Maxlite 5-softside expandable spinner wheel bags, dusty rose, convey-on 21-inch

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  • make sure this fits by way of coming into your version variety.
  • a 1/2 pound lighter than maxlite 4, this ultra light-weight 21 inch spinner meets carry on length regulations for most home airways
  • 4 wheel spinners rotate 360 degree for a clean roll. Light-weight, sturdy powerscope cope with stops at 38 inch and 42. 5 inch features a patented contour grip with rubberized contact points for smooth maneuvering. Specific backside tray layout increases sturdiness
  • expands up to 2 inch to maximise packing potential. Features low profile top, aspect and bottom bring handles, two outdoors compartments, full length indoors lid pocket, facet accessory pocket and adjustable hold down straps for packing convenience
  • restricted lifetime insurance plus depended on companion promise, which covers the price of restore for damage from airline or other not unusual provider for 1 12 months
  • interior dimension: 21 inches x 14 inches x nine inches outside dimension: 23 inches x 14. Five inches x 9 inches
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this deliver-on smooth-sided spinner is so light, it flies; one in every of our lightest wheeled convey-on suitcases, the maxlite 5 21″ expandable spinner is designed for closing consolation and mobility, presenting a 2-function adjustable powerscope lite take care of with patented contour grip and 4-wheel 360 degree rotating spinners that flow resultseasily. Revel in packing comfort with short-get right of entry to, exterior front pockets, full-period indoors lid pocket, aspect accent pocket and adjustable preserve-down straps, even as the high-tensile-power expandable zipper offers you maximum packing flexibility. Sponsored with the aid of a brand new and extended depended on traveler promise-for worry-free assurance insurance from travelpro. H20 shield protects the indoors lining from moisture. Ergonomic zipper pulls are hard but smooth at the fingers.


2-Piece Set (21/25), 2-Piece Set (21/29), 3-Piece Set (21/25/29), Carry-On 19-Inch, Carry-On 21-Inch, Checked-Medium 25-Inch, Checked-Large 29-Inch


Azure Blue, Black, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Imperial Purple, Mocha, Sapphire Blue, Slate Green, Burgundy Red

3 reviews for Maxlite 5-softside expandable spinner wheel bags, dusty rose, convey-on 21-inch

  1. Jeff Kimble

    TL;DR version — TravelPro makes bags meant to work and live out of. This is no different and fixes three complaints I had about my old Maxlite (2 or 3?): – The front now has a slant so it doesn’t become top-heavy and fall over when fully packed or with your personal bag – The side carry handle is amazing and 10x more comfortable for getting up and down the airplane – The soft, rubbery handle peels on the old model and has now been replaced with plain old hard plastic DO NOTE! There are 2 versions of this bag 21″ (international) and 22″. They are noticeably different in capacity. If you have a 22″ and fill it to the brim, you won’t want this version. Overall, fantastic bag with an incredible warranty. You’ll tire of it before you wear it out. More Context — As a consultant, I live out of carry-ons (as much as it pains me to type that). When I started traveling heavily about 5-6 years ago, I started paying attention to the frequent travelers and crew members’ brands of choice. It was no contest – TravelPro dominated. I picked up the MaxLite 2 or 3 which has taken every bit of abuse I could throw at it over the years with very few complaints beyond what I listed above. First, I really wanted to point out the size difference. I came from the 1″ bigger version and between that and this bag’s new “slant”, you lose a day’s worth of clothes. I can find ways to recover that space because — for me — the smaller size of this suitcase fits into the regional / commuter jets I must often take to get back home to Cleveland. However, if you’re the type to pack carry-ons full and never take regional jets, you might consider the slightly bigger version. As light as the old bag is, this one’s even lighter. Impossibly light, actually, and it was the first thing I noticed about it. Between that and the ‘packing diet’ I had to put myself on, it was actually quite pleasant and easy to hoist into the overhead. Beyond that, I cannot speak highly enough of the perpendicular handle. This is one of those silly things that has you immediately wondering “why has no one thought of this before” because your wrist will thank you every time you get on and off a plane. Beyond that, I have always had a spinner bag and would never go back. It’s nice to push the bag through terminals and take the strain off of your arms during longer walks between terminals. These wheels seems easier to get to as well for if/when they get a bit gummed up and need to be cleaned and oiled. In all, it’s a no-frills, professional, ready-for-anything carry-on you’ll be happy to own. I really appreciate the new pattern on the interior of the bag as well. In a world of boring greys and blacks, it’s nice to see a splash of color when you open it 🙂 In sum, TravelPro knows what they’re doing when it comes to luggage. This is a rugged, well-built, thoughtfully-executed carry-on you’ll be happy to have and own. I’m 100% confident it’s ready to work for years to come and, if you do manage to break it, Travelpro backs it with a lifetime guarantee. There’s no point in buying some of the ones that cost 2-3x more than these, I literally can’t think of anything they could do better. I have been, and will continue to be, a TravelPro fan for life. I have uploaded two pictures of it next to the bag its replacing to get a feel for how it compares. It’s also worth noticing how good of shape the old one is in after about 5 years of use and a ridiculous amount of travel (easily a couple hundred). In the closed picture, this bag has the perpendicular handle and colored “TRAVELPRO”. In the open picture, this bag has the nice colored interior and the old one is grey. I received this through the Amazon Vine program. If you have found it helpful, please let me know! Read more

