Leather expandable business case

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  • crafted of actual leather-based
  • imported
  • zipper closure
  • intensity: 7. 25 inches
  • crafted of authentic leather-based
  • the front, pocket organization for all your business needs
  • padded, removable shoulder strap adjusts for comfort
  • leather-based is made from cover or skin that has been cut up into layers or segments earlier than or after tanning
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from the manufacturer

samsonite leather-based expandable business case

crafted of genuine leather-based, front pocket employer for all your enterprise needs, padded,removable shoulder strap adjusts for comfort, smart pocket slides over upright handles for clean mobility, suits a fifteen. 6″ computer pc.

product description

• crafted of genuine leather• the front, pocket enterprise for all of your enterprise desires• padded,removable shoulder strap adjusts for comfort• smartpocket slides over upright handles for smooth mobility• fits a 15. 6″ pc laptop.• three yr guarantee.• weight: 3. 5 lbs. Frame dimensions: 16. 75″ x 12. 25″ x 7. 25″





8 reviews for Leather expandable business case

  1. Michael Shapiro

    Case advertised as leather, but after two month of use corners started to peal of and guess what? It is not a leather. This is deceiving advertisement. Too bad I did not pay attention and just trusted seller. If I could give zero points , I would! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Very disappointed. Let me start by saying I am always very gentle with my laptop bags. However, the ribbing around edges of this bag degrades with contact with other surfaces. Quickly wears away to expose the gray material under the black skin of the ribbing at the corners of the bag. One of the shoulder strap fasteners that attach to the bag broke in half while I was carrying it over the shoulder, resulting in my laptop bag falling to the ground from my side while I was walking. Very poor quality. I am done with Samsonite products. Read more

  3. Ryan Allen!

    This is very roomy and many pockets and hidden zipper compartments. However, the real reason I bought this was because it said it was genuine leather (I love the smell of leather), but it doesn’t smell like real leather. It has a chemical smell to it. So this tells me they are misrepresenting this, and it’s really a PU leather. I will probably return it. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    bad quality,6 months use out! Read more

  5. LAE1985

    I was so disappointed when this bag fell apart after one year of use. I buy all my gifts on amazon, and read all reviews to make my decisions. This is the first thing I have purchased here that has not held up to my standards. I spent around $150 dollars for this bag, because it had a lot of space, it was very professional looking without appearing “dorky” or “bulky”. I loved it and was so excited to give it as a gift when I received it because the material was great, it had many different compartments and fit the lap top PERFECTLY. One of the reasons I chose this particular bag besides it looking sleek and professional while still having the capability of storing many things, was because it appeared it would withstand heavy use, and carry a lot of different things: computer, papers, files, etc etc. Well, about a year after I purchased it, the leather completely ripped from the metal hook ring to the actual brief case itself. There is no way to repair this unless I want to put the hook through the actual material, which defeats the purpose of looking professional. If I had thought to review this after I bought it and received it, I would have given it 5 stars, I’m glad I waited until now to give my input. Great for someone who will use less often, do not buy for someone who needs a nice, durable brief case. I know from experience it is very hard to find that perfect one, but my advice would be to spend the bucks in a higher end store and examine the hooks and rings that connect before you purchase. Look at how it is stitched or sewn onto the bag. Read more

  6. Hrnyhairy

    I really wanted to give this 5 stars. It has ample room, lots of pockets, nice little features like a handy zipper to hang it over your suitcase when flying…it’s a great bag. Except for the darn strap. It’s a twisted mess and the shoulder pad on the strap is useless. The strap will not stop twisting up no matter how many times I unsnap and resnap it and the shoulder pad on the strap does nothing to cushion the weight of the bag. And with a computer, 2 client files and a book in it is naturally going to be heavy. So; the bag itself is great. But the strap is a mess. If you don’t travel a lot and are just using this to get to your office and back, you’ll like it. But if you are like me and have to fly a lot for work, this is not the bag I would recommend. Read more

  7. JustJillin

    The original bag was purchased approximately 10 years ago. It’s been around the world quite a few times. My husband is a cargo pilot and this bag has served all of his needs. It’s been stuffed, used and abused. He made a make-shift bottom protector. Which actually saved the bottom. Yes after awhile the leather material has peeled off but, after all it’s been through and places it’s been I think it’s expected. Finally needing a replacement, my husband insisted on getting the same bag to replace it. So hopefully this next bag will stand up to the original. It’s already on it’s journey. First stop, Santiago Chile! ✈️ RECOMMENDED. Read more

  8. StaffXperts

    Professionals are carrying less computer these days and more electronics like Ipads Ipods, storage devices, wireless mouse etc.. I carry a Sony 14 inch convertible, it did not come with mouse or dvd and I have an external TB hard drive and many small drives. This bag does it all to fit my little small office when I need to be on the road. I stock this puppy like stocking the bar and I am all set. I had an HP bag that was a real road warrior but she finally broke down after almost 20 years. If I get half the mileage out of this one, I am a happy camper. I saw a lot of the negative comments on this bag and I can’t see much more you can ask from Samsonite. This is a great buy and I say if you are looking for a very nice middle of the road bag this is it. Now for those who question real leather or not, well they have some sites that sell leather bags anywhere from $400.00 to $2000.00, perhaps shopping on one of these sites will give you five stars, but this bag “um good”. Read more

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