Inverted folding umbrella journey umbrella windproof compact umbrella interior out umbrella reversible opposite umbrella automatic open and near windproof umbrella for girl & man uv sun & rain

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  • ensure this fits via coming into your model number.
  • top rate 210t polyester , water-proof coating and uv resistant cloth
  • improve inverted / opposite folding layout : most up-to-date upgraded automated inverted umbrella, it adopts internal-out layout, while near this reversible umbrella, the moist part can be internal of the umbrella, prevents water from dripping, preserving floors and cars dry.
  • notable windproof: stainless steel body is wind-resistant up to fifty five mph; our natural coloration windproof umbrella lets in the wind to bypass via the vents, stopping it from flipping over and breaking in robust gusts of wind. Resin reinforced ribs will no longer bend or turn out in robust gusts.
  • portable & compact umbrella with auto open / close characteristic : the journey umbrella with a 3 fold telescopic shaft is collapsible to a small size measures just 11″ lengthy for easy storage in briefcases, backpacks, luggage and more ! The compact umbrella with vehicle open / close characteristic allows for smooth one passed operation.
  • umbrella for sun & rain – the travel umbrella cover is made from a layer of uv resistant fabric. The uv protection umbrella is capable of block 95% uv ray and protects you nicely from the strong daylight. Keep you cool within the solar and safe within the rain. Water-proof coating makes the compact umbrella dry quickly.
  • top rate satisfactory & one hundred% hazard free purchase expericise: umbrella canopy is made with 210t polyester and lined. Chrome steel, extremely-narrow, 8-rib fortified body; fiberglass flex clip. 100% cash back is our promise if any difficulty happen to our umbrella.
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product description

prodigen product changed into crafted with the maximum care and attention to details and great. We made exceptional product to satisfy clients wishes in thoughts.

prodigen tour umbrella is fortified with 8 resin-reinforced fiber glass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning interior out and defends against the elements like no different umbrella.

  • 8 strengthened fiber glass ribs
  • excessive tech water-resistant coating
  • double canopy windproof
  • computerized open/close manage
  • strong, transportable & lightweight

    the journey umbrella with a three fold telescopic shaft is collapsible to a small size measures just eleven” lengthy and much less than 1 pound for easy storage in briefcases, backpacks, bags and extra !

    our natural coloration windproof umbrella have double canopy creation which permits the wind to bypass through the vents, preventing it from flipping over and breaking in sturdy gusts of wind. Resin reinforced ribs will now not bend or flip out in strong gusts.

    so, prodigen inverted windproof umbrella was born.

  • a person inform us they want a safe haven to defend them from rain and solar.
  • someone inform us they desire umbrellas can withstand powerful gusts.
  • someone tell us they desire the safe haven can be stronger for a long time.
  • functions

    word: if any problem approximately our mini umbrella, please do not worry. We are able to handle it for you in 24 hours.


  • product call: inverted windproof umbrella
  • folding umbrella length:eleven. Five inches
  • umbrella cannopy:48 inches
  • weight:1 lb
  • ribs variety: 8 ribs
  • ribs cloth: fiberglass
  • shaft material: stainless-steel alloy
  • color_name

    Double Canopy Upgrade-Blue, One Canopy Windproof-Glaze Flower, One Canopy Windproof-Night Snow

    8 reviews for Inverted folding umbrella journey umbrella windproof compact umbrella interior out umbrella reversible opposite umbrella automatic open and near windproof umbrella for girl & man uv sun & rain

    1. Just Jo

      Yesterday was the true test. It poured fat rain, the soaker type of rain. I opened the umbrella and it flipped up. So I struggled out of my car and fought with the umbrella by trying to fix it and making it flip downwards. And just seconds after that a slight wind gust got under the umbrella and flipped it back up again! BY this time I’m trying to get my daughter out of her car seat, in the rain, and had to stop so I can flip the umbrella back down. On the same day, an hour later I go back out in the rain and this time it was ok. BUT then the next and last fight with the umbrella happened when i was seated in the driver’s seat and now time to fold down the umbrella. OMG, it was super hard to pull it down and the lock wouldn’t catch. So I tried closing the umbrella twice, in the hard rain, and every try made all that water go all over me. Finally I just shoved the umbrella in the car and of course whatever water was collected in the umbrella as part of the ” inverted” design went all over me! I want to return this today but saw that I missed my return window! Another surprise from amazon! I don’t remember having such a short return window on purchases until now. I liked the idea of the inverted compact style umbrella but honestly after I wasted my money here and had the worst inverted umbrella experience, I am going back to the old inverted umbrella the one sold by QVC. Read more

    2. Asher Krell

      The umbrella is built very sturdy and has a really strong opening mechanism which is helpful in stormy weather. I also really like that it has air flaps to prevent the wind from turning the umbrella inside out. Finally, the small size makes it easy to transport or keep wherever you might need it. Read more

    3. Richard

      Never bought an umbrella with both auto open and close features, so I decided to give it a try. The product arrived on time with proper packing. The umbrella looks nice in good quality. I tried the auto open feature and close/collapse feature, both working well. The umbrella was constructed with split surface, and I guess that’s designed for windproof. The weather has been calm and shine here. Can’t wait to go out to try it in the rain. The only concern I have is with the strap and snap button to tie the umbrella together. Hope it’s strong enough for multiple usages. Time will tell. Read more

    4. Trickee

      As soon as I took it out of the packaging and pressed the button, it popped open immediately. Perfect for when you’re caught in a downpour at a moment’s notice. It springs closed with the same button and will keep the water away from dripping on you. We are planning a trip during rainy season and this will be in our luggage as it’s small enough to pack. Read more

    5. AJP

      This umbrella opens to full size, rather than the smaller canopy characteristic of other foldables. That said, with a total folded length of 13 inches, it’s certainly not something you can put in your pocket. When I first pushed the button to unfold, it expanded inside-out (!) with the outer portion pointing up, such that it would collect, not merely deflect rain. I was able to fold the canopy into the normal shape, then left it that way for about an hour. Now, after I fold & open it, there’s no problem. It’s got that “windproof” (actually wind-resistant” feature, such that the two concentric segments of the canopy will allow wind to go through (“up”) so it’s quite sturdy. My only gripe is the folded length, which is not in the description. Read more

    6. Claire McCormick

      This umbrella works well and smoothly. It can be a little challenging to push back to its compact position after you close it, but that got easier after some use. The fabric is different than most umbrellas I’ve had. Not bad, just different, and it makes the umbrella a little bulkier when collapsed. My main issue with this item is the durability. I haven’t used it tons, yet when I tried to close it the other day and wrap the strap around the umbrella, the strap came off in my hand, leaving a hole in the umbrella! I think the strap is a little short, and it’s a snap rather than velcro, so it’s all or nothing on closure. The stitching should have held up to a tug to close though. Read more

    7. Carol

      This is my first inverted folding umbrella. I used once after my purchase. It worked as expected and prevented water from dripping when I put it back in my car. The umbrella is in good quality and I likes the blue color. Now I am putting it in car just in case there is an unexpected rain. Read more

    8. Queen C

      I hated it so much I returned it. It is very difficult to close back down, and hard to wrap around to secure. Also, kind of heavy and not convenient for carrying. It is a stiff and inconvenient umbrella. I was very disappointed, not what I expected. Read more

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