Large golf windproof umbrella 62 arc length for men & women manual starting, rustproof, lightning resistant, black, one

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  • make certain this suits by using entering your model wide variety.
  • constructed to deal with any weather: the all fiber-glass frame and short-dry pongee polyester cloth is long lasting sufficient to face up to heavy downpours, snowfalls and sleets. Outdoor golfing umbrella is rust, lightning and leak-resistant, making it the ideal companion for stormy days.
  • large coverage & smooth to operate: with a 62″ arc (fifty one” diameter), this huge wedding umbrella covers 2 or up to 3 human beings. Perfect for maintaining you and your loved ones dry whilst the grey clouds roll in. The all climate umbrella has a easy manual establishing, so say goodbye to pinched arms.
  • minimalist & sophisticated layout: any event, any day, anyone, any outfit, this fiberglass umbrella will compliment all of your cloth wardrobe choices. Can be utilized by men, ladies and teens. The lovely and stylish maple timber take care of provides that greater contact of sophistication.
  • sporting bag protected: notwithstanding its big length the rain umbrella folds compactly and suits properly in the wearing bag. The wearing bag features a shoulder strap which makes carrying of umbrella clean while you don’t want it. Large umbrella is 39 inches whilst closed.
  • accept as true with the umbrella specialists! When you consider that 1942, strombergbrand has been family-owned and operated, leading the umbrella enterprise in innovation, first-class and carrier. After seventy five years of dedication, we stand via our motto of being “the most effective umbrella logo you will ever want!”
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permit’s face it; the weather forecasts aren’t always correct. So it’s far sensible to preserve an umbrella with you simply in case. Climate the typhoon with strombergbrand the hole in a single golfing umbrella. With this golfing umbrella you’re protected from rain, snow, sleet or anything mom nature has to bathe. The greater-large length of the umbrella is appropriate to maintain and your loved ones dry. It’s miles the perfect accomplice for golfers, enterprise professionals, commuters or absolutely everyone who desires to protect from rain. If you are on the go out in rains, then this more huge umbrella is all you need. Constructed to remaining: all-fiberglass frame and brief-dry pongee polyester material guard this umbrella from rust and lightning. The strong construction and material make certain which you and the umbrella stay unaffected through nature. Light-weight: the remarkable fiberglass is durable yet light-weight so you can effortlessly bring it for a long term without having hand fatigues. Clean to operate: no greater pinched palms. This journey umbrella operates manually and really smoothly. Beautiful timber cope with (because everyday ones are too dull and not comfy): cope with is crafted from maple timber to elevate its look and feel. The lengthy handle additionally offers a convenient, comfortable and ergonomic sporting revel in for all hand sizes. Wearing bag: while now not in use, just save the timber handle golfing umbrella in the sporting bag furnished. The bag features a shoulder strap which allows for handy wearing and garage.


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8 reviews for Large golf windproof umbrella 62 arc length for men & women manual starting, rustproof, lightning resistant, black, one

  1. Racquel

    First of all, DO NOT put any weight on this thing. I slightly leaned on it (as I would any umbrella) and the tip bent. I bought these purely to decorate for a wedding second line. Literally, all we were doing was walking around with the umbrella open while dancing. It fell apart within a minute or 2. I thought that maybe the notch that holds it open had broken so I tried to just manually hold it open during the second line. The metal bars that connect the umbrella fabric to the shaft completely disengaged from the shaft and the entire thing collapsed beyond repair. I couldnt imagine using this in bad weather! It would disintegrate. Read more

  2. Owned by pets

    I purchased two of these -just in case- to photograph an outdoor wedding. Thankfully I did, it rained nearly the entire time! One broke within the first hour, although we were able to use it gently since there was no wind. They are not very well made, I don’t believe they could withstand even the lightest wind. Photograph wise they are a very pure white with black frame and they did work out very well for the pictures, they are light weight. My first wedding photo shoot, if doing again I would look for umbrellas with longer handles or design an extension to keep the hand holding the umbrella out of the picture more easily. Read more

  3. simplerliving

    The shaft has two places that are very rough. But, even worse, the entire shaft has tiny metal slivers that you cannot see — but your fingers can find! And they’re too small to see/remove with pluckers. I plan to remove them from the shaft with steelwool, and then repaint the shaft black. Really like the huge white umbrella, or I wouldn’t go to this trouble. It’ll be perfect for deflecting the sun for two of us at summertime lawn concerts. Hope my fingers heal quickly. Read more

  4. Wes and Tricia

    We bought three of these umbrellas for our daughters wedding, just in case. Sure enough, it rained. I would be glad that we had these umbrellas, but 2 of them were broken by the end of the wedding. It was a wedding, no rough housing, no hard use… a wedding! So, I guess what I am trying to say is that if these umbrellas couldn’t survive a wedding, they sure aren’t going to survive any real use! You can buy one, your money, your loss. I am just sorry that I missed the return deadline. Now I have a bunch of garbage umbrellas leaning in the corner. Thankfully it was a beautiful wedding in spite of these umbrellas! Read more

  5. K. C. Rogers

    This umbrella was everything we had hoped for and would have been perfect, had we not left it in the car at home, the day of the wedding. The bride and groom did get soaked, but we had a good laugh about the umbrella that would have been perfect for the day! When I tried to return it as we hadn’t even opened it; Amazon said just keep it and we will refund you anyway. 🙂 My older daughter who is a nun, whose habit is white was happy to receive it, so it will probably cost me a bit in shipping but it is going to a better place. THANK YOU Amazon! Read more

  6. early hours

    I cut the handle off this white umbrella to stick it into the ground to protect corn and squash seedlings that I transplanted to the garden too early. I was sure late April was ok…… Thankfully, cukes, beans and tomatoes I’m keeping under artificial lights inside a little longer. Frost expected this weekend at my elevation. This worked well to protect (in minimal wind). Will use later to offer shade as well. I like it. Read more

  7. Suz

    Very nice looking umbrella, gives great coverage from the Sun!. A necessity for those with skin problems that need protection from the Sun. Highly recommended! Has all the features mentioned Sturdy, Light weight, value for money. Comes with covering case to protect from dust & dirt when not in use!. Don’t know how they do it for the money! Read more

  8. ‘Becca Z.

    This umbrella is very light weight, not at all sturdy and arrived with a broken spoke. I didn’t realize the window has closed for me to return it. I never return thing to Amazon, and didn’t realize there is a 30 day return policy. I am very disappointed to be stuck with a cheaply made and broken umbrella. What a waste! Read more

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