, it’s really sturdy, lightweight and I love the wooden J handle. The umbrellas held up really well while we were traveling (during the rain and putting them in the overhead bins on the plane), and I definitely recommend it! Read more

    5. Jim K.

      This umbrella had pretty good reviews and is the perfect size for my purposes, so I decided to give it a try. One thing that really bugged me, though not a deal breaker, is how the button for the quick-release is not aligned with the handle. You can see what I meant in the picture below. After using the umbrella for about 2 weeks, I can say that this umbrella holds up decently well. I used this umbrella through two pretty big rain storms (walked with it for about 15 mins each time), and there was no tear in the fabric, no fracture or dent in the frame, and no loose threads in the sewing. The connection part between the wooden handle and shaft feels fairly sturdy as there isn’t any wiggle room even after the storms. Now, the main beef I got with this umbrella…… When I used the umbrella, I noticed how the umbrella would sometimes open on its own when I’m walking or when I set down the umbrella upright (such as when I just walk into a building from the rain before I tie up the umbrella). Upon inspecting it, I found that the locking mechanism gets pushed further toward the tip every time I open the umbrella—-to a point where it will barely hook onto the plastic and the smallest vibration will set off the mechanism. If I try to pull it toward the locking position, the first scenario is that it will completely come off (as you can see in one of the pics). You can notice from the picture that the entire button is hooked onto the shaft with a small nudge at the tip of the metal (the small hole on the shaft). The second scenario is that the button will get stuck and won’t go to the correct position, and therefore you can’t lock the umbrella (also seen in one of the pictures where my hand was holding onto the umbrella, but you don’t see the metal actually hooking the plastic). I’ve attached a separate picture where you can see the hook clearly when the umbrella locks properly. Constantly having to deal with this loose locking mechanism is quite annoying. It might be fine for some of you out there, but it is really annoying for me as it actually requires a certain amount of force to adjust the metal to be at the right locking position. TL;DR The canopy itself is great, the handle is ok, and the locking mechanism is outright awful for me. Pictures below for your reference. EDIT (11/3/2019): I worked with Amazon and got a replacement sent to me already. I didn’t use the new one in any storms yet, so I have yet to see if a similar issue will happen again. I changed the rating from 3 stars to 4 because I appreciate the customer service and their willingness to take ownership. One thing to note is that the button for quick-release is still not aligned properly with the handle, and the button’s position in regard to the logo on the handle is different on the new umbrella compared to the one I replaced. EDIT (9/9/2020): I haven’t used it much in the winter right after my last edit and during the quarantine, but this one is holding up a lot better than the previous one I replaced. Just thought I’d give a quick update before I forget about this. Read more

    6. James MacKaye

      I live in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, no stranger to wind and rain. And, for the past 20 years I have walked for an hour every day around my small town. Needless to say, a good, full size umbrella is a necessity for keeping dry and comfortable. And, I’ve gone through several umbrellas in that time. The last one I bought was a “golf” umbrella that was totally ruined after just 2 weeks when a gust of wind turned it inside out, breaking some of the spokes. This umbrella is just the right size (56″ across the opening) and the wind flaps work great in keeping it intact in a sudden breeze or constant wind, and keeping me dry. The opening and closing mechanism is well made, solid and easily clicks into place. I was not keen on having a curved handle (probably because I’d never had one), but I will never buy another umbrella without it. Not only does it free up my hands by hanging it on my arm if I stop to shop at a market on my walk, but it is much more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. One big bonus for me is that I always walk with a Rick Steves daypack, so if it’s not raining when I take off (but I fear that it might) I just hang it from the backpack strap and don’t even notice it as I walk. Simply perfect for me! Read more

    7. Janice C.

      My husband loves this umbrella! Bought two ! Used for sun protection etc while at grandkids sporting events ! It’s cooler also ! Read more

    8. E. White

      At the price point, I didn’t expect much. But right when I hung this umbrella on a coat hook, it dented the wooden handle. I didn’t expect hardwood (it wouldn’t even need to be wood, I just wanted a smooth, curved handle) … but I what I REALLY didn’t expect was the “wood” to be like foam. I am a 5’2″ weak woman, and I could press a dent in the wooden handle with my thumb. It’s very cheap. It gets two stars because it DOES do a good job blocking out the sun. (I purchased the dark green with UV protection). I haven’t tried it in the rain yet. I bought it specifically for blocking out the sun and using it as a cane if need be. I’m not going to return it, but I definitely do not recommend it and will not purchase this brand again. Read more

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