Mkpcw make-up bags double layer tour beauty cases make up organizer toiletry bags (purple)

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  • 1. Outstanding materials: of route, this make-up bag can also be used as a toiletry bag. Its surface is fabricated from wonderful water-proof fabric.
  • 2. Layered layout: it’s miles one-of-a-kind from the beauty bag of a unmarried area within the past. It has a layered design that makes it easy with a purpose to type and save.
  • three. Clean to locate: the higher layer is made of obvious fabric, so you can truly see what’s stored internal.
  • 4. Smooth to carry: the medium length makes it smooth to save in a suitcase or on a computer.
  • five. Please touch us if you have any questions.
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this double-layer beauty bag, the higher fabric is made of transparent percent fabric, the height of the upper layer is 1. 96 inches.

the decrease fabric is made of pu cloth. The height is three. 96 inches.

novel layout and smooth to use. When you journey, this tour makeup bag will carry you great convenience. It is also a lovely gift for friends, moms, and associates.

stylish design. The pinnacle of this make-up bag is a transparent space, allowing you to without a doubt see the cosmetics interior. Smooth to use.

this cosmetic bag has double zippers on each layer. Clean to open.

the primary layer can store small gadgets along with nail polish, lipstick, puff and so forth.

due to the fact they may be obvious materials, you could without difficulty locate them.

the second one ground is a barely large area. It could keep large gadgets along with facial cleaner, shampoo, and milk. It’s miles really worth citing that there are 6 garage areas on the top part of this sediment, which might be manufactured from elastic. It is able to store your make-up brushes, eyebrow pencils and other objects.


Black, Black marble, Colorful fish scales, Colorful lipstick, Dark green, Flowers, Leopard print, Pink, White marble

8 reviews for Mkpcw make-up bags double layer tour beauty cases make up organizer toiletry bags (purple)

  1. Laura

    I like taking advantage of the double compartment. I like to have my every day essentials in the top and my bigger pieces in the bottom section. The colors are true to the picture but I wish the bag was a little bit more sturdy as the sides can kind of fold in which I knew would happen due to the material but I still love it. The size is perfect as it holds everything in anything I need if I can still fit into a backpack and suitcase reasonably. Read more

  2. MrsNeidich

    The whole reason I bought this was for trip I was taking with my family and I needed a more compact but spacious makeup bag or as my husband would call it my “art kit”😂🤦🏽‍♀️ I am SOOO GLAD I bought this one! Not only was the price great but the product itself is amazing. It definitely holds WAY more makeup/brushes then you would think due to the size but the inside is pretty deep and the extra space on top really makes a difference. **My only 2 complaints aren’t really anything major but it’s kinda flimsy so when you take stuff out during your makeup routine the bag tends to fall in(but it’s definitely not a reason to not purchase this makeup bag whatsoever) and my other complaint is the size of the makeup brush holders on the top inside of the bag, they aren’t long enough to hold all normal sized makeup brushes(in length) but most of my eyeshadow brushes seemed to fit just enough to be able to still close it and not ruin the hairs on my brushes making them lose shape or get caught in the zipper. I just tossed all the brushes that didn’t fit into one of my travel brush cases and then threw that in the top zipper of the makeup bag. Again nothing major but was a little disappointing. Overall I love this makeup bag and to anyone looking for a cheap but durable makeup bag that is able to get the job done using your own little tips and tricks this is definitely the makeup bag for you 💄 💅🏽🪒👜💋💜 Read more

  3. Shopaholic

    Looking for a new travel case and this one does the job! In upper smaller “see-thru” clear section it’s perfect for makeup. The lower section will fit all my travel personal hygiene items (ie: shampoo, lotions, deodorant, etc). Plenty big enough!! And the lid on this section has stretchy bands for makeup brushes. This bag is perfect. The only downside is it smelled terrible! I washed it with dish soap, aired it out for 2 says (inside and outside), sprayed it with Febreeze and it still has a faint odor. Almost like cigarette smoke. Was this a return? Looks new. Just a bad bad smell. But after 2 says it’s almost gone. Still I highly recommend this make up travel case. If you are only carrying on board this case will take up too much room. But for checked luggage this is perfect! Read more

  4. Molly B

    Love this makeup bag! Wish they had more patterns, really nice durable bag with good wipe down ability! Would be nice if the makeup brush space was horizontal instead of vertical standing since a couple of my brushes are too long for the slots. The slots are also very very wipe to accommodate 2-3 eye brushes, but can’t hold just 1 at a time. Would like to see optional compartments in the future as well. Read more

  5. ryleej_han

    Sooo cute and I love the clear top part with the double zippers. My brushes are a bit long but somehow they fit in lol. I’d recommend for anyone who is like me and isn’t super into makeup and wants to keep it all in one spot. I just throw it all in and done. Read more

  6. Niesa

    I love this bag it is the perfect size for me to keep all my makeup I do not have a lot of makeup so I got this to keep everything in and it’s also perfect for travel ..I can just grab it and go. I also think it is very cute and i like that it has clear compartment at the top, and the bottom half has the elastic loops that I can keep makeup brushes in Read more

  7. ZoomOnSports

    Love the look of this bag. When you have items in the top pocket it tends to tip the bag backwards and you need to make sure it’s zipped or everything falls out when you unzip the bottom compartment. Wish it was a little wider and had only one compartment Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Perfect I actually used it for my nail polishes and the top storage is perfect for all the extra stuff. Nail polish remover ect. Very happy with it! Read more

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