Kpl 18 inch leather-based briefcase laptop messenger bag satchel workplace laptop bag for guys (sixteen inch)

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  • make sure this fits by way of entering your version range.
  • full grain leather : our luggage are crafted from complete grain leather and covered with long lasting canvas and are hand made by means of skilled craftsmen
  • convenience and protection : with concealed locks below the straps our bags are easy and speedy to open and lock . Removable and adjustable shoulder strap gives an choice to convey as a shoulder bag or a briefcase . With a lockable inner chamber , no want to fear approximately spilling any contents .
  • storage : with size sixteen” width x 12″ height x five” depth ( suits laptop upto 15. 6 inches) , with one large pocket in front for files / folders and a small pocket in front for cell telephones and many others plus 2 zipper wallet which include one on the back , this bag fits almost the whole thing you need to carry to office, university , school or maybe an in a single day trip.
  • evergreen faculty bag design : now that is one design which could in no way exit of favor . In addition this leather-based as a feature ages wondefully with use which makes the baggage look antique and unique
  • perfect gift :with a mutlipurpose use and a chic distressed antique inspired appearance which never is going out of favor , this bag is a fantastic gift concept for fathers day , birthdays , valentines day , christmas, commencement, again to university or any occasion which requires a present . Makes a super gift for specialists, artists , college students and all forms of officers. The bag can be used as a leather messenger bag for males and females ,laptop bags briefcase , university bag, meeting bag, present concept.
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5 reviews for Kpl 18 inch leather-based briefcase laptop messenger bag satchel workplace laptop bag for guys (sixteen inch)

  1. Gregory Shearer

    This bag is great! I wanted to take a couple of weeks to use it before reviewing and it has been everything I wanted. What is really nice is the bag has “filled out” in its depth. So you can set the bag down and it remains standing vertically, like a briefcase. Too many bags like this just flop over when you set them down. I really like the fact that you can fully secure this bag by “zippering” it closed. I originally thought this was desirable because I was concerned my laptop might slip out of a more open model. The design of this one has the laptop pocket tucked under the top edge of the bag, so it covers and protects the laptop without actually needing to zip it closed. Very easy to use, plus you can still zip it up whenever you want to secure it a bit more. I have been carrying a laptop and 10″ tablet very comfortably with lots of room to spare. The interior canvas lining seems legitimate, in that it is not some sort of stick-on applied material. It is actual canvas stitched in with the leather. And the leather is substantial! “Thick” and “quality” come to mind. Mine was plenty raw but the smell fades quickly, like 6-7 days for me, but the color is still getting richer and darker. Overall this is a really quality item and I am happy to recommend it. I feel like I will have this item for a long time going forward. Read more

  2. JD Sanders

    Did a lot of research looking for a messenger bay for my Chromebook, and decided to go with this one. And I am not disappointed. A very well made, solid genuine leather bag. Has many compartments for all your bits and pieces. And the cream on the top is the quick release latches for the top flat. You don’t have to buckle and unbuckle it every time. And yes it does have a smell, but that’s just because it is leather. People need to get over this, it will fade in time. People just ain’t used to what a genuine product smells like, they are all used to the cheap synthetic crap on the market. It came very well package inside a plastic bag, and then inside a fabric bag (see photo). All the buckles, zip tags and dog clips were also wrap to protect the leather during shipping. And I must add, I ordered this bag on a Thursday and received it on Tuesday…to New Zealand. Had the same shipping time with a Chromebook I ordered off Amazon. Well done Amazon. And to the manufacturer thank you for producing a top notch pure leather bag. If you are looking for a bag check out Komal”s Passion Leather range of bags, you won’t be disappointed. Read more

  3. David Paterson

    This is an excellent laptop bag. The quality is much better than I expected. I’ve only had it a few days but it appears very well-made and the stitching is very nicely done. I have not oiled it so the color is just a tiny bit lighter than in the online image. I’ve extremely pleased with my purchase on this one! Read more

  4. James Polk

    I’m not sure why people complain about the leather smell of the bag when they first get it. I chalk it up to people being so used to fake crap that they don’t appreciate the smell of rich leather. This is a bag that can be used for years. It’s a man’s bag through and through – rugged, functional, and stylish with excellent craftsmanship. This is the type of bag your grandfather would have been proud to carry. If fact, I bet if Nick Offerman were to get one of these, he give it his stamp of approval as well. If you’re looking for a “man purse”, then you’re not ready for this bag – best to come back when your testicles drop and you’re ready to be an adult. I usually do not leave product reviews, unless the product is crap. However, with this bag, I have to make an exception as this is an outstanding deal. The craftsmanship of the product is phenomenal. The leather is rich and soft, the canvas interior is durable and stylish, and the stitching is exceptionally well done. There are so many compartments! This will make a great bag to keep things organized. I have a 17″ Dell laptop that I store in it, and though the laptop is just a hair too wide to go into either of the divided sleeves, it easily fits in the main compartment. No, there aren’t any pen/pencil holders, but those can easily be placed in the side pocket with the snap. This will make them easier to get to in a pinch anyway. The buckles aren’t as heavy duty as I would have thought, but they may surprise me, and if they do fail, I will just replace them. I do wish the shoulder strap were a bit thicker, as I can see it getting worn excessively when carrying a heavy load of laptop and textbooks. As far as comfort goes, the bag sits very well with the strap across my chest. The shoulder pad spreads the weight out, so even carrying a heavy load, I don’t get a sore neck. The bag sits upright well when not in use, as long as the load is balanced. Read more

  5. Tom

    This is the real deal. A quality product at a reasonable price. There is lots of organization within the satchel. I especially like the rear zippered compartment which allows you to place documents without having to open the satchel. The locking system for the front straps is a great addition to this product. Having to undo the straps, like a belt, each time you wanted to get into the main compartments of the interior would get old pretty fast. So really nice job on this. I have been very pleased with the communications I have had with Komal. There was a slight defect in the strap which was initially sent to me. Normally I would not have worried, except I am a teacher and I put a lot of stuff into my satchel. The last thing I needed was for the strap to break. I shared my concerns with Komal, and also suggested shortening the length of the strap. I’m 6’4″ and the satchel hung lower than I would have liked, even on the shortest setting. He said that the next time he went into production, he would make it a couple of inches shorter. And that’s exactly what he did. A few days ago I received the strap via priority mail. There were no defects and the length of the strap was shorter. Thank you Komal! I need to write more about this amazing product, but I need to upload pictures first. Once I have done that, I will tell you more about this great product. Stay tuned! Read more

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