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  • ensure this fits through getting into your version wide variety.
  • 【big ability exercise session bag and multi booths duffle bag】size: 21” x 10” x thirteen”. There are 4 principal loading areas. 4186-cu. In. Capability, sixty eight. 6-liter capability. Water-proof material.
  • 【gym bag with shoes compartment】there are 4 major loading areas. Separate facet compartment expands into the internal of the primary compartment 7’’x7’’x24’’ to shop grimy clothes or boots. Zipper facet pockets characteristic more than one garage compartment for smartphone, keys & ipad. Front zipper pocket with mesh pocket inside. Tactical duffel bag with shoes compartment.
  • 【multipurpose tactical fitness center bag】the primary compartment of this military duffle bag is huge. Which can keep fitness system, exercising gear, clothes,shoes and different gadgets wanted for sports and travel. The side booths provide extra room for smaller gadgets that need separation from the principle compartment. This dufflel bag could be served as a fitness center bag, sport bag, tour luggage, plane keep on, camping bags for guys, ladies. It additionally can be used as a dirty laundry compartment at domestic.
  • 【reasonable design】heavy duty self-healing zippers; bolstered handle; adjustable 2’’ padded shoulder strap; reverse zippers; it can maintain: garments, ipad, towels, shoes , different sports activities gymnasium requirements; keys playing cards, cell phones, different small accessories; dirty clothes or boots.
  • it’s far a brilliant bag for exercise,travel, sports hobby, tennis, basketball,yoga,fishing, looking, tenting, trekking and many outdoor sports.
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product description

  • – a couple of zippered cubicles
  • – heavy duty self-restoration zippers
  • – huge zip pockets on front and facets
  • – reinforced take care of
  • – adjustable 2” padded shoulder strap
  • – opposite zippers
  • – water resistant
  • there’s a bit difference among a and new-a with the footwear compartment

  • what can we installed it?
  • important compartment for garments, ipad, towels, footwear , other sports activities gymnasium requirements, and so forth.
  • the front pocket with mesh for keys playing cards, cellphones, other small add-ons, and many others.
  • separate aspect compartment expands into the interior of the principle compartment 7’’x7’’x24’’ to shop grimy clothes or boots.
  • facet compartment for other small objects
  • who will love it?
  • it’s miles appropriate for most people, men, ladies, old and young.
  • when are we able to use it?
  • it can be served as a health club bag, game bag, tour bags, aircraft carry on, tenting luggage, and many others. It also can be used as a dirty laundry compartment at domestic.
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    1green, ACU, NEW-ACU, NEW-OCP, NEW-Tan, NEW-black, NEW-black multicam, NEW-green, NEW-grey, NEW-multicam, OCP, Tan, black multicam, grey, multicam

    8 reviews for Fitness center bag for guys tactical duffle bag navy tour work out baggage

    1. Arthur

      I didn’t buy this duffel bag for the gym or as an overnight bag. I purchased this bag to put about four 72 hour food bags, hatchet, different types of fire starters, ponchos, and those very thin sleeping bags, amongst several other items. All those items fit in my bag. This duffel bag is large enough to hold a large amount of items without it feeling that it will snap or break down on me. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone that is looking for a convenient duffel bag that will serve many purposes. Read more

    2. Sky

      PROS: – VERY sturdy. – strong high quality material. – awesome value for the price. – can hold a LOT despite the size i got. -Package arrive undamaged and firmly sealed in the plastic. CONS: – description said “24 inches long” but mine is about 22 max length (measured from edge to edge) , so not as long as i had hoped but still ended up being great for the gym. Read more

    3. jedigirl5

      Edit: Took a star off because the main strap on this bag attaches with plastic clips and is not very durable. Its honestly kind of odd because the zippers are all metal and the strap that is under the most stress is plastic. I have had my bag for less than a month and the strap has already separated 3x’s. I ended up ordering a new strap so we will see how that works out…. I bought this bag to carry my USAF uniform to and from the gym after workouts in the winter. I was pleasantly surprised by this bag- when first took it out of the box it was very compact and I wasn’t sure if it would be big enough for my needs. But it easily holds all of my OCP uniform parts (boots, socks, sand tee, pants, blouse, cap and fleece) in the main compartment without shoving. There are also two large side pockets that easily could hold both sz 8 boots (or various mid sized items like small towel) and a front pocket that could hold smaller items like keys or a wallet. The color is good for the regs and so far the zippers/straps/material seem to be a decent quality. Read more

    4. sillyghillie

      when you buy this bag, its going to come collapsed and zipped in a collapsed state. I preface this review with a warning because when you first unbox the item, it looks much too small and might prompt the impatient amazon shopper to send it back before really opening it up. My only complaint is that the bag is loud, I put tape around the zipper zips to keep them from jingle and jangling. That is more of a personal preference… Some of you might put a cow bell on your bag and complain that your bag was too quiet, this is amazon so I am sure its an inevitability. Good bag for casual gym use. Read more

    5. RJ/Kate

      It’s almost two people who designed this… The material seems pretty sturdy and thick. Not the best, but not cheap either. BUT.. The zippers are super cheap and clang around like a bunch of bells. The connectors are not metal, they are plastic. How and why are these cheap plastic? Why not use metal for durability. They will break, the question is when? Disappointed in this… Look for something more durable. Read more

    6. Taylor

      Purchased this to hold a few days worth of changes, some documents, like a passport, tickets, kit-bag, etc and similar items for travel on a motorcycle. This will fit nicely on the rear seat and make getting to things quick and easy. Rain repellent is important and a lot of separate areas to store items. Much easier to access than when stored in saddle bags. Read more

    7. Doc P

      I use this to carry with me to work, so I can go to the gym afterwards. I pack my gym clothes in the main compartment, put my water jug in one end, and put my lunch container in the other end. When I go to the gym pull my workout clothes out and my work clothes in, even room for my heavy jacket. This bag has lots of room and room to spare. Now for bad. IMHO this bag is UGLY. Not even sure I got the color I ordered. Not to say anything bad about the Army, I love the military and all they do, but if you like Army Green, this bag is for you. 🙂 Also the as others have stated the zippers are very noisy. They clank just carry it and there is no sneaking it open, if you ever needed to do that. Overall it is a great bag, just wish they had a better selection of colors, but then again, I don’t guess this bag is likely to walk off. 🙂 All that sad, I am sure this bag could fit your needs. Read more

    8. Tara Johns

      Great bag. I use it for the gym, it fits all of my clothes, shoes, protein powder (in baggies), a couple supplement bottles and a few water bottles with room to spare. My only complaint is that the zippers on the bag are everywhere (all double zippers / open either way) and they clink together and are obnoxiously loud…but that is any bag w/ those kinds of zippers. I just took one zipper off of each pocket and now it’s silent like the night. Read more

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