Leather checkpoint pleasant brief

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  • crafted of actual leather-based
  • zipper closure
  • crafted of true leather
  • front pocket organisation for all of your commercial enterprise needs
  • padded, removable adjustment shoulder strap
  • clever strap slides over upright handles for easy mobility
  • pinnacle carry handles. Frame dimensions: sixteen. 25″ x 12. 0″ x four. Seventy five”
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hold your pc laptop and all of your different commercial enterprise tour necessities properly prepared and guarded and at your fingertips inside the samsonite leather-based checkpoint friendly brief. This luxurious leather-based briefcase boasts a multi-compartment design that consists of a separate laptop computer compartment for clean passage through security checkpoints; a large zippered center compartment to your books, binders, documents, portfolios, and reports; and a front zippered organizer phase that incorporates pen holders, a zippered pocket for maintaining valuables secure and relaxed, credit card slots, and a slide pocket for your mobile phone. The samsonite leather-based checkpoint friendly quick has a padded, detachable and adjustable shoulder strap and pinnacle deliver handles for consolation and flexibility.


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6 reviews for Leather checkpoint pleasant brief

  1. J. Plett

    This is a great bag with a ton of organizational possibilities. The only drawback I have with this bag is the “piping” that goes around the bag is made from very cheap plastic and after two trips of under the seat in front of me storage it looks like it is a year old. I did keep the bag and only use it for air travel because I can easily carry all of the work kit I need for a week long business trip, and if I don’t lay it on it’s side it doesn’t show the damaged piping. Read more

  2. Jim Hood

    I’ve had any number of briefcases similar to this one but this is the best so far, for the following reasons: a.) It is nice and light; b.) It actually stands up by itself! c.) The handles don’t collapse, so you can pick it up with one hand. Maybe it won’t be too durable, as some others have said, but it’s certainly a pleasure now. I was briefly diverted from briefcases by messenger bags, which are currently the rage for some reason. I found them despicable. They don’t stand up, they slip off your shoulder and it takes both hands to open them. Horrible contraption, unless you perhaps are a 21st Century messenger, in which case wouldn’t you be digital instead of walking around with a feed sack around your neck? Read more

  3. VS1979

    I had to get a new work bag as my previous one suffered from the frequent abuses and abrasions in this world. The former bag was made of that synthetic leather material, where edges were becoming frayed and worn. This geniune leather bag has not only stood up to some of the rigors of my work, but it maintains its supple and clean appearance. Great storage space and options for the professional on the. Pens, mobile devices, documents, personal IDs/cards, and a generous laptop/table space make this bag a delight to carry around. You can feel the quality of the leather with the modest heft in lifting it up, but not some laboring weight to carry around (it’s more the laptop you feel inside that contributes to weight). Really, no complaints about this bag. The inner material stands up to the random corners and edges from pens, card stock documents, and other plastic and metal bits. The zippers are quality with no snags or derailings. Haven’t tried the shoulder strap yet (don’t wanto be accused of carrying a purse, after all), but I keep it on hand for later. Seams are sturdy with no signs of fraying or loose ends. For the price, you’d be an idiot not to get it. Read more

  4. Ryan E

    The bag appears to be built very well. Unfortunately, I returned it. I have a new 2016 MacBook Pro and it’s less than an inch thick. The laptop sleeve was built for a machine from the 1990’s when laptops weighed 10 pounds and were 3″ think. If you have a new machine that is slim you’ll need to put it in a sleeve or deal with it sloshing around a lot. This just didn’t meet my needs. The case was nice but its primary purpose is to protect my MacBook and I didn’t feel this would happen here. Read more

  5. l3bowsk1

    Love this briefcase. I had a three gusset expandable brief I got from Wilson’s Leather a few years ago, but the handle broke a while back, and since I didn’t have time to shop for a new bag, for several months I was using both a computer backpack, and a freebie messenger bag I got at a trade show. Tired of looking like a schlub, an having people asking me if I worked for [company name on the free bag], I decided I needed something a bit more professional looking. Looked at a lot of different bags, some twice as expensive as this, and this seemed to have the right blend of looks, storage options and versatility. Once I got it, I realized I wasn’t wrong – it is very slick-looking, but not so fancy that I can’t wear it in casual dress. Zippers all work very smoothly, and the hardware is finished in a tasteful brushed silver. As for storage – the front pocket fits knickknacks like earbuds, several pens, cards, etc, with a padded cellphone pocket that fits an iPhone or a large-ish Android (Samsung Galaxy S II) perfectly. A small zippered pocket inside the front pocket – if it were a little bigger to fit a passport, that would be awesome, but it’s not a huge deal, as it’s the perfect size for cleaning cloths for my cellphones and tablets. The middle pocket has two padded pockets side by side, each taking up about half the width. These are the perfect size for notebooks, or 7″ tablets like my Nexus 7. The remaining space is separated into two compartments by a stiff divider – I throw my iPad into one compartment, and things like a charger, headset, travel accessories, etc. into the other. Finally, the laptop compartment fits my 14.1″ Lenovo well, with a bit of extra room on the sides. Don’t expect to throw a charger or any bulky accessories in the lapotop compartment – while most other briefcases I’ve had have a bit of room for stuff like that in the laptop pocket, in this bag, those should go in the middle pocket. You can put notebooks in here, but more than a Moleskine or a slim training manual would be a tight fit with anything but a slim ultrabook or Macbook Air. Overall, this seems a very good deal as long as you don’t pack a lot of accessories – if you’re a hardcore road warrior, and tend to pack bigger accessories like a dock, travel projector, or extra charger with you, it will be a tight fit, and you’ll want a wheeled brief. But for the average business traveler, this is an excellent choice, and very well laid out. I’ll try to put some pictures up when I can. Read more

  6. Dant G.

    This is a great bag. I’ve wanted a nice elegant bag which I could use to carry my laptop and a couple of other things to work and I have not made a mistake by going with this bag. First of all, the outside design is very sleek, elegant and professional. The inside has a separate laptop compartment that easily fits my 15ish inch laptop (widescreen) including its protruding high capacity battery. The main compartment fits a couple of books and folders and has two slots which are perfect for medium-size notepads, one of which I use to store my mouse. Another compartment has a number of dedicated slots for pens, your phone and the like, in addition to same general use area. I don’t really use the smaller external pocket for anything, but I imagine it could be useful for quick access papers. The craftsmanship seems very good and the bag feels very sturdy and capable of carrying the weight I subject it to on a daily basis. Read more

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