Kemanner light-weight folding hand truck transportable baggage cart with wheels & bungee twine for personal, shifting, travel and purchasing use – aid 80lbs ability (black)

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  • make sure this fits by getting into your model number.
  • ➧hand truck dolly — built with advanced metal and plastic, lightweight bags cart however can holds up to 80lbs cargos.
  • ➧telescopic & folding rod — the aluminum pull rod can alter the peak with the requirement, 2 extraordinary peak arbitrary switching (19. Five inches, 27 inches)
  • ➧larger base plate — can keep more big-length stuff and equipped with two bungee cords, will increase the transportation protection. 2-wheels enhance the flexibility and balance of heavy load.
  • ➧easy to garage — absolutely folded platform truck size is eleven” x 16. 1” (l x h), may be positioned into backpack, trunk of your vehicle.
  • ➧extensively use cart – can use as shopping cart to hold per week meals, bags and backpack cart in airport whilst journey or business, warehouse cargos shipping, shifting residence, household, domestic transport service, or grocery cart.
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7 reviews for Kemanner light-weight folding hand truck transportable baggage cart with wheels & bungee twine for personal, shifting, travel and purchasing use – aid 80lbs ability (black)

  1. Grammom

    I am so happy with this little hand truck! Best $32 I ever spent! It is perfectly and very nicely made for my intended uses (under 80 lbs). As I am older and had heart surgery April 2018, and get out of breath easily from any kind of heavy exertion, I ordered this to primarily transport my health club bag to the gym for light water pool walking exercises as towels for showering are heavy plus a wet bathing suit plus water shoes, toiletries etc, etc. Lugging all that from my apartment to the car into the YMCA pool facility parking, and back out has been a hugh problem for me as it leaves me exhausted and breathless just carrying my club bag. Also can now more easily move around in my apartment heavy grocery bags and large containers of laundry detergent and fabric softener which I can pick up but not carry long distances. Also I wanted a cat, then finally got the cat, but didn’t think about the 43 lb bag of kitty litter that had to be moved to the back of the apartment. Now also I will not have to inconvenience my family members and have to wait for them to get stuff done. This is Grammom’s little helper! Thrilled with this purchase! Relatively light, easy enough for me to maneuver and thank you again AMAZON for bringing it to my door! I found it easy rolls and turns on a dime, very maneuverable and light to pull and I also pushed it in front of me very comfortably just directing it using my fingers. I do have to get used to the bungee cords, I’m a little awkward using them but with some practice I’ll get better at that. I am very glad I got this cart/truck and I highly recommend it! Have found it enormously helpful. Read more

  2. Angelica Olaya

    I was very happy with it, I did not lose my stuff. To travel wth boxes was perfect to move around is lightweight . very nice. Totally recommended ! Read more

  3. Maya

    Absolutely necessary to have! I have been carrying shopping bags to my apartment for years, occasionally sweating and with things falling out, but hey, I am young and I can make it, right? Until I saw this guy who just moved it, parked next to me, pulled out this little cart and cheerfully walked away leaving me behind with with my groceries. This is when I decided there was no need to struggle and save my energy for better things. This cart is super light, carries all what I need (I may need to spend a little time to secure it properly if I have misshapen grocery bags). I could have gotten a little cart, but I wanted something that takes very little space when folded. The best purchase I made last year, I use it every week for groceries and to transport my cooler over the weekend in the summer. Suuuuuper happy with it!!! Read more

  4. gadget happy

    I have a Pelican 1600 case filled with 5 camera lenses, accessories and a Canon DSLR body. Each item is in its own neoprene zippered case so the weight begins to add up. I needed a portable lightweight hand truck to move this monster case. So, I decided to buy this Kemanner hand truck. It works for what I need it for but I learned something about the design of these folding hand trucks. You’re probably going to sacrifice some useable space on the foot plate in order for it to fold in on itself. On this model there are two large grooves where the handles fold into the foot plate. That means less flat contact area for the item being loaded on to the footplate. My Pelican case will wobble a bit because of this. I need to move slowly so the Pelican case and my expensive camera equipment don’t fall off. I now know to look for a folding hand truck with a completely flat foot plate and where the bungee cords are not integrated into the design like the KeManner. I’ll keep this hand truck because it’ll come in handy in my trunk thanks to the small lightweight design. I think I should have bought the MagnaCart instead. Back to the search. Read more

  5. J. P. Wellborn

    Don’t get me wrong. The bullet points on the product product page description are all very accurate. It’s lightweight, sturdy and easy to set up for your project. But the tighter you can wind your bungees, the better. Uneven surfaces could cause a load wider than the cart base to topple. Its low wheel base makes it easy to angle for transport but also makes stairs impossible unless you want to do the heavy lifting over each stair riser. I think it’s likely ideal for sample cases or small luggage items on typical airport flooring surfaces or across your single-level home. On any flat surface, this product shines! Easy to load and unload and the bungees are, as I said before, very handy for securing things. This product is just a little inadequate in some respects but no deal killer either. I’m still very happy with it. Read more

  6. Bobbi

    My wife and I volunteer for a dog rescue and travel regularly. We were spending $20-30/month renting the carts at the airport. I have used this hand truck about a dozen times including a 105lb crate yesterday. The bearings on the wheels got very hot but it made it! More than paid for itself already. Read more

  7. EsteeDarla

    I was amazed how much is packed into this compared to most dollies, It lightweight but very durable and sturdy. The bottom foldable thing to hold your boxes or what have you on is much bigger than others and things won’t fall off it. I pushed the weight limit without realizing I went over the weight limited about 30 pounds or so totaling 130 pounds. and didn’t phase it, it still wheeled smoothly and got up and down my stairs. The handle adjusts to your preference and locks into place so it is good for short and tall people. It folds up so compact making it easy to travel with like RV marina living or in small spaces. This is a must-have for any home. It easily and fastly unfolds and refolds up so simply doesn’t need instructions. I’m older and I cant easily bring things up or down the stairs and hand onto the rail at the same time so this makes my life so much easier to get much more in each trip than I could and helps me keep a balance at the same time. I highly recommend it. Read more

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