Massive journey baggage duffel bag, black

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  • make sure this fits by way of getting into your model wide variety.
  • large square-formed duffel bag with roomy indoors (over 6,000+ cubic inches); perfect for tour or garage
  • product of 100-percent nylon; lightweight, but long lasting; 50-pound weight capability.
  • zippered indoors pocket and outside pocket for brief get admission to to smaller items like keys or tickets
  • durable zipper closure; pinnacle loop handles for easily lifting and wearing; collapsible for easy storing
  • measures 32. 5 by way of 17 through eleven. 5 inches (lxwxh); hand wash simplest
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lightweight, yet durable

the nylon duffel bag weighs simplest about a pound, yet it offers amazing electricity and may delivery huge masses with its 50-pound weight capacity.

clean to lift and get entry to

the bag affords top loop handles and a durable zipper that unzips up one give up, throughout the middle period-sensible, and down the alternative quit for full get entry to.

spacious and folds flat

the square-formed duffel bag’s 6,000-cubic-inch indoors gives the capacity of a trunk, however with out the difficult sides or unnecessary weight.

indoors and outside wallet

the duffel bag’s zippered interior pocket competently shops smaller items, while its outside pocket continues often needed objects without problems available.

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6 reviews for Massive journey baggage duffel bag, black

  1. ana_elite

    I am giving it 3 stars because it is a large sized bag and appears to be very well made. However, the dimensions are not accurate. The description says “Measures 32.5 by 17 by 11.5 inches (LxWxH)”. However, the real dimension I measured was 32.5 by 17 by 17 inches (LxWxH). Most airlines checked baggages limit the sum of L, W and H dimensions to 62 inches. The specified dimensions meet this requirement, but the actual dimensions don’t. I realized it too close to my international trip and actually carried an empty baggage to the airport as backup in case the airline demanded fees for a large sized bag. Luckily, the bag was not completely full and I did not get charged a fee. Read more

  2. Global Traveler

    UPDATE June 2020: I had a mandatory medical trip I took and took along one of my duffels. I found out you CAN lock these duffels. I purchased a set of “TSA approved Sure Locks” that are the perfect size to fit in the zipper pull holes. You can find them on Amazon below: UPDATE: I finally went on my trip. I bought a total of four of these duffel bags, but ended up taking three, plus two smaller bags. So far, they traveled in a truck, 2 Ubers, 1 hotel shuttle, 2 airplanes, and thru baggage claim…and a yellow cab and they all made it to Mexico City all intact. No rips, nada. I’m impressed. I’ve added more photos to show the bags in their original state packed. They all weighed about 40lbs at the airport. They were pretty much packed and I’m sure exceeded the checked baggage limit size based on my measurements, but I didn’t have to pay any oversize fees at the Delta service desk. They didn’t even look at them twice. Highly recommend these if for no other reason than a good bag to use for storage. Please note: I stored the shoulder straps of each bag in one of the outside zippered pockets. That’s when I discovered that the fabric (seat belt material) that is made out of the handles actually extends all the way to the bottom of the bag and is double stiched and taped and sewn with a separate piece of nylon, so those handles are hefty. The whole time I thought they were just sewn to the side of the upper bag because that’s all you can see from all the images. But, when you unzip those exterior pockets you’ll see the extra craftsmanship. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Wow! Very roomy bags. Upon opening the small boxes they came in, I had my doubts and they initially appeared to be just regular size duffel bags. But, after I shook one open it expanded to a mega size. I purchased two of these to use as checked bags to transport a LOT of stuff I will need for a 9 month trip. Mainly a lot of cosmetic bottles, cleaning supplies, a heater, fan, slow cooker and a lot of other stuff. I find that no matter where you go having your own cooker, personal fan and heater is necessary, because rooms are either too cold or hot. These bags aren’t very cheaply made in my opinion (even though they are made in China). I thought the nylon was stronger than expected and the zippers are too. All the hardware is metal, not plastic. Can’t wait to use these in 3 months. I would recommend using bread bag ties to tie the two main zippers together, which is what I do with other pieces of luggage to prevent them separating in transit. Locking any soft sided luggage, in my opinion is a waste. If someone wanted inside, they just penetrate the zippers or cut the fabric. But, bread ties work great to lessen the chances of an accidental opening. I update many of my reviews and I will come back and give my 2cents on how they worked out in the wild. But, there’s no reason to give these bags nothing less than 5 stars. Note: I purchased the red color, and it’s not fire engine red, but more burgany/maroon in color. Which is a good thing. I added a photo to show how large these bags are. I stacked both of mine on top of a Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 120L size. Look how much bigger the Amazon bags are. Those 120L black hole duffel bags are huge. People use them to go to Mt Everest base camp. Hope this photo helps in comparing the size. Before I forget, the only thing I can see Amazon doing to make this bag even more awesome, is adding a shoulder pad to the strap. I already have several extra pads from other bags that I plan to slide on these existing straps. I will only be using the straps to move from a taxi to just inside the airport terminal to the checked baggage desk. So not a biggie. Read more

