Final gym bag 2. 0: the long lasting crowdsource designed duffel bag with 10 foremost cubicles including waterproof pouch (black, medium (20″))

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  • make sure this fits through entering your model quantity.
  • long lasting: we listened to remarks and reinforced stitching at key pressure factors and delivered a water resistant backside panel. Drop and strain examined, its prepared for use.
  • most desirable cubicles: fits one 32oz water bottle and one protein shaker. Inside pocket fits outsized phones. 10 general booths to maintain your device organized!
  • 2 wet pockets: hidden water-resistant pocket for moist objects plus full length footwear/sweaty clothes pocket which could match the largest shoe sizes.
  • massive mouth establishing: principal pocket opens absolutely for easy get entry to.
  • crowdsource designed: we pored over evaluations of existing gymnasium baggage and designed ours round consumer ideas and feedback.
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our passion for fitness and restoration drives us to continuously search for ways to enhance. We’ve got made it our task to combine customer feedback into each of our products to provide the nice tools feasible.

our tools is intelligently designed to encourage, heal, and improve. We do the work, so that you can cognizance on what is subsequent.


Small (15"), Medium (20")


Black, Silver, Teal, Blue, Orange, Red

8 reviews for Final gym bag 2. 0: the long lasting crowdsource designed duffel bag with 10 foremost cubicles including waterproof pouch (black, medium (20″))

  1. TNT

    The extra features make this bag great! Perfect bag for the gym. Solid, rugged construction. Outside pockets for smaller items. Mesh pockets perfect for a water bottle. It also includes separate shoe compartment and a small internal storage pocket. Two things stand out for me about the bag: 1) The top zipper allows the whole top and side of the bag to open – you can actually see your stuff in the bag without the digging around trying to find stuff at the bottom. The light gray lining also makes it easier to see inside the bag and gives the bag a sturdier, more feel. 2) My favorite part of this bag is the clear vinyl pocket in the bottom of the bag. It totally protects the rest of the bag (and all of your stuff) from wet swimsuits or smelly gym clothes. And it’s easy to clean, just wipe it down and it’s as good as new. Read more

  2. Andrea Gonzales

    I really loved this bag the day I received it; however, the mesh on the dual pocket side tore the first day of use. That was really disappointing. If the mesh material was durable, I would have loved to order the larger bag. I wish I could give this bag 5 stars but…it lacks durability 🙁 Read more

  3. Jamie

    Great item! I’ll be using it for my kickboxing classes and storing my boxing gloves in the shoe compartment, which is great!! The bag is very roomie inside even with my gloves taking up a lot of space. I love all the different pockets for storage as well. Good quality material as well. The reason I took 1 star off is because it states that I can fit a 32 oz water bottle (and a shaker). However… I don’t think it’s quite build to adequately store a bottle that big. It has two sides… a large mesh pocket on one side and then a split side for 2 bottles. My 32 oz Hyrdo Flask bottle cannot sit upright in the larger pocket and the split side which is meant for the 2 bottles is a little too narrow and not deep enough to store a 32 oz bottle securely (See pictures). I am able to jam it in there but it takes shifting all the other items within the main compartment of the bag to make it work… which is quite the annoyance. And when you wear the bag using the shoulder strap the bag tends to fold in at the center and then that causes the bottle to want to flop out. So I’m a little disappointed with that and wish the bottle pockets were a little bigger/deeper but overall it’s a great bag! Read more

  4. The Wolachbaums

    I got this bag to be better organized than with my old “gym bag” (a big tote/purse bag, 1 compartment). Loving all the pockets and the plastic bottom pocket for wet stuff. I tested and it can be pulled out (picture) to properly dry (doesn’t actually come off) to avoid humidity smells or worse. Only issue is that fits swimsuit, flip flops and such but not my pool towel. I still put my towel in a bag in the main compartment either from the top pocket or the side pocket. The side pocket is connected to the main pocket from the side with a separation barrier. This would also be useful to keep shoes or sweaty clothes separate from clean clothes. Some people may like that the main pocket also open all the way, I haven’t used that feature yet. I do have used the other pockets to keep gym lock, snacks, phone, etc – pockets front and back (pictured) and both sides. Satisfied with pockets, weight, durability and size. It’s not a huge duffel bag! …could make a good carryon item too Read more

  5. jenna smith

    so the bag itself is amazing so many pockets and place for wet clothes and shoes …. but it smells awful like chemicals and celery. ill admit i can smell things others cant but my boyfriend smells it too so that means i almost cant stand being near it bc of the smell & thats after 2 washes with double fabric softener & those smelly lil beads ppl put in called scent boosters … and it still stinks to the point my boyfriend can smell it. so if you cant smell its the best bag ever & if you can smell carrying it is awful but it doesnt leave my thing smelling bad so i guess thats a plus to something that stinks. im not sure if the color could effect the smell like maybe the dye they used but i got red. Read more

  6. Amanda Johnson

    – Fits in my locker without smushing the bag (and all my stuff inside). – Lots of exterior pockets. I love that there are two water bottle holders! – I wish there was a bit more interior organization, but that’s not a deal breaker. – It’s so handy to have the side zip all the way down so I can get my clothes in an out easily. – The fabric, especially the bottom, really feels like it’s going to hold up. I got the silver and love it! Updated: Somehow I missed the zippered wet pocket until today. Upgraded to five stars. I love the bag even more after really using it for a few weeks. Great purchase. Read more

  7. Alexis Junker

    This bag is the perfect size, and has pockets for everything I need. I get tons of compliments on it (“what a great size!”). My other gym bags are way too big – this one is small but mighty. There is a bottom flat pocket I’m using for my shower shoes, a separate shoe pocket on the side, a large sort of 2 sided main pocket (hard to describe but it makes it easy to find all your stuff from the bottom), and these great little front pockets for headphones and jewelry. My ONLY complaint would be that the water bottle pocket, while big enough for a 32 oz bottle, doesn’t go up high enough to support my huge metal clunker of a bottle. I have to sort of precariously set it in there and not jostle it too much, or it’ll fall out. Very happy with it otherwise. Read more

  8. Rohebuks

    I love this bag! I had so much fun checking out all the cool pockets and compartments when it arrived. I do most of my workouts at home and don’t go to the gym very often so I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it but then I realized how awesome it was for bringing a change of clothes to work. I’m a nurse and besides my shoes being stinky from wear I never want the soles touching any of my stuff. The shoe compartment is perfect for keeping those germs confined to my shoes and not all over my clean clothes. When I do bring it to the gym, the separate sleeve for wet clothes is going to be super handy because I never seem to remember a plastic bag for my suit. I’m sure there are many more awesome features of this bag that I can’t wait to discover. So far it’s been super useful, just the right size to carry around while still fitting all my stuff inside, seems pretty durable, and the color is a fun bonus. Read more

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