  2. M. Dien

    I bought the ‘TravelPro Maxlite 5’ luggage: 19-inch International carryon roller and 18″ under-the-seat shoulder bag carryon. Love it. If you pack it right, you can actually pack for up to a 3-week trip between the two. Note that I studied how to pack prior to my trip. I’ll share what I was able to pack in a moment. I used this lightweight set (5.3 pounds- truly lightweight!) with other very functional items to optimize packing: 1. Compression Packing Cubes (two medium, one small + one packing ‘tube’ for socks and undergarments) made of lightweight parachute, water-resistant material (Eagle Creek 2-zipper system- you don’t need to use a vacuum) 2. One travel garment bag for my business clothes (one Eagle Creek – large. Made of same ligjtweight parachute material with lightweight folding board tool + velcro straps to compress clothes and keep them pretty much wrinkle-free) 3. Two single-pair shoe bags (Eagle Creek -they’re aerated plastic covered in small mesh black netting) 4. Cofreya travel-sized, silicon gel bottles that don’t burst under pressure in high altitudes- and are airline approved for size). By rolling clothes (except those in the garment bag), I was ankle to pack: a. 3 dresses b. 2 skirts c. 1 pair of pants d. 2 yoga ‘sweats’ outfits including both tops and pants e. 2 pullover sweaters (wore one on plane) f. pajamas g. 2 additional leggings + 2 camisoles h. 1 pair leather pumps I. over-the-ankle leather dress boots j. 1 pair Uggs boots (wore these on plane) k. accessories- 2 full-sized scarves, packable purse to use during the trip, mittens, ear muff etc. I. 3 turtleneck tops m. 3 camisole tops o. Small – lightweight business briefcase ‘envelope’ p. electronics: small tablet, phone, etc. …all that AND a bag of chips and small snacks! (and no, I didn’t end up using the expandable zippered area of the luggage). Note: To prolong the parade of clean clothes, I also packed Travelon & Tide travel laundry detergent + Travelon travel bathtub laundry clothesline (no clothes pins needed) and quickly sink-washed items each night). Anyway, just sharing the details to show the capability – (and packability) of these 2 bags when using the right tools. The bags themselves are high quality and have a warranty. The pretty, dusty rose color I bought is wonderful AND it’s easy to spot should someone other than you decide to take your luggage. Really appreciate the 360 degree rollers since I have the option of pushing the luggage alongside me instead of always having to pull it. Three telescopic handle gave several options e.g. when putting the shoulder bag on top the suitcase – or not. The design maximized space. I’ve included photos showing that the shoulder bag fits under smaller planes such as the UAL Airbus planes I boarded. You must insert the bag on its back rather than standing up – and it will easily fit. Great purchase and value, functional, lightweight design, high quality. Read more

  3. MN

    I needed a carry on for Europe. Our family of 6 embarked on a three week, 6 city adventure. Lots of trains and planes, stairs and cobbled streets in the rain. This bag held up great. I bought this bag because I didn’t want to worry about any size issues and end up having to check my bag. I also wanted a light bag and this bag hit the mark on both of those items. It is verblight weight and the size is perfect! I was able to expand it while I went on the trip and added keepsakes as we traveled. I love the color too! The rollers and zippers are quality and the handle worked perfectly as well. I didn’t get stuck once. It held up nicely, but this thing tipped over ALL-THE-TIME!! I even bought some stones at a market for gifts(quarts, crystals and others), they weighed about 5 lbs and I strategically placed then in the bottom back of the bag with other heaver items like my boots in hopes it would help and still it would tip! It was less times, but it still tipped!! We had a running joke about my bag as a family because it was the only one that did this and it was throughout the trip. I had to make sure it was always leaning against something when I was in the restroom, restaurant or checking my phone for ticket information. I ended up straddling it for moment stops when I had to take my hand off the handle to grab a coffee or water or whatever. As much as I love all the other qualities of the bag, the tipping issue has clouded the positive qualities. I will be shopping for another bag, even though this one is still in good condition. It was inconvenient for all of us. Read more

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