Inverted umbrella,double layer opposite windproof teflon repellent umbrella for vehicle and out of doors use, upf 50+ massive stick umbrella with c-formed cope with and carrying bag

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  • alloy steel body
  • ✅robust body: anti-bone structure and alloy metal body makes it sturdy and lengthy-lasting.
  • ✅reasonable design: an inverted umbrella makes it viable to be able to open and close umbrella with out leaning out of the door or vehicle to get wet. While remaining the umbrella, the floor turns into the indoors and keeps raindrops within the umbrella, avoiding wetting things around. Double-layers makes ventilation wonderful and makes the umbrella sturdier.
  • ✅unfastened your hands: ergonomic c-shaped deal with makes it easy in order to use your cellphone, take your bag and and many others.. Positioned your wrist or forearm inside the c-formed deal with to free your fingers to do more matters whilst protecting an umbrella.
  • ✅safer to use: the umbrella has embedded buttons, with which you could open the umbrella freely and properly in crowded or slim locations to keep away from stabbing others or different potential protection dangers.
  • ✅robust product excellent: the umbrella has 8 steel ribs and double-layer fabric, which makes it carry out nicely in circumstance of sturdy wind and heavy rain. The product has a one-yr warranty period to remedy all your issues.
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product description

are you still concerned about getting wet on rainy days?

mastercanopy inverted umbrella solves hassle

in and out of the door:

  • open and near interior without leaning out
  • no longer get stuck by using the door
  • smooth to open and close
  • produce rainless space
  • fashion convenience originality

    anti-bone shape makes the umbrella sturdier and defend it from being destroyed by way of robust wind.

    whilst close the umbrella, the surface turns into interior. Rainwater on the floor might be completely gathered into the umbrella to avoid wetting the room or automobile.

    placed your wrist in the c-handle to unfastened your fingers to browse cellular smartphone, take some thing and and so on.. Handy to apply.


    rubber-painted cope with. Touches secure. Feels smooth much like silk.

    outer layer coated with water-repellent fabric makes raindrops slide off the floor and makes it no longer that easy to have water stains.

    outer layer for waterproofing. Internal layer with vents for air flow and now not being destroyed through wind. Double layers protect you an awful lot better from solar rays whilst used on sunny days.

    remarkable after-sale provider

    is provided by mastercanopy.


    Black, Bridge, Brown, Burgundy Feather, Colorful Leaves, Large Dark Red Dot, Maple Leaf, Pink Sunflower, Purple Feather, Purple Flowers, Red Rose, Red flower, Rose Red Flower, Shallow Chrysanthemum, Sleep Flower, Starry Sky, Yellow and White Fades


    C-Handle, New C-Handle

    8 reviews for Inverted umbrella,double layer opposite windproof teflon repellent umbrella for vehicle and out of doors use, upf 50+ massive stick umbrella with c-formed cope with and carrying bag

    1. Y D

      Urban Pedestrian Approved Design. Crazy Good Quality & Service! I’m a walker, a stroller, a freak show in this automotive dominated urban landscape, & I’ve gone through countless sturdy, pricey umbrellas in just the past two years. One good gust of wind & – whoops! – umbrella down, never to serve again. This design is perfect. My umbrella will never break blowing inside out. The inverted design is Zen genius. And, and, AND it’s got two layers, so I stay dry. I’m not made of sugar, so I won’t melt, but I really appreciate staying dry. This umbrella dries out fast, too. The handle design? Well, it’s super comfy & I’m crazy about it, really. With autumn in full swing, I’ve had plenty of downpours to test this thing, & it’s A+ all the way, just terrific. Now, me being the 99th monkey – you know, the one who won’t write Shakespeare – I couldn’t fit the umbrella back into the well made, well designed sleeve. That’s all me, not a blemish on the design or quality of this piece. Oh, & it’s PRETTY!!!! Pretty counts for a lot, especially on long walks to work in a full on storm. I am so happy with this umbrella. I’ve had inquiries from colleagues who want to buy one, too! This came faster than promised, well packaged, in pristine condition. If you need a reliable, pretty, everyday umbrella, please purchase from this seller. I am over the moon about the quality, design, & this seller, & I trust you’ll be just as delighted when you order yours. Read more

    2. Connie

      Autumn colors choice shows a white underside w/ a pictorial edging w/ some autumn coloring. Received it & it was gray w/ pictorial edging that was blurred w/ only blacks & whites of some oriental houses & not the house w/ stone walkway & steps as shown in picture & it was very dark & dreary & not pretty @ all. Had a little pink that I think was supposed to be a tree behind oriental houses but no fall colors or as pictured. Returning. As for structure, looked well made & would’ve liked it if as was pictured. The hook really does work to make holding it w/ hands full easier. Will order a different one than autumn colors next time. Read more

    3. MsCherryMoon

      At first I loved it. It looks sturdy, beautiful etc. However, I went to use it on a rainy, a little windy day…not only did the umbrella turn inside out, when it was put back the right way, it was broken with a spoke sticking out. Each time it is opened the spoke sticks through a new part of the umbrella, leaving holes. Disappointing because I was really excited about using it. Read more

    4. buysalot

      I love my umbrella! I picked the blue flower and it’s lovely. It’s exactly what I expected. Since it opens opposite of a normal umbrella, it’s easier to put down when you’re getting into the car and just as easy to put up when you’re getting out. It’s a little bit thicker I think the most umbrellas because it’s made with two layers of fabric. It’s also nice to know that when you stand the umbrella up after it’s wet it stays upright so all the water drains out. It’s really awesome. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      This my second inverted umbrella. I really like them . I used mine all the time. I was always getting compliments on how cute it was. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because one of the little hooks broke. But I’m not completely sure if that wasn’t do to operator error as I can be a little ruff on things. Even with the broken hook it still worked and kept me dry. The only reason I had to buy another one was because I lost mine or one of my sister took . Read more

    6. Mary R. Spears

      I love this umbrella. Getting in the car is so much easier with the inverted umbrella. I used to get soaked trying to close my old umbrella and now I can almost completely close my door and get the umbrella closed without getting soaked. What a great idea. Read more

    7. luvinmykindle

      I bought this umbrella month ago but used it for the first time yesterday and one of the metal end pieces snapped in half. When I further investigate the others they are bent and look like they might break also. This really upset me cause I love the look and ease of this umbrella. I wish I would have looked it over when I first received it. Read more

    8. jerzeygirl

      Love this umbrella and wish I wld have bought one sooner. I took off one start bcuz although it has t blown inside out yet, it has tried to in weather that wasnt crazy windy. I’m also used to a golf size umbrella and wish I wld have gotten a bigger one. Love the handle, makes it easy to hook on ur wrist or on my doorknob at the office. I stay dry getting in and out of my car. Bought one for each of my adult daughters and they love it as well. Read more

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