Group versapack-softside expandable spinner wheel baggage, patriot blue, convey-on 21-inch

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  • make certain this fits by using entering your version variety.
  • maximizes convey-on sizer bin regulations. May additionally need to test if over packe. Includes a zip-in garment organizer and extra coordinating zip-in organizers to be had for purchase one by one: laundry organizer, suiter organizer
  • precisionglide device for precise manipulate and roll includes a patented contour grip, a patented powerscope extension cope with that adjusts to a couple of heights while minimizing wobble and self-aligning magnetic wheels that roll immediately in any path
  • growth will increase up 2″. High-density ballistic nylon with duraguard coating resists stains. Built-in safety includes nook armor, skid guards and sturdy wheel housings. Removable, tsa-compliant toiletries bag blanketed
  • supra zipper heads are engineered to withstand harm from every day use. Cushioned, low-profile top and side deliver handles alongside provide secure wearing alternative. Subsidized by using our built for a life-time constrained warranty with our trusted accomplice promise
  • case dimensions: 21×14. 75×10; common dimensions:23×15. 5×10
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functions and advantages

outside usb port with committed powerbank pocket meets faa rules for convey-on and checked luggage. Powerbank no longer blanketed.

outside padded pocket to preserve computer or pill.

detachable, tsa-compliant toiletries bag stores perfectly in a committed outside pocket.

supra zipper heads are engineered to face up to damage from each day use and abuse.

product description

p. C. To the max with bags that is actually all of your own. The max deliver-on expandable spinner is designed for total packing versatility and customizable with a selection of interchangeable travelpro extraordinary zip-in organizers. Included inside the lid is a removable zip-in garment organizer, ideal for storing folded shirts, dresses and jackets. Also available for purchase one by one are 4 extra coordinating travelpro exceptional zip-in organizers-a laundry organizer for bathing suits, exercising garments and other damp objects, a packing cubes organizer for shorts, shirts and accessories, a suitor organizer to maintain hanging clothes wrinkle-loose and an all-in-one organizer for wet and dry garage (every bought separately). Created for domestic journey on large aircraft, this bag is sized to max out the sizer bin and healthy in the overhead packing containers of most important yours. Airlines. It additionally functions a tip-resistant zippered enlargement to increase packing space up to two inches, but be cautious not to overpack the exterior wallet and chance making it too massive for the sizer bin. Enjoy overall comfort with a built-in usb port and committed outside strength bank pocket, outdoors padded computer pocket and removable tsa-compliant toiletries bag that stores perfectly in a equal-sized outside pocket. Plus, this spinner’s precision waft device ensures specific control and handy roll on 8 ultra-long lasting, 360 diploma magnatrac spinner wheels led by way of a four-forestall, peak-adjustable powerscope handle with secure contour grip. Constructed for expert-grade dependability with strong nook armor, skid guards and heavy-obligation wheel housings, group versapack is the civilian version of the luggage flight crews use, tested to satisfy the equal advanced excellent and sturdiness standards. This spinner is similarly sponsored by using the complete constructed for an entire life restrained guarantee with our relied on companion promise.


2-Piece Set (20/25), 3-Piece Set (20/25/29), Carry-On 20-Inch, Carry-On 21-Inch, Checked-Medium 25-Inch, Checked-Large 29-Inch


Jet Black, Patriot Blue, Perfect Plum, Titanium Grey, perfect Plum

8 reviews for Group versapack-softside expandable spinner wheel baggage, patriot blue, convey-on 21-inch

  1. Roland

    I started traveling more for work and really needed to upgrade my carry-on luggage. After doing extensive research and reading many reviews from multiple websites, I settled on the Crew Versapack Spinner because of its versatility and ability to maximize space. A couple reviews stated that it was to large to be carried on, would not fit in the sizer bin, and owners would be forced to check it at the gate. This made me very nervous, as I really didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of a bunch of total strangers when told to check my bag. Those who say it is too large to be carried on are not telling the truth. In fact, it fits perfectly in the sizer bin (see picture) and every overhead compartments I have encountered, and airline staff have never looked twice at me. This is a fantastic piece of luggage that rolls smoothly, is built beautifully, and holds a lot of stuff (which is nice when bringing back gifts for the kids). I highly recommend this. Read more

