Led umbrella lightsaber light up umbrella coloration changing golfing umbrella windproof children guys

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  • the light saber umbrella : the force awakens-laser sword-black led lighted umbrella, can help you cool cannot block, there are 7 shades : pink, green, blue, orange, sky blue, deep purple, purple. You may press the button to choose your favourite color, it’s so cool and entice the eye of passers-by way of. It looks as if a torch in night time.
  • led- safety umbrella:while you alone at wet night time,you preserve up a flashlight function umbrella ,you will now not fear approximately your protection. It makes you become the focal point of the public and lets the wet night extra stunning
  • the umbrella with stylish outside and contemporary particular design make the rain extra colorations.
  • outdoor tour umbrella:there may be a hang out bag to carrythe umbrella, you may deliver it to any location,it’s so convenient;
  • length: about 32″ / 82cm, opened diameter: 40″ / 105cm. Button on/ off manipulate. Operates by means of button battery, safe to apply beneath rain. Power: 3 aaa batteries (now not covered).
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product description

yier—–at the time

with the most complex mind, make one of the best merchandise,;

yhis is yier’s preliminary coronary heart and return home

this is a superb gift for you or your toddler!

lightsaber mild up umbrella may be very romantic, light up a rainy day,

not handiest experience cool and extraordinary, but additionally be safety at wet night time.

precise designed for backpack bag,

it’s far very convenient for outside and journeying.

examine the umbrella and watch the changing light

what did you believe you studied of?

what do you want to use for it?

baby’s umbrella

  • it is a warning umbrella. Whilst your toddler walks inside the nighttime, your infant is easy to locate.
  • it’s miles a travel umbrella, it is very handy to hold in your child
  • add a laugh

  • it is an interesting umbrella, its center lever has 7 colours, its color modifications, if you press the eighth gear, the light flashes routinely.
  • it’s miles a flashlight umbrella, there’s a flashlight at the bottom of the cope with
  • it is a baby’s toy umbrella, it may give your infant quite a few megastar wars creativeness.
  • take care of details cautiously
  • bring it, go out
  • simple / practical / elegant
  • please refer to the set up instructions: activate the umbrella take care of, the subsequent process is to insert the 3-aaa battery, then press the small button, the light will exchange coloration robotically.


  • colour: black
  • material: a hundred% polyester
  • weight: zero. 55kg
  • length: 32 inches
  • mode: guide/car
  • energy: 3-aaa battery (no longer protected)
  • color_name


    8 reviews for Led umbrella lightsaber light up umbrella coloration changing golfing umbrella windproof children guys

    1. Andre

      I love this umbrella. It’s the best one I’ve ever had. I’ve wanted one ever since I saw Blade Runner four times in 1982. I look forward to using it on rainy nights. When showers pummeled me when I opened the door to leave for an evening of theater, I grabbed my umbrella. On the train ride back, three transit officers entered my car and stood around. I was busy reading a book and did not pay too much attention to them, but found it curious that they did not go up and down the train, inspecting cars. When I transferred trains, officers entered my car and stood around. They were joined by other officers at the next station. They stood at the door and the rear exit. They seemed to be watching me, waiting for something to happen. It was then I realized my over the shoulder carrying case for my umbrella resembled a rifle and that security monitoring surveillance radioed police to report a passenger with a suspicious long black object in a case. Given that I am a person of color and the police and I boarded the train at Oakland’s Fruitvale Station–site of transit police shooting Oscar Grant in 2009–, I made the connection as to why the police were following me. They stood and watched me as we traveled across Oakland. They got off at the Berkeley Station after deeming me harmless. As much as I love this umbrella, I urge caution carrying it in public because it looks like a rifle. I would not give this umbrella to a person of color, because I do not want them to get shot. Perhaps when the umbrellas become more popular, police won’t get antsy about people of color using them. Perhaps not. Read more

    2. Renaeja

      Oh dear, how to even begin to explain how much this has helped my husband ensure my security on our nightly walks? Since having his lightsaber umbrella, not once have we been attacked by any Sith. He is beyond thrilled. Read more

    3. Beth O

      Bought one as a gift for my dad, but I played with it a little before I gave it to him. He almost didn’t get it! The lights are great and definitely a lot of fun. The flashlight (works independently from the core light) on the bottom is brilliant, and I don’t know why more company’s aren’t building that in! Mechanically, the umbrella works very well. There’s no button to open or close, but there’s no catch to pinch your finger on either–just push up and pull down. It opens very smoothly, and it doesn’t fling water everywhere when you close it. It also covers pretty well. This is my second purchase. Both are working great, and would absolutely recommend! Read more

    4. L. John

      The reviews I have seen don’t go to this particular YIER umbrella. But this review does… The packaging was great, comes with an umbrella sleeve, strobing multicolor lighting with strobing white lighting (lights always in strobe, color changing mode, NOT solid). Has 3 led light in handle for foot lighting. Pretty solid structure with nice handle. Doesn’t come with 3 AAA batteries. Read more

    5. FoundItOnAmazon

      My wife always takes my umbrella out of my car and puts it in hers. I wanted an umbrella that she would not go after. . . so I searched for one that would fit in my golf bag :). I saw ‘Lightsaber’ in the description and that was all I needed to see. What a cool product. . . for one it is functional, and secondly it is cool. The umbrella itself is well made, opens very easily (manual) and also comes with a pouch to hold it when not in use. While the idea is neat and well executed, the reality is that unless you are using it at night time, you really won’t be able to see the LED lights. However that doesn’t mean it is not a nice umbrella to use for daytime use. . . just don’t have the wow factor that you get at night time. As advertised it is multi color, but you have ti cycle threw each color until you get to the one you want. . . not a huge deal, just know you will draw attention to everyone in a public setting. The handle of the umbrella features two switches, (1) a BOTTOM switch which controls an LED light that points downwards but requires. (2) a SIDE switch cycles through (7) light modes that illuminate the acrylic ‘shaft’ or clear part of the umbrella. It does not come with batteries so you will need to supply those yourself (AAA). Overall, it’s a well built umbrella and you can use it to draw attention to yourself. . . or simply don’t turn on the lights and you have a more conservative look. Happy with the purchase. Read more

    6. soccer mom

      My son was very sad when we told him he had to retire his little umbrella because he had outgrew it and it barely covered more than his head! I overcompensated a little and got him this umbrella to use instead. Once he saw this, he forgot about his little umbrella and was super excited to use it whenever it rains! It is a very sturdy and decent sized umbrella. It can keep an adult dry for sure. The part that my son loves the best about this is that the umbrella lights up and you can change the different colors on it. It also has a flashlight on the bottom of the stick, so when you are walking, you can see where you are going. Where we live, there are areas where it gets pretty dark, so this is actually useful for us. He always gets compliments when he has the light turned on while using this umbrella. Read more

    7. Valag

      As far as umbrellas go, this thing is pretty cool. I bought it for my girlfriend and she prays for rain every evening just so she can go outside and play with the umbrella. It’s about as sturdy as any other umbrella I have ever owned, perhaps even more-so since it doesn’t have a traditional thin metal shaft that will bend and snap if you look at it wrong. I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing another just so I can experiment with adapting the handle to accommodate a lightsaber prop. You know, for myself. Read more

    8. celee

      It works well for rain protection, and the color options are great. It would be nice if you could pick one color to use every time you turn it on. Instead you have to cycle through the options to get the color you want. It takes away some of the coolness factor. The Holser is just ok, and there is no clasp to keep the umbrella inside. Definitely good for your inner geek. Might even help you avoid getting hit by a car,… yeah that’s the excuse I’m going with for buying one. Read more

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