Mini journey sun & rain umbrella, light-weight windproof portable umbrella, compact parasol with ninety nine% uv safety for males and females

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  • aluminum frame
  • 1、ultra light-weight & compact: this compact umbrella is handiest 10 ozweight, 7. Five-inch period yet opens to form a large 38″(now not 34″) canopy, fitting flawlessly for your make-up bag, briefcase, suitcase or backpack. It’s also a perfect present for mother and father, buddies, colleagues, fans.
  • 2、strong 8 rids layout: unlike different mini umbrellas are product of 6 ribs, xiuying feng folding umbrella boasts eight ribs with the best material of aluminum. It won’t without difficulty to flip out inside, imparting a lot more durable, windproof within the heavy rain.
  • 3、umbrella for sun & rain: the journey umbrella is product of uv resistant cloth that is able to block 99% uv rays and defend you from the strong daylight. Keep you cool in the solar and safe inside the rain. The waterproof coating makes the compact umbrella dry speedy.
  • four、a outstanding ideal gift: mini size and ultra-light, this journey umbrella is quite convenient to be taken round everywhere. Various vivid colorations on the way to select make this travel umbrella as a great gift for your own family, friends, and co-workers.
  • 5、lifetime alternative assure: every umbrella provide you with an entire life assurance since the date of purchase, please sense loose to buy.
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product description

xiuying feng product become crafted with the maximum care and interest to details and high-quality. We made terrific product to fulfill clients needs in mind. The 8 ribs mini umbrella is the brand new fashion improve umbrella for wet and sunny days. It is compact enough to fit for your purse and more potent than other 6 ribs mini umbrellas.

sun & rain umbrella

the fantastic 210t cloth ensures that the umbrella is top notch in waterproofness and clean to dry. There may be additionally a layer of uv and water blocking coating on it, that’s capable of block extra than ninety nine% uv rays. The whole thing is for preserving you cool within the solar and dry inside the rain.

coloration picks

our umbrellas include an expansion of colors to pick out from. Select the one that you love, we consider that one of these colorful umbrella will absolutely convey a unique experience to your journey.

mini length and ultra-mild design suitable for kids. Fashionable appearance plus numerous brilliant colorations make this umbrella as a perfectly perfect gift for your family, friends, and colleagues!

you have determined this umbrella to be a very well fulfilling product: handsome, sturdy, nicely-designed and efficient.

get this as a gift on your girlfriend, spouse, and daughter who simply like it! Inspecting it for quality and fashion become a pleasure as it exceeded expectancies.

ultraviolet(uv) is composed of uva, uvb, uvc, and uvd, and uva is the “skin killer”. The xiuying feng parasol can protect you from 99% uva.

this is the exceptional parasol to carry everywhere; it’s miles small sufficient to save or carry however offers adequate safety from the sunlight & rainwater.

weigh only approximately 10 oz. And simplest 7. Five inches while closed, that is pretty handy to suit flawlessly in a purse, handbag, backpack and greater round you each time, everywhere.

in case you are a person who does now not like to carry a massive umbrella with you, and you do no longer want the problem that the mini umbrella cowl is simply too small get wet, then you must have a xiuying feng umbrella.

extremely-compact, compact and light-weight, xiuying feng umbrellas are extremely-transportable and do no longer need to occupy an excessive amount of area anywhere. Without problems fit your bag, pockets, briefcase, glove container, and so on. Without weighing it. Even though mild, it’s miles rugged enough to have an 8ribs body that could withstand high winds or heavy rain, and the upgraded umbrella may have a diameter of 38in after opening.

xiuying feng umbrellas are tailor-made for folks that need to decorate their experience of nicely-being in everyday existence. Small gadgets can perfectly present your beauty and particular fashion flavor!


Dark green, Green, Navy, Orange, Pink, Yellow, byred, cypink, mdblack, syblue

8 reviews for Mini journey sun & rain umbrella, light-weight windproof portable umbrella, compact parasol with ninety nine% uv safety for males and females

  1. A N

    I was extremely hopeful that this umbrella would work. Locking the umbrella in place was decent, I could rely on it to be tight on the umbrella. However, there were three things massively wrong with this umbrella: 1 – The top of the umbrella, where everything meets, immediately started to flex and bend after 15 minutes of light gusts. This was a sign of my troubles. 2 – While the entire umbrella felt sturdy, the ribs were not. They could easily flex within each member join. This will prove fatal. 3 – Way too many sections. The number of pieces for each rib ultimately caused the umbrella to have many points of failure, easily causing flex and breaking. Essentially, one gust of wind resulted in my umbrella flipping on the first day. The only way to flip it back was to set wind blow in the opposite direction. This immediately caused flexing in the ribs ( locking the umbrella tight was easy, unlocking it easily was not ). The second gust of wind flexed one rib, and the third gust flexed the second. See the picture, umbrella turned out useless afterwards. Only redeeming factor was easy refund ( I can’t in my right mind ask for a replacement, it would break… ). Read more

  2. Trish G.

    I always read reviews before I purchase something online. First of all, when I purchase something I also take into consideration price point. I literally bought this umbrella for my diaper bag. I don’t intend to use it daily by any means. I like the color and I wanted one with a case. Yes, there was an sticker attached to the case but, it did peel off. It’s a sticker- not a big deal. My case was not dirty. It’s cheap, it’s cute and it does what I expected it to do. Read more

  3. Joy4Joy

    Love the size, it fits well in hand and in purse, opens to a nice size for 1 person, holds up great to high winds, its a little hard to open up, after time I think it will get easier to open…Love the blue color, these are well made as well, has a great quality to it as well, I really like mine Read more

  4. Loveapple

    This is so small. It fits in my hand so well and it’s very light weight. This is perfect to keep in a purse or bag. I will say that it’s great for sunny days to protect from UV light or strong sunshine. it’s also great for rainy days, Let you not worry about unexpected bad weather. Since it is so light and small you can take it anywhere. Perfect for travels. Highly recommended. Read more

  5. Seamstress92

    This umbrella started to fall apart and became unusable after just 2 weeks. I ended up getting it replaced. Read more

  6. LP

    My umbrella arrived but the case was dirty. Smudges all over it like it has been previously used. That’s not good. Read more

  7. Lisa Landry

    I ordered four of these, one for myself, and three to give us gifts. I was really excited about the little case they come in, but found when I opened them that there’s a big sticker on the outside of each case with the barcode on it and, since it’s stuck to the FABRIC on the case, the sticker won’t come off without tearing into pieces. I started on my own case and pieces of the sticker came off. Now that area is sticky and I can’t get the rest of the sticker off. It’s not budging. Also, once I opened the umbrella and then retracted it and wrapped it back up with its snap enclosure, no matter how hard I try I can’t get it small enough to fit in that case again. I thought the case could be cool to use for other items, possibly sunglasses since the umbrella won’t really go back in, but it looks so bad on the outside with that sticker that I wouldn’t carry it. I think I will take the other umbrellas out of their case before presenting them as gifts. It would’ve been great if the sticker was on an outer plastic sleeve of some sort to avoid damaging the case itself. Read more

  8. Soph

    It was a cute-looking umbrella that was neither the sturdiest nor the flimsiest umbrella. Today (2 months after it arrived) the umbrella literally fell apart on me. The crazy part is I wasn’t actually using it at the time; It was still wrapped up and I was holding it by the handle when the rest of it fell to the floor. I did use this as an almost daily parasol, so maybe that’s why this fell apart so soon, but I’ve had other sun umbrella with similar use that never broke on me. If you only plan to use this only once in a while, you’re probably fine. Read more

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