Mini vehicle umbrella (blue, red, zebra)

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  • smooth automated open
  • high-quality transportable clean to keep interior a car, closet, or bag
  • long rubber easy grip take care of
  • polyester cloth
  • huge brim
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  • what’s the umbrella diameter while open?
  • question: what is the umbrella diameter when open? Solution: when open it has a 42″(106 cm) arc by hbh offers supplier on september 30, 2015 disintegrate all answers

  • what length is that this umbrella?
  • question: what length is this umbrella? Answer: it has a coverage of 42″ (106 cm) arc by hbh deals vendor on march 9, 2016 did not get solutions. See greater solutions (1) crumble all answers

  • do u have mini with automobile open and auto near
  • question: do u have mini with automobile open and vehicle near answer: they’re coming from our provider subsequent week, they will be for sale in about 10 days. By cadooz trading vendor on february 23, 2018 disintegrate all answers

  • want to order the black with multi-coloured raindrops but when i pick that preference, the outline says “red”….??? I don’t want a pink one.
  • question: need to reserve the black with multi-coloured raindrops but when i pick that desire, the outline says “purple”….??? I don’t need a purple one. Answer: it will be the rain drops by means of daulia supplier on november 24, 2020 crumble all answers


    All Black, Navy AUTO OPEN AUTO CLOSE, Pink, Pink 2 AUTO OPEN AUTO CLOSE, Polka Dot Black Handle, Polka Dots, Rainbow, Red AUTO OPEN AUTO CLOSE, Tie-Dye Rainbow

    8 reviews for Mini vehicle umbrella (blue, red, zebra)

    1. Ms. Pickles

      I was a little disappointed to find that this umbrella doesn’t have auto close capability. I can’t imagine why they’d make a manual closing umbrella when they own the technology to make it automatic. I use a cane and I have to stop walking to close it manually, which is ok except when I’m in a crowd on the way into a subway, for example. I will definitely read the reviews more carefully for that feature from now on. Anyway, it’s a cute umbrella and I’m keeping it until it drives me crazy enough to buy another one with auto close. Totes umbrellas have always lasted longer than any other brand I’ve tried. I’m sure my next will be a Totes as well. Read more

    2. Gene T

      Great little umbrella. Has an attached band for storage and putting together when not in use so you will NOT lose the cover. Color is great for my wife, it goes with her singing group. Seems to be sturdy and looks like it will hold up in fairly heavy weather. Will update if any problems. Time for the UPDATE! on 11/3/15 hated to do it, but dropped from 4 to 1 star because the umbrella broke on second use. At second use – two of the Spines broke free of the fabric. This makes the umbrella useless in the rain. It appears to be very poorly made. That negated my entire first review! Sorry if I misled anyone! Thanks to Amazon the return seems to be painless and easy. Printed the return label, now to find a box and sent it back. Read more

    3. EliG

      The umbrella doesn’t even have a cover. I never thought to check that it comes with a cover since I’ve never in my life saw or owned an umbrella that doesn’t have a cover. Also, the top question asks “Do u have mini with auto open and auto close” and the answer is “They are coming from our supplier next week, they will be for sale in about 10 days”, so I thought since it’s been over a year since the question was answered that this umbrella now also closes. Also, if the name is “auto umbrella” in 2019 you’d expect it to both open AND close automatically. Buyer beware, read the fine print. Very unhappy. Read more

    4. Fitbit charge 2 Customer

      It’s not terribly sturdy, but I would expect that from an umbrella of this price. The handle seems a little shorter than I would like it, but I can make do. I am disappointed in the color- the picture made it look like a pretty lavender color, but the umbrella I received was more of a bright fuchsia. Oh, well. It’ll keep the rain off my head, which is all I need. Read more

    5. David L. Haun.

      My umbrella had broken, so I ordered this one. It came, and on the first rainy day I used it. It worked well. I can’t say how durable it is, because the first day I carried it, I laid it down on a seat beside me, at with my interest in the program did not realize that a hand had slipped by me and took the umbrella. I assume it works as well for him or her as it did for me–the short time I had it. It’s worth your buy, but watch where you lay it….. Read more

    6. melodysbookshelf

      I like red, but I looked at the photo with the flowers and thought “ooo, that’s nice, a flower-y umbrella.” Imagine my surprise when I received a solid red umbrella. It arrived on time and securely packaged and all that, so it gets 3 stars. It’s new, but the seller needs to make sure the pictures and descriptions match. Read more

    7. mosslake

      Broke after 2 days when wind turned it inside out. It is light, wide and very stylish looking but a bit short. The push button “auto open” is deceptive. It does not fully open the umbrella. You have to push the spokes into a fully open position by pushing the central ring up. A bit too much work. Read more

    8. Cathy G.

      After nearly breaking my thumbs trying to push the button to auto close this umbrella, I realized that this umbrella does not auto close. You have to manually reach up to the mechanism and pull the umbrella down. Why would anyone want this? Don’t buy this ! Read more

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