Ladies’s clear bubble umbrella

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  • make sure this suits by using coming into your version number.
  • clean elegant bubble umbrella: water-resistant clean cover for max rain coverage and notice thru visibility.
  • windproof and rainproof: with 51” canopy, you’ll be protected from the wind and the rain so hair and clothes live dry
  • long lasting production: steel shaft with traditional handle design
  • fashion for special events: easy, awesome totes bubble layout umbrella is the best rain accent for a marriage, commencement, prom, or regular city strolling
  • clean and durable , care commands: leave open to dry, wipe clean with a humid fabric. Substances: synthetic
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from the manufacturer

armed with intuitive functions like clean-to-preserve handles and fuss-free tie straps, totes umbrellas outsmart the rain. Sturdy however light-weight, they’re engineered to last via a lifetime of stormy climate or we will update it for free.

  • clever layout features
  • modern-day shades and prints
  • durable and dependable
  • clean protection we could your fashion shine via

    on rainy days, negotiating busy streets even as staying blanketed beneath your umbrella normally means awkward bumps and run-ins. But totes’ clean-view cover umbrellas can help you see where you’re going so that you can navigate crowded sidewalks comfortably.

    whenever rainy weather comes, this well designed umbrella will do the trick. Deliver the totes clear umbrella with you on unique activities or a casual walk — its easy layout and clear canopy shall we your personal non-public fashion shine via.

  • increase your visibility with crystal clean canopies
  • experience natural light even on cloudy days
  • supplement any outfit with the impartial design
  • navigate busy commuter streets with the clear-view canopy, which permits you to look wherein you are going while staying dry.

    clean-view canopies come with contemporary prints and colourful styles that keep you blanketed even as you stroll.

    sturdy but lightweight, totes merchandise are engineered to final via a life-time of stormy weather.

    product description

    allow your fashion shine via even on rainy days with totes clean bubble umbrella. Experience complete safety from wind and rain with a dome-shaped 51-inch clean bubble cover – completely see-through insurance that protects your hair and make-up from the factors. Without problems navigate busy city streets with a clear dome-formed canopy that might not obstruct your vision or encounter people passing.


    Clear 2 Pack, Clear Bubble, Dots

    8 reviews for Ladies’s clear bubble umbrella

    1. Mirillie

      My outdoor wedding had a 90% chance of thunderstorms. We were unprepared and had to order 12 of these umbrellas the week of. They came in time and we didn’t even end up needing them because the weather turned our perfectly fine. With the help of lots of prayer it didn’t rain until the very end of the night. We took some pictures with the umbrellas because we had them. They held up nice and they are very sturdy. Great quality umbrellas. Definitely recommend. They look great in pictures too. Read more

    2. LISA

      First of all I get so many compliments, I am able to cover my face from the rain plus and able to clearly see where I am going, basically a 360 view of everything When In crowded areas it’s very convenient because I doesnt take up so much space like a traditional umbrella but It’s wide enough to cover myself and my backpack. Two people are able to fit awkwardly inside but I’m pretty sure this type of umbrella design is meant for you to go solo. Read more

    3. Hlndn5577

      Rusted after I used it the first time. I couldn’t use it by third time, as it was completely rusted together. I don’t know about you, but an umbrella that rusts seems completely pointless! 😡 Read more

    4. Tonya Snyder

      Was great for our jellyfish costume, and then disassembled to use for rainy weather! This umbrella is amazing! Read more

    5. Jordan

      Perfect and adorable! Read more

    6. Collector

      Happiness is: being able to watch the rain fall through my new bubble umbrella. Well made. Appears sturdy. Also seems to be some sort of rain repellent, as I took it walking with me every day rain was forecasted and there was no rain. Then one day, I loudly announced to the sky that I had misplaced my umbrella and voila! The rain came and I was able to enjoy the sound of the drops on the clear vinyl and the view of the sky as I walked. Lovely. Read more

    7. 3LittleFish

      I purchased this umbrella myself, and did not receive in exchange for my review. I’d been looking for an umbrella that came down over the body a bit and was clear so tilting it to see out wouldn’t defeat the whole purpose. On cue it rained hard the day after I received it. I have a young child to carry when out and about, this umbrella shields both of us adequately versus other umbrellas we’d both get a good deal wet. Legs are fine to get wet, but when your head and shoulders end up soaked while carrying an umbrella, it’s annoying. This umbrella solves that. It’s been used 10+ times so far, no issues with tearing etc. Folds easy enough. Included pictures of the enormous shipping box for fun, cracked me up! Read more

    8. HMDShoppers

      This is definitely not the plastic umbrella (with colorful design of your liking) that I grew up with as a kid! Being a Tote’s umbrella I was surprised at the poor quality – the plastic is no where near durable. It rained during the event I purchased it for and I opted to attend without the umbrella. They might as well dub this a disposable umbrella as I’m sure there is a small finite number that it will be of any use. Even the stitches looked like they would quickly tear away from the umbrella. If you only need it for one use, then go ahead and purchase – from a distance it looks cute enough. Read more

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