Lincoln tough sided rolling catalog case, black

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  • vinyl lining
  • rolling catalog case: this classic, tough sided rolling catalog case functions a huge capability fundamental compartment with vinyl lining and a lid organizer phase it can preserve your pc, tablet, files, and extra
  • paintings and tour: this professional wheeled catalog case has a telescoping cope with gadget and functions dual aggregate locks that can be individually set to keep your pc and other valuables secure
  • solo has your again: we assure every bag to be loose from defects in materials and craftsmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase, and each pill case for 1 yr from the date of purchase
  • keep shifting in style: our sustainably designed suitcases, carry on bags, rolling cases, backpacks, briefcases, messenger baggage, hybrid bags, and greater carry the dynamic spirit of latest york in your shuttle
  • solo the big apple: founded in 1940, our 1/3 generation own family business is proud to represent the metropolis that is our domestic we combine a commitment to craftsmanship with a flair for city, fashion savvy innovation

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from the producer

the solo rolling catalog case’s large open body is good for transporting books, folders and critical papers even as traveling near or a long way.

you want to recognise your valuables are safe, and the dual mixture locks will offer you that kingdom of thoughts. Create your very own combo to make certain undesirable events can not access the case.

make navigating airports and train stations less difficult with the hidden telescoping manage system. The telescoping take care of retracts again into a zippered compartment whilst now not in use.

the vinyl body of the rolling catalog case offers the needed protection from the factors and the durable carrying deal with is not best at ease but a excellent addition while rolling isn’t viable.

product description

evolved for the hardworking, multitasking commercial enterprise professional, the solo big apple lincoln rolling catalog case is a durable journey bag flawlessly designed to handle frequent use. Crafted from brilliant substances with a sturdy tough-sided frame, this professional travel briefcase is best for the multitasking govt on the go. It’s been designed with a massive-capability principal compartment and offers plenty of corporation garage area on your laptop, pill, charging materials, office work, and other office critical gadgets. The body of this black vinyl computer bag measures 14″ x 18″ x eight. 5″, and it weighs 6. 5 lbs. The lincoln rolling catalog case is simple to take with you to paintings or on the street as you tour. This pc bag is built with a telescoping manage gadget that makes it smooth to grab and go, and durable, easy-to-roll wheels that is perfect for the ones heavy masses. We’ve designed our rolling briefcase for convenience, safety, and safety. The lincoln rolling catalog case consists of dual aggregate locks that can be reset by the consumer. It is simple to use and has lots of room to your office work resources. Our travel bags and pc luggage are designed to provide flexibility for people who are continuously at the pass. In reality, considering 2008, we have designed all our rolling briefcase with a unique fashion stimulated by means of the bustling streets of new york town. The new york lincoln rolling catalog case is sponsored by means of a 5-yr guarantee.

8 reviews for Lincoln tough sided rolling catalog case, black

  1. CRaymond

    I just received this product amd I am pleased. It was well packaged and by my estimation, the case was new. It had tags attached and protective wrapping inside and out. The wheels roll smooth. The extended handle opens and collapses with little effort. Also, the handle stays erect and does not collapse on itself. The interior is roomy with rnough room for a 13” Macbook, a thick 11” binder, two textbooks, as well as a bottle of water. Plus room for more. As a professor, this is a great mobile office. Read more

  2. track junkie mom

    Better than expected. I spent quite a bit of time looking at different items and reading all reviews. This exceeded my expectations. I use this for my work and I have really put it to the test. I am a school nurse and needed a mobile office that could easily hold all of my files and withstand the daily process of travel between schools. Even with it being filled to capacity (including laptop), it rolls easily and I can easily lift it in and out of the car. The shape is ergonomic and makes it so the case is stable in the car. I wish I had ordered it years ago.. My back could not be happier! My co workers admire not only the practicality of the case, but also it’s appearance. They honestly did not believe me when I told them the bargain price of this case. Read more

