Inbrella reverse near umbrella, raindrops

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  • make certain this fits with the aid of coming into your version wide variety.
  • innovative reverse near layout: totes inbrella is a long lasting and flexible double layer canopy umbrella that closes interior out with the moist side away, maintaining you completely dry
  • windproof & rainproof: rain rolls off cloth so your umbrella remains four times drier way to neverwet invisible coating
  • automated close: durable rubber lined take care of with one contact vehicle near characteristic lets in you to get inside and outside of the car with out getting wet
  • clean to store: stands upright on its personal. Canopy length 47 inches for full safety; stands 31 inches whilst closed. Leave open to dry. Wipe smooth with damp fabric
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armed with intuitive functions like easy-to-keep handles and fuss-unfastened tie straps, totes umbrellas outsmart the rain. Sturdy but lightweight, they’re engineered to ultimate via typhoon after typhoon.

  • clever layout features
  • modern day shades and prints
  • fashionable and practical
  • durable and dependable
  • the totes inbrella: folds in. Maintains drips away

    goodbye everyday umbrellas, hiya totes inbrella. This reverse-close umbrella’s revolutionary layout folds inward with the outer canopy away from you, so that you’ll never need to address a wet umbrella once more. Meaning no greater traumatic wet clothes on trips in and out of the auto-the totes inbrella closes in less than a 2nd with the contact of a button.

    while you’re out of the rain, the totes inbrella stands well on its very own so that you may not should worry about what to do with it when it is no longer in use

  • keeps water away from you and your garments
  • brightens your wet days with cheery, beneath canopy prints
  • closes with the push of a button
  • stands on its very own whilst no longer in use
  • folds in, maintaining you completely dry.

    break out the rain fast with the automobile near feature.

    stands neatly on its very own when not in use.

    product description

    folds in. Continues drips away. Don’t allow regular folding umbrellas and their drippy messes win! Live at the dry aspect with our smartly designed inbrella… Wherein innovation meets fashion. This remarkable umbrella closes internal out, maintaining water away from you. The auto near function makes folding the umbrella a breeze with the press of a button; no greater demanding wet clothes on journeys in andout of the auto. Once closed, the inbrella stands upright on its personal, so that you do not should worry approximately what to do with it when you don’t want it. And, the quirky below-canopy prints will bring a everlasting smile for your face on the ones dreary days.


    Black/Grey, Circle Mania, Clear, Enchanted Garden, Flower Garden, Honey Leopard, Raindrops, Royal/Black, Sky, Zodiac

    7 reviews for Inbrella reverse near umbrella, raindrops

    1. KamHolmes

      This is a really solid umbrella. I love: – the auto close feature is great and works as advertised – the design is great and makes it so easy to get in the car during the rain (tried it in a storm and it was great – the quality is pretty good. Better than other inverted umbrellas that aren’t kazbrella but not as nice as my old totes stick umbrella. (I think the regular kazbrella is probably nicer as well) I wish: – I wish it was bigger. It’s definitely not 47″. My measure came to 41. – I wish it came in better colors. My end choice was between this and the kazbrella. I chose this one because it was supposed to be bigger and had an auto close feature. Not bigger but the auto close is a win. Especially when I’m carrying a ton of stuff (and I always am). I don’t recommend the clear though. It’s a little flimsy. Read more

    2. Korrina N.

      I like the opening mechanism more than I thought I would. I used it and traveled with it a few times and no tares or damage has happened yet. For me, it so far has been worth the cost. I also like how its larger than most clear, see-through umbrellas that I’ve seen online and in stores. You can easily fit two people under. Read more

    3. John M. Hammer

      I bought this umbrella because it was on sale, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have bought a “weird” umbrella otherwise. I’m generally pretty happy with this umbrella: It’s a good size, it keeps me dry, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart in the wind, and I’ve been using it for a while now and it still looks like new. Couple of issues, though: 1- If you fold it up the water it’s collected inside is going to go somewhere. Right onto the floor of your car or your home if you turn it “down”. The water not dripping all over you as you enter your car or the doorway of a building is a bonus but the water is still there and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon unless you tip it out. 2- The most fragile part of the umbrella when folded is the part furthest from the handle. On most full-size umbrellas there’s a spikey-end that’s pretty strong, it can be put on the floor with the umbrella leaning against a wall or even used as a walking stick. Not this umbrella! Don’t even think about putting the slightest weight on it or even standing it up in a corner. I always hang mine from the handle (which of course tips all the water out of it – that’s good to dry the thing out, bad if you just dumped a quart of water onto your host’s fancy wood floor). If I remain careful with it when storing the thing I expect it will last a very long time. I’d buy another one and probably will one of these days but I do like the ultra-compact umbrellas which will fit in my shoulder bag and the big ones that aren’t fragile; neither of which will dump water out all over my car’s floorboards. Read more

    4. Oliver Branch

      I purchased this in anticipation for my move to a coastal area. I was told the winds can be strong and it rains often in my area so I should invest in a strong, high-quality umbrella. After three and a half months of coastal living, I feel like I’ve developed a pretty good Pros and Cons list. Pro: – Matches every outfit – Can withstand 25mph winds and NOT flip inside out (unlike my roommates cheap Wal-Mart umbrella) – Easy to see the cyclists who almost run into you (Because it’s clear!) – Really pretty to watch the rainfall and not get it in your eyes – People look at you in amazement when it reverse opens – It makes a great self-defence weapon in a pinch Con: – Just a little too small, when I walk without any bags it’s perfect but when I have my bookbag it gets soaked – Can’t use it to hide your face when you trip and fall into a massive puddle (Again, because it’s clear) – Can withstand 25mph winds by catching the wind and pulling you backwards 10 feet down the sidewalk I love my umbrella! It’s definitely worth the money (and that’s coming from a broke college kid). I had to walk to work in a tropical storm with 25mph + winds and it held together perfectly! My only warning is that because it’s so strong, it’ll sometimes catch the wind and, if you’re short and small like I am, It’ll yank you backwards a few good feet, but it won’t flip inside out! Read more

    5. Natasha Fiting

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have had this umbrella with the zodiac design in my cart/saved for later for a long time, and it went on sale so I snatched it up and I am SO GLAD i did! I have another one very similar to this, different brand, different design, and different handle shape, but this one the quality is apparent from the first look! i wish it had a carrying case, but i will just use the one from my other umbrella. this one is also about 2 or 3 inches larger than the one i had as well – lovely surprise! i plan to get one of these for my sister for her birthday or Christmas this year! totally great for gifts OR for an upgrade to your standard umbrella. i will never use a regular umbrella EVER again after discovering these “inbrellas” lol I took a photo with the umbrella by my front door so you could see how huge it is! Read more

    6. W.J.Heflin

      I bought one of these, just a black one, for my brother-in-law, and he liked it. He said it was good getting in and out of the car. He never says much about anything. I consider it a score! Read more

    7. Jessica R. Jenkins

      Love the fun colors of the rain drops on this umbrella. I have had Totes brand for a long time, I have an older wood handle one and a small compact automatic one but I wanted to get the reverse one to keep from getting wet when getting in the car. It works just as advertised and I know with Totes the umbrella will last a long time. It is a push up to open and the button only releases the lever so you can close it down but that’s okay for me at least. It feels very sturdy and the handle is a comfortable grip and feel. My one complaint is they use paper stickers so that was a bit of a frustration getting those off the handle but otherwise it’s great!!! I’ll probably even use it when it snows here since it does eliminate the rush of water when you close a normal umbrella while getting in the car. Read more

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