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  • make sure this fits through coming into your version wide variety.
  • padded laptop compartment
  • fits most 15 inch
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this premium designed messenger bag functions an interior organizer panel, a non-slip shoulder strap and a pocket in your water bottle.





8 reviews for Guys’s vertical messenger 2. Zero, blackout, u

  1. MAP

    This is my third time purchasing the same (of similar rather) iteration of this bag over 10’years. You can tell now how they’ve cut corners and quality has gone down. For example, the zippers are “sticky” and don’t open and close smoothly at all. That’s too bad because the zippers are what broke on my previous messenger, although after many years of use. Also, there used to be a Velcro to close the sleeve on the back to slide through a carryon handle. Not anymore. Areas inside that had mesh or zippers are gone (just a pocket now) so it’s a bit harder to keep Your stuff organized. The bag comes with a pouch for little things as it did in the past, but now it so small it’s laughable. In short, what was an outstanding product now costs about the same, but has gone down in quality significantly. Read more

  2. nhmtnbkr

    Overall I really like this bag. First product I’ve bought with the Oakley name on it in years. Was looking for a slim laptop bag that had a decent amount of organization and stumbled on this unwittingly. As an organized minimalist, this fits my bill very well. It has pretty good organization for all the stuff I carry like cords, headphones and such, as well as a decent level of pen slots. I find I can carry the core things I need, plus a little extra, but it’s not too big where I might be tempted to add unnecessary items in, or not so big as to feel like there’s lots of wasted space. It’s sharp and professional looking, along with being very functional. I really like the lined left-side pocket that’s handy to put one’s sunglasses in and not worry that they’ll get scratched. It also feels like it’s sufficiently well made to last a number of years of regular use. The padded slot for a laptop is decently padded, but I wouldn’t say this will protect a laptop great in a fall more than a foot or two. One other main drawback is the shoulder strap is a joke, especially at this price point. It’s insufficiently padded and cheap, with too large of a shoulder grip area to stay on one’s shoulder. For this price point I feel it should have a better padded and curved strap. One thing I will note – if you plan to buy a padded shoulder strap to replace the chintzy one it comes with, plan to get one that has large attachment clips, because the anchor tabs on either side are quite thick and many straps may not have clips that open enough to grab the anchor tabs. Read more

  3. John Francis

    This replaced my 1st generation one of the same style. I had that one for 10 years, lasted me through 3 deployments. Great bag. This one seems just as durable, but not as spacious. The pockets seem smaller. Also, the bottom of this bag doesn’t have much padding like the first on did. Still happy with the purchase, but not ecstatic. Read more

  4. BM22

    Great bag for when I go mobile for work. Not to big, but has enough for everything I need. Fits my 17″ HP laptop. My only gripe would be that I wish one of the side pockets were elastic to fit a drink or water bottle. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I love this bag…it can be used for carrying my MacBook and many other things. Lots of different zipper compartments and the fabric is very strong. Read more

  6. Roberto Macias

    Professional look, plenty space for my laptop and other supplies. Read more

  7. Ignacio

    Bag looks great but the folder pocket ripped the first day I tried to put a notebook in it. That’s the only thing I’m disappointed with so far. Hopefully it holds up as it wasn’t cheap. Read more

  8. harrump

    Perfect for my 13” MacBook Pro. Nicely padded and easy to travel with. Maybe too many compartments? Gasp. Read more

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