  3. Mike in Miami, FL

    Just received this and it is a lot more durable and classy looking than other reviews have indicated; Possibly because they’re older and the finish, wheels and handle seem improved over previous photos and descriptions. The outer finish now looks and feels like matted leather, not plastic and the bottom is reinforced to allow full use (mine can hold heavy binders and materials without sagging). The wheels are rubber, wide bearing/skate type, not plastic like before, they keep the case over 1″ above the ground and roll really well over carpet, asphalt or tile. The handle is fairly tall at about 40″ from the floor, but it is true that only a firm push can collapse it (but a firm pull to ‘set’ it allows gentle pushing to maneuver and these cases are designed to be pulled anyway). Overall, for well below a $100 this is a great rolling case. (If there are any performance or durability issues over time I will update this review.) Read more

  4. M1K3 FR0M D3TR01T

    I opted for the “Lincoln” model with no exterior laptop pocket. It makes a great professional/trade looking case. The other versions look a little more like luggage or salesman cases with the laptop pocket. The interior has dividers, but they’re soft—so if you don’t want to use them you can just cram items in and they’ll smoosh up against the sides out of the way. I packed this case with plastic containers holding locksmith equipment and these measurements are about the maximum. Even with stuff crammed in there (see photo) I was still able to slide some papers into the smooshed dividers. The interior dimensions are 16 3/8” long x 7 3/4″ wide x 13 3/4” tall. There is no retainer band for piggybacking other luggage—you could just add your own. You can just leave both combinations set to 000 / 000 and just use it like a regular case and not deal with locking or unlocking the combination. It opens and closes by sliding a button on either side. Works fine without setting the combination. It’s pretty light when empty, but very rigid and sturdy with stiff sides. It stands firmly upright when on the ground. It has two wheels on the handle side so you must tilt it to get it rolling. When fully extended the handle is 38” from the ground. One of the flaps has two loops for pens/pencils. It also has a 3.5” x 3.5” three-sided pouch and a 4” x 4” three-sided pouch. You can slide things in there like paper notes or credit card I guess. After a couple days the flaps stay open nicely all by themselves, instead of slowly closing inward and getting in the way. By the way: I got an Amazon Warehouse “used” version for $20 less. It showed up pretty much 100% mint condition. If this is what you want it’ll do great as long as the measurements are what you need (there are different versions of this in different sizes) just order the one that matches what you need. COMBINATION LOCK INSTRUCTIONS: The combination lock is set to “000” by default on each side. To choose your combination numbers: 1. Slide button to open the lock. 2. Remove red plastic string tab. 3. While lock is open, slide button toward the dials and HOLD it there. 4. Set the dial numbers to your desired numbers. 5. Release the button. 6. Repeat on other side. Read more

  5. C.K.-14

    This is fine and serves it’s purpose. This is one of the few you can get that have a large open area for files that doesn’t have a laptop sleeve which just takes up room. If you want a case to just haul files, this works. The only downfall is the wheels are a bit noisy. Would be a better case if the rolling wheels didn’t make so much noise. Read more

  6. Kathryn M.

    Bad first: the telescoping handle does not have a release button to compress the handle you just push it down, so when I put pressure on it to turn the case the handle goes down, real annoying. Second thing is the handle, once compressed it still higher than the case so the flap on the handle side won’t open more than straight up, so putting things in it means you have to hold the flap. If you have a stack of files in your hand, you are forced to hold the flap up with one hand and put things in the case a section at a time. May not seem important but if you have your hands full it is. The good: it’s well made and the rollers are a lot sturdier than the cheap $34.00 +|- rolling totes. Read more

  7. RH

    Bought this and it was great at first. But the pleather or whatever it is cracked at the fold within a year. Ultimately came off in strips. Read more

  8. hiresvdo

    This is nothing but thin pieces of plastics single-stitch and very coarsely sewn together. There is no structural integrity but for the pieces of flat plastics themselves. The dividers inside are floppy thin materials. Everything about this case is minimal cheap. The telescoping handle is so cheap it lacks any activation button which means that this can only be dragged and can not be pushed forward. A real nightmare scenario in the aisle of the plane where sometime you have to maneuver by pushing your luggage forward where by the telescoping handle would just collapse with any force. Read more

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