  3. Cale

    I love Amazon Basics. Super cheap for a great quality product, and this duffel bag is no different. I ordered this bag for the gym. I am a member of the military and often go to or leave from the gym in civilian clothes, having to carry my uniform. My old faithful Nike duffel bag was starting to get cramped if I need to carry anything else besides the uniform. I found this online after a quick search, and chose the large size. My Nike duffel is a medium and I need more room. I received the bag today and if anything, it’s too big for my needs! I have no issues with some extra room, but the bag is huge! I’ve attached a picture with a sharpie for scale (didn’t have a banana, or anything else appropriate). Both sides of the bag have 3 large zippered pockets, and there is a slightly smaller pocket that hangs inside the bag. The hand-carry straps are very long, likely bug enough to use as backpack-like straps if needed, though I didn’t try yet. The shoulder strap is also highly adjustable. It seems that it will shorten down to the length of the bag, and extend to 2x the length of more. It’s made of very sturdy nylon, and the colors are true to the images on Amazon. The color in my picture is slightly off. Read more

  4. Evette

    This bag is huge. I’m certain I could get inside it and be zipped up. My kids each have one they use for martial arts gear and they’ve held up great for months now. Update: These bags are over a year old now and have held up to extreme abuse. My kids cram so much stuff in them, carry them by a single handle and toss them around. There are so many little side zippers to organize and keep up with everything. I am very pleased! Did you find this review helpful? Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    We needed a duffel large enough to pack a couple bag chairs, but not so large we’d get socked with the $200 oversize checked bag fee. Other duffels either were too short for our chairs, or the total dimensions were too big to avoid the fee. Of the dozens of bags I looked at, the dimensions of only this bag looked perfect. Upon arrival it seemed to be very well constructed. The chairs fit perfectly and bag’s the total dimensions were under the airline’s cap. We haven’t actually flown with it yet so I don’t know how it will hold up under actual travel conditions. But it lacks holes in the zipper for TSA-approved locks. This is a curious oversight, and one for which there is no easy explanation, since it would be so easy to provide the usual holes. This is the only reason that at this point I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars. If travel reveals other problems, however, that rating could slip. Read more

  6. Tony Cast

    **Update** This bag is awesome!! I carried 45 lbs worth of backpacking gear in it to Texas from Cali and it held strong! I was afraid of the zippers opening up during its trip to the baggage carousel but they didn’t even under some stress. Highly recommend this bag, great quality for the price, lots of space, quality stitching too This bag is really big, i was able to fit a 70 L REI Traverse, a 40 L pack, a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad…pretty much all my backpacking gear for 2 people, I am a little worried about the zipper though, wish it was a double. We’ll see how it holds up to the airport handlers, I’ll update later. Read more

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