Metro travel umbrella with 38” cover built to last machine ideal for travel very sturdy and clean to use

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  • fiberglass body
  • constructed to final: the durable and waterproof short dry polyester material used to assemble our sturdy metro umbrellas is quick to dry. Perfectly stretched over its 6 fiberglass ribs, the canopy resists wind and may not turn interior out. It’s a dependable answer to your journey, commuter, or golf wishes. Its uv defensive coating also guards you in opposition to the harsh rays of the solar, even on an overcast day.
  • wind resistant umbrella continues you dry: thanks to its radial tensioning gadget, the blunt umbrella defies heavy downpours and gale-pressure winds of up to 55 mph, retaining you heat and dry irrespective of the climate. Its completely tensioned cover is built to final so that you’re included on every occasion you want it, and its fine pongee cloth dries fast.
  • blunt metro journey umbrella is secure: best for exploring rather congested areas, our imported windproof tour umbrella boasts blunt recommendations so you can freely defend yourself from the factors with out jostling passers-by way of. No sharp factors also manner this umbrella is secure for kids and is ideal for packing in your suitcase. Put protection first irrespective of in which you move.
  • handy and at ease: our blunt metro umbrella is the simplest one you will ever want. At a convenient 37-inch diameter and lightweight 0. 77 lbs, this collapsible aluminum stick choice is compact and fits proper in your bag as you move about your day. It is the appropriate desire for busy commuters or avid travelers. Great of all, its human engineered cope with is designed along with your comfort in thoughts, so you can deliver all of it day without fatigue.
  • simple but stylish: the blunt metro tour umbrella is simple to open, thanks to a fluid push/pull runner gadget that might not deliver out. All of the while, it’s miles constructed to affect, with a stylish, classic design. Its unique mini silhouette enables it to face out from the crowd. It is an appropriate preference for enterprise and entertainment travelers alike.
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product description

constructed to final umbrellas with unprecedented performance

we’ve developed a traditional product via combining superior engineering with stunning layout, giving us the blunt umbrella.

the specific patented blunt shape, fashioned by using the generation within, is the most effective umbrella available on the market with a completely tensioned canopy for unparalleled overall performance.

we make the world’s first-class umbrellas so you love every second in the rain.

we recognize how irritating typical umbrellas can be. Bad design and great make maximum umbrellas susceptible to failure within months. With over one thousand million umbrellas finishing up within the landfill every yr, regular umbrellas are a extensive burden on our planet.

at blunt, we agree with you shouldn’t be restricted to selecting a disposable umbrella.

what makes the blunt umbrella

blunt is a entire remodel of the traditional umbrella. The important thing useful elements that wanted improving from the conventional umbrella were resolved via the development of the patented blunt tip.

a completely tensioned cover is vital for umbrella performance. Blunt’s rts machine uses secondary struts and floating ribs to redirect the user’s opening attempt outwards, stretching the canopy and opening the blunt umbrella suggestions.

marrying first-class substances with superior engineering the blunt form changed into born. The silhouette of a blunt umbrella is straight away recognizable. Different to blunt, this rounded silhouette lets each person understand you’ve chosen a excessive first-rate sustainable umbrella.

ensuring that our packaging continues the surroundings in mind – we have use sustainably sourced and fully recyclable carton containers.


Aqua Blue, Black, Charcoal, Green, Navy, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

8 reviews for Metro travel umbrella with 38” cover built to last machine ideal for travel very sturdy and clean to use

  1. Delphi23

    Of all the things I can forgive for the sake of aesthetics it’s the tiny, two finger handle that wobbles that seems completely unnecessary at this price point. I knew going into this that the coverage wasn’t great because of the design but the design was why I wanted to get the umbrella in the first place. Unfortunately, the tiny, wobbling handle makes it unpleasant to hold for even short periods of time (which is all you’ll really want to use it for as it doesn’t block a lot of rain for its size. Even if you love the look, I’d get something else. Read more

  2. astorybookyear

    I love our blunt umbrellas. They are well made, operate smoothly every time, and I have never had one blow back on me in strong winds. Read more

  3. Melissa Wajda

    This is the best umbrella out their. I got info on this product from gear patrol. I was in a 40mph rain storm, no problems at all. The umbrella moved all over from me not controlling it. It never folded. If it was 90mph, I would have floated like Mary Poppins. I’ll get 2 more. Read more

  4. GoldTop

    Really sweet umbrella! Unique design and high quality. Read more

  5. Marcus JP

    A wonderful purchase. Very sturdy, well-made and perfect for carrying along in case of rain. And it looks fantastic! Read more

  6. Lilli McCulloch

    Still have not received items. Have made multiple attempts to have the problem rectified but keep being told it’s being pass to the higher department. Would really appreciate this being follow up on! Besides that, have had Blunt umbrellas before and they are great. Read more

  7. Julia Velikson

    Great size and color exactly what I was looking for Read more

  8. Darin

    Excellent umbrella! Read more

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