Hero tour umbrella – windproof, compact and portable

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  • fiberglass frame
  • lifetime alternative guarantee – we individually take a look at each hero journey umbrella inside the usa before transport. And every order comes backed by way of our lifetime replacement guarantee. If whatever ever is going incorrect we are able to send you a alternative honestly loose!
  • superior windproof protection – this top class, compact umbrella is ideal for day by day use or while touring the sector, providing 9 resin-bolstered fiberglass ribs that are designed to face up to massive wind gusts with flexible balance for dependable rain protection.
  • lightweight & portable – at only 12” lengthy and weighing less than 1lb, it’s small sufficient to healthy in most car gloveboxes, large purses, briefcases, or backpacks, and our storage case lets you % away a moist umbrella with out stressful approximately your different belongings getting moist.
  • superior rain insurance – our umbrella now not handiest affords 25% more rain coverage than other compact umbrellas, it’s also coated in teflon for additonal water resistant protection.
  • top satisfactory elements and workmanship – the chrome-plated metal shaft capabilities an ergonomic deal with and easy push-button layout that permits the canopy to effortlessly open and near.

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product description

  • windproof tour umbrella
  • water resistant teflon coating
  • nine resin-bolstered fiberglass ribs
  • compact (12” lengthy), ergonomic cope with
  • ultra-light and transportable (much less than 1 lb.)
  • 25% more insurance than comparable umbrellas
  • coloration: black
  • 8 reviews for Hero tour umbrella – windproof, compact and portable

    1. Ben Honed

      This is a great functioning umbrella, I’m very pleased with my purchase and will be using this wherever I can. It has a well built semi-hard case to carry the umbrella in which makes it easy to store and travel with. It’s lightweight and the umbrella covers a broad area – opening and closing it is very easy, one button to open it and it has no prongs to push in to collapse the umbrella. Thanks for the great product. Update to my review: I noticed some other reviewers complaining about the weight of this umbrella so I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. The Hero umbrella weighs less than 1 pound, but has a very healthy coverage so that you won’t get wet. Whereas other travel umbrellas I’ve used might be 1 or 2 oz lighter in weight, they are WAY smaller in coverage so I got wet while using them. Also, the other ones usually use cheap (less sturdy) materials that will more easily break in the wind. TL;DR: If you want a travel umbrella that actually keeps you dry and won’t break in the wind then this is the one to get. Read more

    2. Dan Flores

      We bought two umbrellas for an Irish winter vacation. We had heard the winds could be very daunting and other umbrellas would be ruined. The Hero umbrella withstood the wind, gave a big area of water protection, was light and the zippered cover was easy to travel with. I’ll never need another one! Read more

    3. Aurelien Windenberger

      I took a chance with this purchase because I’ve been impressed with other products from Hero Travel in the past, and their lifetime replacement warranty lowered my risk. I got the travel umbrella in large part because it promised extra sturdiness. I’ve been frustrated in the past by cheap umbrellas with frames that bend up and out with the wind gusts that often accompany rain. As soon as you open the umbrella, the significantly higher quality frame is evident. I would recommend the umbrella for simply this reason, even before getting a chance to test it out in the rain. As you can see in the photos, it also comes with a nice carrying case, as well as a more compact wrapper (the type these umbrellas always come with. I don’t expect to use the bigger case much myself, but its a nice touch for people who would utilize it. Finally, the button to open and close the umbrella looks solid and not likely to malfunction anytime soon. Read more

    4. CD

      I have not used this umbrella yet so can’t say how it will hold up in a windy day but umbrella seems very sturdy and opens and closes easily. It was a little bigger than I expected and will definitely cover more than 1 person easily. It comes with a cover and also a harder zip-up carrying case which makes it ideal for packing in a suitcase and keep it from getting crushed. Bought it for an upcoming trip to Ireland so hopefully it will fit the bill. Read more

    5. Bethany

      Purchased for travel but so far just used at home. I can imagine that if I bought an umbrella 40 years ago in the United States, it would be of this exceptional quality. Add in the modern design and technology, you won’t find a better umbrella. Seriously. Solid build. Easy to pack in it’s convenient carry case. Excellent quality. Read more

    6. Cole

      So I have a dog. Part of having a dog is taking said dog on walks. This dog hates the rain. So I need an umbrella to cover both me and the dog because I don’t particularly like getting rained on either. This dog also hates squirrels, small yappy dogs, and my neighbors boyfriend. Enter the HERO travel umbrella. All of my other umbrellas have turned into awkward eyepoking instruments and ended up in the trash fairly quickly. This thing is sturdy!! It’s also compact so that I can carry it with me if it LOOKS like it’s going to rain. Only one time did it blow inside out and then it just popped back right away. No big deal. Didn’t have to throw it away with all the other inferior umbrellas. Took it with me to Mexico. Fits in my carry on no problem. It kept my girlfriend and I dry everytime and when the sun comes back out it packs away small enough that it doesn’t bother you. This thing is great. I recommend it to everyone. Read more

    7. Shawn

      So far so good. Havent had any rain to test it out but love the features. The quick push button both expands and collapses the umbrella quickly. This is especially nice if you’re trying to run through a door quick to get out of the rain. We bought this for our upcoming europe trip so the case appealed to us as well. We wanted a hard case to if wouldn’t get bent or damaged in our carryon ons. We’ve taken it with on a couple trips and its held up just fine in transit. We’ll make sure to update as we travel with it more. Read more

    8. James

      Wasn’t quite sure what I was buying when I got this umbrella, and certainly looked interesting when received at home. But it is AMAZING! I love the easiness of the product and how advanced it is. Love that the button controls the opening and closing, makes it a lot easier. Also, the traveling case makes it easy to pack and ensures your other items don’t get wet! Read more

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