Huge windproof umbrella folds into portable tour length – fifty four inch double vented canopy massive enough to in shape in 2 adults – vehicle open close (black)

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  • make certain this fits by using getting into your version number.
  • a. Brolly portobello is the final built to ultimate heavy obligation tour umbrella for the business tourist, golfing and sports expert, and daily existence. Its ergonomic take care of, automated open close and rain repel double cover umbrella device is perfect for the town or in open fields
  • special vortex era allows this massive umbrella canopy to spin round when in contact with items or human beings so that you can stroll round without having to worry approximately hitting them all of the time. It no longer simplest maintains you and everything round you more secure, it also maintains you dry inside the rain via now not having to move your umbrella all the time. Plus it allow the wind via in gusting conditions and maintains it intact
  • anti-blaster mechanism is likewise designed specially to allow the umbrella to without problems open and near into a compact transportable size with out sacrificing the scale of the canopy or handle. Our extra large 48 inch double cover and 27 inch long trifold deal with bar is the biggest folding umbrella to be had
  • carry round comfortably: it is also a transportable umbrella that could without difficulty in shape for your backpack, briefcase or purchasing bag when folded. Freeing up your palms as well as area to hold the umbrella. Plus an additional multiple-utilization, surprise-resistant and water-proof tour pouch free of rate for every portobello.
  • you are protected in opposition to the elements, rain or shine! We engineer our umbrellas to face the check of time. With sturdy reverse-capable ribs and hints, portobello is each bendy and durable. Love it or go back it! We stand in the back of the sturdiness of our merchandise and offer an unconditional guarantee towards any defects in craftsmanship
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8 reviews for Huge windproof umbrella folds into portable tour length – fifty four inch double vented canopy massive enough to in shape in 2 adults – vehicle open close (black)

  1. Timothy Morgan

    Umbrella seems sturdy. It works well and the material does not retain water. If you shake it off it is basically dry as you enter the house or car. Very handy. Easy to open and close with one hand. Read more

  2. Martin

    At first I loved this umbrella, I only had to shake it a few times and almost all the water came off. Then the first gust of wind turned it inside out and it stopped closing. Two weeks later, I opened it and the top came apart from handle. This turned out to be the worst umbrella I’ve ever bought. Buyer be ware. Read more

  3. Litefoot

    Nice umbrella. The vortex tech is good and bad… turning to have better line of site is not possible due to free spinning but good in a crowd. Stated ribs are sturdy and flexible in one sentence?? Guest A Brolly and I have different definitions on that. Wind 6-8 mph lite rain and the outer ribs will close in on you , running your partner for under the umbrella making it a one person umbrella and poor line of sight for safety. Ribs just too flexible. This makes the 54” size useless for two people! Just don’t see 73% giving it 5 stars , questioning the reviews. Only for “one” person can I recommend this umbrella , not for “two” due to it closing up in lite wind and for safety. If you want an umbrella for two get a higher quality umbrella for safety. I will keep it only for my use (one adult) due to the hassle on returns and my time that’s lost doing so. Read more

  4. Laurence L.

    Junk! Had it for about six weeks(too long to return) in my sons booksack. Middle top plastic pieces came of of the top of the rod rendering it useless. Its really a nice umbrella but I read this happened to someone else also, in the comments. Never even got to use it. Read more

  5. Susie

    First, I didn’t get the color I thought I had ordered, but then maybe that was my mistake. But I am finding it very hard to click closed after you bring the umbrella down. It collapses fine but very hard to push into lock position. Read more

  6. Michael Liptak

    Very nice umbrella, easy open and close, kept the rain off without a problem. Used it yesterday and the plastic piece at the top of the rod that attaches to the canopy broke. No way to repair. I read similar reviews and think it needs a modification. I’m going to give it one more try an order a replacement Read more

  7. Kindle Customer

    This seems to be a well designed and well made umbrella with one fatal flaw. The automatic open/close button is located where you have to grip the umbrella tightly because it is pretty heavy. But the button doesn’t take much pressure to acitvate, so every time you use the umbrella you will end up accidentally hitting the close button and it will fold up and dump water on you during a rain storm. To make it worse, you have to completely collapse and re-latch the umbrella to make the button work again to reopen the umbrella, so you get extra soaked. Just a plain old open button with a separate release when you want to close the umbrella would work much better. There is no discernible benefit for an auto-close function and it causes all of the problems described above. Read more

  8. sierra roney

    it worked really nicely, but i expected it to weather a little better when the kids got to it. would definitley buy again though. Read more

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