Leather-based flapover briefcase

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  • leather
  • made in usa and imported
  • crafted of proper leather
  • front pocket employer for all of your business needs
  • padded, removable adjustment shoulder strap. Leather – a standard time period for conceal or pores and skin with its original fibrous shape more or much less intact, tanned or handled in order now not to decompose. Leather is also crafted from conceal or pores and skin that has been break up into layers or segments earlier than or after tanning
  • smartpocket slides over upright handles for easy mobility
  • pinnacle convey handle
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smartpocket slides over upright handles for easy mobility


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8 reviews for Leather-based flapover briefcase

  1. Bill

    I must say. I should have listened to all of the other reviews. Do not buy this bag if you travel or plan to set it down anywhere. Here are some pictures of what happens after a few days. Read more

  2. Brian

    The briefcase looks quite elegant, and many friends have told me how nice it looks. Unfortunately, the briefcase also wears out quickly, and in less than a year the leather has rubbed off the outside corner edges and the inner white lining shows through. At that point, the briefcase no longer looks professional. Here, attached, are photos of what the briefcase looked like nine months after the purchase. Samsonite has a “Three-Year Guarantee” on this product, and yesterday I decided to see how the guarantee would work. I called up Samsonite customer service, and they told me to bring the briefcase to their local representative (a Manhattan leather repair shop) for inspection. The repair ship agreed to accept the briefcase and have Samsonite send me a new one, but I had to pay a $27.19 handling fee. Finally, the briefcase does look very nice at the beginning — it looks like something you might see a lawyer bring into court. But the bottom edges wear out quickly. Read more

  3. Douglas E Maier

    This is my second one. I got this model as a gift when it first came out 4-5 years ago. I do air travel A LOT and I use this as a carry on that gets shoved under my seat. So, it didn’t get treated gently. I never had any part of it fail after all of the bumping and kicking. It’s roomy and has good compartments and slides snuggly over the handle for a rolling bag. My old one is still functional, just doesn’t look as good any longer. I was putting off getting another bag because the one I had was functionally perfect. I was thrilled to find out they were still making the exact same model. I was still a little doubtful when I received it, not sure if they’d changed anything. Nope. It’s exactly the same. Get one. Read more

  4. Andrew Plotnikov

    I enjoyed using this sleek briefcase while it lasted, but the buckle broke and the leather tore after 4 months of regular use. I do not remember overstuffing it, nor did I do anything that would justify the leather damages that I saw. When the buckle broke, I discovered that it was held in place by a flimsy spring and some metal pieces that tore off easily. I would suggest readers spend some more money on a higher quality product that is less susceptible to these damages. Read more

  5. mattydanz

    This was a fantastic deal and the bag is even better than I thought. It comfortably fits my laptop, a padfolio, my journal, chargers, plenty of room for business cards pens and other odds and ends. It was a little stiff at first but has since gotten more flexible. I could not find anything comparable in this price range. Absolutely love the bag and it looks very professional Read more

  6. Sujeet B.

    I had been wanting to buy a nice professional leather bag with a lock on it. After much deliberation, I bought this briefcase and I couldnt be happier. It delivers what it promises. The bag is genuine leather which I love, unlike faux leather bags which usually sell for the same price. Matter of fact I bought a faux leather bag 3 months ago with which I was extremely disappointed. The craftsmanship displays clear attention to quality. The handle and straps are excellent and the bag also has ability to be loaded onto a carry on suitcase in case you travel quite a bit. I found this feature quite useful. My wife did find the bag a bit on the heavier side for her to lift. Something to consider if you are petite of want a very light weight bag. ————– Update: I have started using this bag for the last couple of days and thought I would share my experience. The bag is not as roomy as it looks from outside. After a one portfolio folder, one file and one book, the bag is packed completely. In addition, if you need room to keep a scarf, gloves or other things, there is barely any room. I have to literally force the latch to close and fear that it may open while walking. In addition, the belt is not at all helpful to carry this bag. Read more

  7. Mitch G.

    I bought this to replace a Samsonite briefcase that I thought was the an earlier version of this one. This case turns out to be quite a bit bigger than my old one, and more substantial. It seems well put together and the buckles and strap are sturdy. Plenty of room and a padded section for a laptop toward the back. Note the dimensions especially the front-to-back depth– it’s not a “fit under your arm” briefcase but more squared off and doesn’t really collapse as you might suspect from the photo. If you’re looking for a professional piece at a bargain price that looks like it will last a long time, this is a good choice. There is a large bottomless surface on the back of the case that I believe is to slip an extendable suitcase handle into when you’re traveling but I’m not sure and its not explained on the accompanying info card. Read more

  8. Dafpunked

    The build quality is very good on this breifcase. There are several drawbacks – It’s heavy and bulky. If you add a laptop into it then it gets really heavy. I have a macbook air and feeling it. – The flap is hard to wield and it’s hard to get the clasps to engage with each other to lock the briefcase. The clasps scratches easily because of all the opening and closing – There’s not that much space inside. Can barely fit my macbook air and couple other small items. Read more

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