Inverted umbrella windproof journey computerized compact folding reverse umbrellas with teflon and reflective stripe (46 inch)

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  • fiberglass frame
  • ☔inverted inside-out layout: this umbrella maintains the moist outdoor surface in, to shield flooring and car interiors unfastened from drenching water whenever it’s miles folded.
  • ☔improve protection: reflective stripe supply the umbrella 360-degree high visibility in all climate situations.
  • teflon coating: water-resistant, oil-repellent and soil release. You could placed this umbrella into bag just shaking of water earlier than remaining. Uvanti is fortified with 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs and chrome plated sturdy steel that bend barely in strong gusts without turning internal-out.
  • automatic, compact and lightweight: measuring just 12. 6 inch long and weighing less than 1lb that is small enough to toss in your backpack, briefcase, purse, messenger bag.
  • ☔our service: we stick to be aware of product first-class, if there’s any high-quality problems please experience unfastened to touch us.
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product description

uvanti – new technology umbrella

the status quo of uvanti inside the industry is a good sized revolution: 10 bolstered fiberglass ribs, teflon covered canopy, reflective stripe safety, impressively compact, rather lightweight, vehicle open/close by one-hand operation. The uvanti journey umbrella craftsmen goes to extremes to hold our customers stay dry and safe.

inverted layout

this folding umbrella takes a internal-out design. It’s special from normal umbrella which keeps the wet component inside of the umbrella and save you the water from flowing downwards, preserving vehicles, desks and floors dry when close it.

what is greater, you can open and close this inverted umbrella easily to your car and will no longer get moist. You need to near the regular umbrella befor you sit down and you could get moist. However with this umbrella, you may take a seat down first of all, then pull it into the car after you are secure inner.

teflon coating is an exquisite water resistant cloth to be able to repel water for future years. You could put this umbrella into bag simply shaking off water before remaining.

this windproof inverted umbrella is surrounded via reflective stripes, which offers 360-degree excessive visibility in all climate conditions. It is good for use through youngsters, elderly, and truely for all commuters in low visibility situations.

uvanti makes use of a completely unique flexible 10 ribs that bends barely in sturdy gusts without turning inside-out. It’s far stronger than normal eight or nine ribs umbrella and more compact than 12 ribs umbrella.

we balance the massive cover with compact tour length. The canopy provides sufficient safe haven for two humans, even as nonetheless collapsing into a length this is small sufficient to toss to your backpack or messenger bag.

  • take off the umbrella sleeve and loosen the umbrella belt.
  • press button to open routinely.
  • press the button to automatically close the umbrella.
  • push the umbrella to the lowest with both fingers and pay attention the click.
  • the anti-slip deal with is lined with special non-slip material and crafted to present you an awesome ergonomic grip.


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    8 reviews for Inverted umbrella windproof journey computerized compact folding reverse umbrellas with teflon and reflective stripe (46 inch)

    1. Jessica

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. My area got into the raining season. This umbrella totally save me in these days, very satisfied and recommended! Read more

    2. Max

      Fast delivery to replace my old one that broke last week. this one is much more sturdy for its big size and 10 ribs design. I love the auto open and close feature, it works smoothly and reliably. This compact umbrella is by far the best umbrella I have ever owned, perfect for my holiday next week. Read more

    3. BruceG

      Every now and then I run across a feature in something I’ve bought that just plain delights me….and solves a problem I didn’t know I had. This compact folding umbrella is like that. There a lots of such umbrellas out there that open with a push of the handle button. But how many also close with a push of the same button? To be sure, it doesn’t retract as well, but it closes the umbrella with a “snap” in such a fashion that rainwater is trapped INSIDE the folded umbrella. Very clever indeed! I’ve only had it for a few days but it has already rained a good bit here so I know that part of the umbrella works well. It’s too soon to know how sturdy and reliable it is but it seems to be well made – fiberglass ribs and a couple sets of internal springs to drive the opening/closing function. Read more

    4. James Wooden

      Compact yet not flimsy. Great travel umbrella or just to keep in your car. (Mine is in the pocket of the door.) Kinda awkward to operate at first, then you’ll wonder why the even still make umbrellas the other way. I have noticed a few times that the little caps at the end of the supports come off while closed and stored. (The little things that keep you from poking yourself all around the umbrella.) Not a huge deal, they are attached to the fabric so you just spin the umbrella around and pop them back on. I set aside a tube of super glue so that I can put a dab on them next time and hopefully they’ll stay put. Read more

    5. AJN

      This umbrella is a nightmare!!! When you open it, it’s bent up at the joints and you’ll have to manually straighten it out. God forbid if it’s raining hard. By the time you get it together, you will be soaked. Read more

    6. Nancy

      Pleasantly surprised with this umbrella. It is really sturdy and can be easily opend and closed with the press. The size is bigger than most compact umbrellas so it protects me better, and the inverted style seems useful which keeps everything dry. I am very happy with the design. Highly recommend to everyone. Read more

    7. Y.R.

      I love the inverted concept. I had a long one that broke at the handle so I wanted a more compact size. It works good once it’s open but the issue I have is that the edges don’t open correctly right away. I have to manually flip some of the edges down when I first open it so that’s annoying. The one handed opening with the push of a button is good but it does take a little muscle to close, it’s kinda hard to pull down especially if your other hand is holding stuff. Other than that I like it, the inverted opening is so convenient. Read more

    8. Julie

      The 2nd time I went to use the umbrella, the stitching holding the fabric to the spines broke ! Read more

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