  2. ccdalla

    Important thing first: At the very least, neither United nor Frontier airlines will allow this as a checked bag without an additional fee, because their limit is 62 linear inches (length+width+height) and this behemoth is 64 in the unexpanded configuration. That said, it’s clearly a great piece of luggage: I have two other TravelPro suitcases that have served me well, but I wanted to switch from a rollaway to a spinner. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not checking current airline regs before buying it, so now I’m stuck with a $300 (yeah, they knocked the price down 15% two days after I bought it, which I felt was a bonus) suitcase that I can effectively never use. Read more

  3. Hope

    I purchased this spinner for an international trip and couldn’t be happier. This suitcase went thru 6 flights and came out perfectly. I also purchased the underseat luggage which fits right on top of this spinner, making it so convenient. The spinner wheels works flawlessly. This was my first experience with Travelpro. I selected it after an exhausting 2 month search for new luggage, checking them out at stores and reading horrible reviews for their closest competitors. I love the quality of the pieces and will definitely be adding a larger suitcase in the near future to complete my set. Btw, the price on Amazon beat local stores, including Macy’s. FYI, this suitcase is ballistic nylon. Don’t confuse it with the polyester ones being sold in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, etc. You want BALLISTIC NYLON. And fyi, the matching ballistic nylon underseat luggage has a usb port for easy charging. You just need an external battery pack. And it also has a zippered cup holder on the side. I have a 20 oz Tervis in it in the photo. Read more

  4. Chris

    This is a great addition to my collection of travelpros. For the past five years I’ve been using the same carry on and it’s stood up well but my latest trip I needed something smaller to get around in. You can’t beat the brand that all of the pilots and attendants use when they travel. From a design perspective you still get the great spinning wheels, sturdy frame and lightweight design. But this one has improved telescoping, a nice usb port for a removable battery and a better handle for picking it up. If you’re looking for a battery, I picked up the Anker 20k mAH one and a right angle usb c connector. Just barely fits but I can charge anything with it. I’ll continue to buy these as long as the value to quality ratio remains this high. With around 75 nights a year traveling I appreciate that my bag can keep up with me. Read more


    This spinner has all the features I wanted and fits the airline specifications I needed. Its only drawback is its weight. I wish it were lighter. I need to pack light and over 7 lbs is just too much for a carry on when every lb counts. Read more

  6. Joann Tippie

    AMAZING!!! Needed 2 large bags and they were the perfect choice. Bought these in particular because it had the “suitor” and it did not disappoint. Packed my dress for a formal wedding inside the suitor and it was not wrinkled 8 days later. My husband also used the suitor for his suit and while it needed a little pressing it was not too wrinkled. The inside of the suitcase is huge. I ended up taking 2 pairs of dress heels, two pairs of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes. Everything fit with room to spare along with my other clothes. A really nice bonus is that because I used the suitor section, the clothes in the rest of the suit case did not shift around. They stayed packed the way I packed them. The suitcases are easy to spot because of the camel colored trim. I was a little worried the trim would get banged up but so far it is fine. They roll very smoothly in fact that would be the only negative comment I would have. Maybe they roll a little too smoothly. I am so happy that we chose these. Read more

  7. Mark Johnson

    This is my second Travelpro purchase and I’m very impressed with the quality of both. This one was a bit smaller than I expected, but as it turned out, it was perfect for my needs. It’s amazing how much will fit in such a small bag. The “spinner” wheels make it a breeze through airports and the small size pretty much guarantees it will fit in ANY overhead bin. Fit and finish is impressive. It’s worth the extra few bucks, and I’m positive that’s not just Cognitive Dissonance talking! Read more

  8. Nuala Rockefeller

    If you’re not sure which carryon to purchase, max or international, this review is for you! At first I purchased the international carryon and upon receiving, knew right away that it was way too small, smaller than my current carryon. I travel frequently and do not check a bag – I need to be able to bring a couple pairs of shoes and a week’s worth of clothes. I decided to buy the max carryon and am confident I’m going to be able to fit what I need for my business trips. In the pictures, you can see my current carryon (gray Samsonite 20”) and the max compared to the international. *Note, I am writing this review solely based on size. I have yet to travel with it. I’m excited for the laptop pocket and four spinners. Read more

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