Mens bag messenger bag canvas shoulder luggage travel bag man purse crossbody luggage for paintings enterprise

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  • pure cotton canvas
  • length and weight: length: 8. 27×3. 74×10. 24 inch, weight: 1. 21 lb.
  • material: this messenger bag is made of excessive density canvas, long lasting sufficient and at ease to touch, and adorned with excessive excellent pu leather and hardware.
  • shape and capability: structure: inner area of this shoulder bag: 1 zipper mesh pocket and 1 zipper pocket. Outer area of this messenger bag: 1 zipper pocket with 2 small pencil pockets, 1 open pocket and 1 special key ring layout underneath the flap. 1 zipper pocket in the flap, 2 side pockets and 1 zipper pocket within the again of this canvas bag. Capacity: this bag is big sufficient for 9” ipad, cell phone, pockets, keys and so forth.
  • key capabilities: adjustable strap, high exceptional material, medical and affordable ability.
  • a hundred% patron delight: we offer 3 months return policy. Any great troubles with your bag, please experience loose to contact us, we can clear up it.
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xincada canvas messenger bag

xincada mens bag messenger bag canvas shoulder bags tour bag guy purse crossbody baggage for paintings enterprise

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Black, Black-l, Coffee, Coffee L, Khaki, Khaki L

6 reviews for Mens bag messenger bag canvas shoulder luggage travel bag man purse crossbody luggage for paintings enterprise

  1. Ruthie

    I love everything about this bag: the many pockets, the color (coffee), the tall shape (rather than wide), the little handle at the top, everything. The pockets on the sides are perfect for pens and pretty much nothing else, unless it’s tall and thin. I chose the larger bag, even though I’m small, because I love having that extra room, especially when traveling. The bag is really not that big, in my opinion, but do your homework and look at the measurements in the description BEFORE purchasing. I hate reading reviews from people saying they were disappointed because whatever they ordered was larger (or smaller) than they thought it would be. Really? The dimensions in the description are there for a reason. This bag is labeled as a men’s messenger bag, but I must disagree. While it’s not suitable for people who prefer a more delicate purse, this bag can definitely be used by anyone: man, woman, or older child. I also don’t think it’s a true messenger bag because the main compartment is not hidden under that flap, which was a huge selling point for me because I don’t like flipping the flap over every time I need something. I only recently purchased this bag, and I have already received two interesting reactions. The first person thought it was some sort of tactical bag. The second person asked if I were selling Girl Scout Cookies. Interpret these two interesting reactions as you will, but I think it means this is the best bag EVER! Read more

  2. Painterly

    I absolutely love this bag (I wish it came in charcoal or grey). This is the perfect size for toting around my sketching and painting supplies, with plenty of room for my wallet,drinking water, paint water,a medium sized art book,sketchbook and an iPad Air 2 or Ioad Pro 10+”. It’s made well and has just the right amount of compartments available to keep things separate and organized. I love taking this into Seattle for urban sketching or to the museum. Not too big, but definitely big enough to fit what I need to pack around with me and it’s comfortable to wear. Read more

  3. samrogue

    The zipper on the main compartment is terrible makes the bag unusable. DO NOT BUY this bag. Update: After initial review the manufacturer contacted me and supplied a new bag. It is good in all respects. I would recommend this bag now. As with all Amazon purchases I recommend that the item be inspected immediately upon receipt. Read more

  4. Kindle Customer

    A big fan of the vertical messenger, I have 3 others; just got this one and it is substantially superior. I chose the smaller one. It has far more separated compartments than my others have (an attractive leather hlc, a Carhartt, and misc. unknown brand) so one can easily locate an item stored in the bag. There is a separate compartment for electronics, about 1 inch deep, a 2-3 inch deep main compartment with 2 zippered areas, one is a see through net. There are two full size zippered, but flat, storage areas also, one in front flap and one in back. Besides the shoulder, or cross-body, strap there is a handle also, cute and handy. The material is sturdy twill, with militaryish twill tape/leather accents. It is unisex, but a larger man might find the large size more proportionate. I was so impressed by its utility and style that I ordered one for a friend, and will likely order others for gifts, as it will be so useful for others. Read more

  5. Zeranzaph

    First off, this holds a lot more than I thought it would… Which I should’ve expected after reading the other reviews on here. I’ve been using this bag for several weeks now and it hasn’t let me down once. The zippers are high-quality and positioned well enough so they don’t catch on the inside material when you zip/unzip them. The stitching on the bag, for the most part, is pretty solid and could withstand a lot of use from what I’m seeing. I’m not really an outdoors person, but I do write and draw a lot, and this bag has no problem holding a few sketchbooks (or journals), travel towels, phones, and plenty of writing utensils. There are several pockets between the two main compartments and even a couple of rings/hooks for you to chain something around, like keys, passport holders, etc. My only complaint is that the stitching around the leather logo started coming undone after about three days, but since it seems no one else has had this issue, I won’t count it against them. It’s more of a cosmetic issue anyway, and the rest of the product clearly does as intended. I will definitely buy from these guys again when the time comes (or even sooner if they come out with leather versions of these bags :D). 10/10 would recommend. If only these guys made cases/bags for laptops too… Read more

  6. Andre

    I recommend this bag. I’ve purchased a size medium and the color that I went with was the coffee color because I was going for that casual look. I bought this bag so that I won’t have to carry around a bigger bag. Another reason why is so that I won’t lose anything that I own and I won’t have to walk around with such heavy pockets. If you knew me, I really dislike having all of my daily essentials in my pockets. Although, I am a guy and I use this as a bag for work and periodically for going out. I was given compliments from my friends that it’s a nice casual (man and/or messenger) bag. Also, I like it because of all the pockets that make the bag itself quite spacious. I can fit all of my daily essentials perfectly in the bag. I definitely like how you can adjust the straps on the bag so that it is comfortable to where you would like it. So far, I’ve had it for about three months so I do love how durable it is. If you do plan on carrying text books or anything around that size, I suggest you to buy the large size. however, I highly recommend this bag to any female and/or male.. aloha!:) Read more

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