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  • make sure this fits through entering your model number.
  • the heavyweight messenger bag’s versatile design capabilities conventional brass hardware, washed double stitched cotton canvas cloth and a spread of compartments and wallet to shop all of your important elements
  • measuring 15″ x 11″ x 6″, the spacious major compartment offers masses of room to keep books, folders, a small laptop, and plenty of different key objects
  • additional system may be stored within the indoors small zippered pocket, open top front wallet, and/or the snap button aspect pockets
  • the huge hook and loop flap closure continues your contents thoroughly at ease and includes 2 canvas loops for introduced tools attachment
  • with an adjustable shoulder strap which can make bigger to 52”, you may carry your jack bauer messenger bag across your body, over your shoulder, or in a ramification of ways that best suits your fashion
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product description

rothco’s vintage unwashed canvas messenger bag is the suitable shoulder bag which can bring almost some thing! Rothco is the foremost supplier of army, tactical, outdoor, survival apparel and tools.


Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Khaki, Mocha, Olive Drab, Pink, Woodland Camo

3 reviews for Hw canvas conventional messenger bag

  1. David J Antocci

    I’m a Mr. Mom who was tired of carrying my wife’s diaper bags. I couldn’t think of a more badass diaper bag than the messenger bag that Jack Bauer uses in 24. I’ve had this bag for 3 years, and 3 children. I carry it with me EVERYWHERE. Every trip to Target, or the countless trips cross country, this bag is at my side. My wife laughs at me because even when I leave the house without kids (rare) I always do so with this bag slung over my shoulder. Sure I don’t need the diapers and extra clothes, but my keys, wallet, and anything else I need are in there, so it’s just easier. And, I can pretend I’m Jack Bauer. The bag has tons of storage for diapers, hand sanitizer, goldfish, and anything else I may need to go into battle with 3 children. I’m also a writer, and it holds my MacBook nicely too. It’s super comfortable to wear, and has held up tremendously well for the amount of abuse it has seen. After 3 years, the only sign that it’s not brand new is a small hole that’s beginning to wear in one of the corners. I’d buy this bag a hundred times over again, and I have a feeling that I’ll be using it long after the kids have outgrown the need for me to mule around all their accoutrement. Read more

  2. John H.

    I bought this bag to carry folders and books for a new job in a casual dress environment and it has been perfect for my needs. I carry a large binder, computation notebook, a folder, and at least one other book for pleasure reading. It easily holds those items and would have no problem accommodating an additional full size textbook or two. The end pockets can hold water bottles or other similar size objects, and the two front pockets are spacious enough to hold snacks, paperback novels, etc. The material is a durable canvas with a loose weave that makes it tough but not stiff, and all the stitching looks solid. I expect no durability issues. Apart from those positive attributes, here are some of the little details that I like: – The strap is long enough for any man within the boundaries of typical human dimensions to wear the bag across his body. It would probably fit Shaquille O’Neal. I am 6′, and at full strap extension, this bag will hang low against the backs of my thighs. At about 2/3 extension, it hangs against my butt or hip, which is where I like to wear it. As a moderately tall man, there is plenty of room for me to wear it low or high. At minimum extension, I imagine it would fall somewhere against my lower back. I should think it would fit any man between 5′ and 8′ tall, which is just about every man. – The strap is wide. At 2″ wide, this strap is comfortable on my shoulder for long periods of time in spite of the fact that it has no additional padding. I have never felt any discomfort with this bag. – The Velcro strips on the front of the bag are positioned so that they will hold the bag loosely closed with a wide variety of load sizes. The flap is heavy enough to almost make the Velcro unnecessary, but it does provide just enough closure to keep the flap from shifting all over and looking excessively sloppy. – The snaps in the end pockets are large, tough, and very secure, and they hold the pockets closed tightly enough to allow me to place my wallet in there without fear of it falling out. Additional notes: – This bag is tough and looks good, but is extremely casual. In some settings, it might be able to pull off business very casual, but for business casual or formal, you should go with leather or a more dressed up canvas. – Some reviewers have noted that this bag lacks structure and will lose its shape without a sufficient load. That is accurate and common to most messenger bags that are not expensive designer bags. Put a solid notebook, sketchpad, or other flat object in there and your problem is solved. If you are carrying a load of irregular shaped items in there, don’t expect it to hold the shape you see in pictures. This is a great bag and has become my constant accessory. For the price, I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t wear a suit every day and needs to carry more than their pockets can handle. Read more

  3. Nomadic

    3 Year Update*********** The bag that could be anything, but looks like nothing. It carries books to school, a computer to a coffee shop (my iPad Pro is swallowed up easily), a weekend’s worth of spare clothes on a quick trip, a ton of misc stuff for that excursion/mission/outing. After three years of daily use – hard use – it’s starting to show some wear. The stitching along the cover flap is tarting to fray where it rubs against the metal buckles on the side, and there is a hole in the body facing fabric from wear and tear. My dilemma now is, do I stick and patch it, or do I opt for a new one. Why? Because these things are so beautifully priced it is comparable to replace or repair. I once had a FAR more expensive leather man bag. It was far heavier, would not collapse into another piece of luggage to transport, and was far far far more expensive. Of course it looked good. BUT, I try to “Tech it the req(uirement).” I an buy 20x the Rothco’s for that price. If my olive drab one lasted me 3 years, that’s a lot of bags before I break even with Gucci leather ones on the market. I’m sold. I have had this bag for 2 years now and, after near daily use, it is just as good as the day it arrived. The Velcro on the front flap still effectively holds the flap closed (which surprised me), side pockets have carried every manner of water bottle effortlessly for easy access, and the strap is in perfect condition. This thing has been soaked in the rain, frozen in the cold, stuffed into a suitcase, strained under the weight of being stuffed full of books, and has been a great companion across multiple states and continents. I used to have more stylish leather messenger bags that were far more expensive and heavier. For the cost/weight/utility, this Rothco outshines them all. Read more

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