Maxlite five-softside expandable spinner wheel baggage, black, checked-medium 25-inch

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your model quantity.
  • a half of pound lighter than max lite four, this lightweight 25 inch spinner maximizes your packing strength and is the best checked bag for medium to lengthy journeys
  • 4 wheel spinners rotate 360 diploma for a easy roll. Lightweight, strong powerscope cope with stops at 38 inch and 42. 5 inch capabilities a patented contour grip with rubberized contact factors for smooth maneuvering. Precise bottom tray design will increase durability
  • expands up to 2 inch to maximise packing ability. Features low profile top, facet and backside bring handles, two outside booths, complete duration interior lid pocket, aspect accessory pocket and adjustable preserve down straps for packing comfort
  • constrained lifetime coverage plus trusted accomplice promise, which covers the value of restore for harm from airline or other commonplace carrier for 1 yr
  • case dimensions: 25x18x11, typical dimensions: 27×18. 5×11. Five, weight: 7. 3 lbs. H20 shield protects the interior lining from moisture
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lighten up with the maxlite five 25 inch expandable spinner, the lighter-weight, extremely-long lasting, smooth-sided spinner suitcase in a checked bags size designed to house medium–length and longer journeys. Experience an easy, cozy flow way to the 2-position adjustable powerscope lite take care of with patented contour grip and four-wheel 360 degree rotating spinners, and stay organized with a handy front pocket, full-duration indoors lid pocket, aspect accessory pocket and roomy interior with adjustable keep-down straps. A high-tensile-energy expandable zipper maximizes packing space for extraordinary flexibility. Sponsored by way of a new and expanded trusted traveller promise—for fear-unfastened guarantee coverage from travelpro.


Checked-Medium 25-Inch, Checked-Large 29-Inch


Black, Burgundy, Sapphire Blue

8 reviews for Maxlite five-softside expandable spinner wheel baggage, black, checked-medium 25-inch

  1. Olive

    We have always used Hartman, and Tumi luggage. For a recent trip to Africa we needed lighter weight luggage. After extensive research, I decided to try this luggage. We ordered 2 pieces, one for each of us. We are fully satisfied with this luggage. It is roomy, very light, sturdy and nice looking. The spinner wheels are a must. We have since ordered several other Pieces and was dissatisfied with only one piece, the rolling duffle bag. Read more

  2. Seaside Designer

    I am so tired of luggage wheels coming off and zipper pulls breaking! I used to spend money on luggage (Tumi) but I gave up! I just figure I will have to buy a new bag ever couple of years. BTW I tried the hard cases but hated them! You either have to fill them up or everything flies around in the bag. I prefer soft bags with the expandable option like this bag. It’s a good size for me not so big it gets over weight. I have the matching carry-on for heavy stuff. My struggle as a woman of 60+ is to stay fit enough to toss the carry-on into the overhead when it weighs 60+ lbs! Read more

  3. E

    The bag looked great, perfect size, very light, but the zipper burst open on the first use, at the airport. I had to pay to get the bag wrapped in plastic so I can make it through my trip. Returning as defective. Read more

  4. Mila V

    I have owned many suitcases in my life as I travel internationally at least twice a year for work. This is by far the WORST I’ve owned! We got this as a wedding gift from our registry. We were excited about the good reviews and we decided to give them a try. One trip in, the zipper started acting up. It was very hard to close, making me have to open up the zipper and try again. It was like a puzzle! And the suitcase was not even full. I have had issues closing suitcases in the past (when they’re too full), but once the zipper was closed… that was it! This is not the case with this suitcase. I thought this was normal but after the zipper opened up (in a random location, not even where the zipper ended), I decided to call the company. Customer service was great! I cannot complain. They asked me to ship back the suitcase, that it would be fixed and shipped back to us. I was happy with this solution. A couple of weeks after this we received a brand new suitcase in the mail. Very surprising, but we didn’t give it much thought. Two days later… I received my old suitcase in the mail with the zipper in the same crappy condition we sent it in. I thought this was odd, but didn’t complain as I already had a brand new one. The weird part was the company sent yet another brand new one days later… we didn’t know what to think, but we left it alone. While it doesn’t seem bad to have that many suitcases, the problem is none of them work! we have used these suitcases a couple of times and every time we have had at least one incidence during our trip where we cannot close them. It gets ridiculous when you are in a rush trying to get to the airport and can’t get your suitcase to close. The last straw was our most recent trip where TSA decided to check our luggage, then they couldn’t close the suitcase themselves, so they left a note and packed my suitcase in a plastic bag that ripped by the time it made it to our destination. We lost a couple of items because of a suitcase with a faulty zipper (and yes, it was one of the new ones the company sent to us). After this experience we decided not to use them anymore. We were very upset, but refused to spend more time on phone talking to the company since we don’t want any more new suitcases with poor-quality zippers. I just want to travel with peace of mind that I can open and close my suitcase whenever I want to… and that TSA can too! Read the bad reviews on amazon… not the first customer complaining about zippers. I ended up with 3 suitcases with faulty zippers: 3 out of 3! Will just ignore amazon reviews on not-so-known companies and get ourselves A couple of Samsonite instead. You should too. Read more

  5. c chan

    the zipper broke on my second trip overseas…very disappointed….as I have been an over 20 years customer of TravelPro…when the zipper broke , it is very difficult to travel… Read more

  6. CTinCT

    I had bought a Travelpro Maxlite 5 carry on a few years ago and I’ve loved it for travel; especially the swivel wheels. For a trip to Italy, I needed a lightweight, durable larger suitcase and I went with the 25″ in the same line. I love it. It went through airport handling, cargo, trains, vaporettos, stairs, and uneven cobblestone streets with ease. I was able to get my clothes, shoes and souvenirs packed into it without a hassle or a torn zipper. It barely weighs anything, so I can make the most of my allotted weight limit for cargo. It easily glides as a pull along, besides me, or in front of me without tipping. I was able to balance my carry on tote on top as well. It also survived a variety of weather; including pouring rain. I definitely recommend this line for anyone. I travel fairly frequently and these are great cases for low prices. I’m planning on getting an international carry on size next. I didn’t receive any discounts for my review. Read more

  7. Adam H. Lehman

    I travel internationally a lot for work and pleasure. After lugging large duffel type roller bags for many years, I went with an actual suitcase with the 4 roller system…and much to my surprise, I love it! It’s so much easier to get through airports and down the ever narrowing aisles of planes with (using my smaller Maxlite carry on). These bags are light, can be packed tight, and the rollers are awesome. Minor complaints… the inside clips for the buckle down straps are very cheap and break almost instantly if you have a stuffed suitcase. A quick trip to REI to get beefier clips will take care of that. I wish there was a way of having a locking wheel system. I realize this would have some challenges too, but when on a train to/from the airport, holding the bag in place is a pain. Can’t leave it sitting by itself as it will simply start to roll away. Need to figure out a system for that! Read more

  8. Matthew Brenner

    Pros: handles like a dream, huge Cons: broken after 3 trips (I’ve only owned it for 3 months). Each trip was fairly simple (no month long excursions through Europe or anything). Physically still looks pristine. However, it’s durability is really questionable. First trip: one of the interior clasps (to keep your clothes in place broke. Not a big deal. We moved on. Third trip: Handle now refuses to expand, making it a real pleasure when that occurs in the middle of your trip! Will now try filing a warranty claim (which is why I bought this brand in the first place) but annoyed that I had it break as I was trying to use it and now have to go through the warranty hassle. Read more

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