Opposite umbrella – inverted umbrella – the other way up layout – teflon cover – windproof fiberglass ribs

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  • make certain this suits by using entering your model variety.
  • opposite fold era: featuring a brand new & particular interior out opposite folding windproof body that permits you to easily input and exit motors, doors, and other tight areas without getting wet. The umbrella collapses inwards with its inverted body to entice any water droplets inside the cover to prevent leakage
  • eight twin layered ribs made of bolstered fiberglass: eight double layered fiberglass ribs offer top notch wind resistance, and are geared up with a fail secure inversion technology that permits the reversible body to invert during extremely excessive gusts of winds to prevent the ribs from snapping
  • teflon coating and double layered canopy: the pinnacle layer is covered with teflon protective coating that is water-resistant causing rain to bead up and dries with only a few shakes of the umbrella. An additional layer is brought to the bottom of the cover to guard the ribs from the elements, stopping rust. The large canopy measures 48″ for complete protection
  • self standing: when the umbrella is collapsed, it stands up on its personal, protecting your treasured cover from grimy floors. Available in a spread of colours and designs that cater to each men and women
  • lifetime alternative coverage: you’re blanketed for life from the rain, sleet and snow, via our lifetime replacement assure application. If anything in any respect is going wrong along with your inverse umbrella, we will ship you a substitute clearly free, no return required! We strive for the highest excellent customer service
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product description

forego the want of purchasing but every other flimsy umbrella. Repel umbrellas are designed with you in mind and built from splendid

substances to make sure the ultimate safety and comfort in any climate circumstance. We’re now not here to be just every other throw-away umbrella. We’re here to final you an entire life. At repel, we set the bar better, because mom nature has no limits.

opposite fold generation

our progressive reverse folding frame collapses the umbrella inwards, trapping any water droplets within the canopy to prevent leakage, and keeps you and your assets dry while entering and exiting from tight spaces like automobiles, buses, and doorways. The umbrella is available in a diffusion of colors and designs for both males and females.

the opposite umbrella is made with 8 twin-layered strengthened fiberglass ribs supplying exceptional wind resistance and geared up with “fail-safe” inversion generation to invert the frame at some stage in extraordinarily high gusts of wind to prevent the ribs from snapping.

the umbrella’s pinnacle layer is ready with teflon coating to protect you in opposition to rain, uv rays, dirt and different particles and dries immediately with only some shakes of the umbrella.

it’s massive cover features an extra layer on its underside which enables shield the ribs from the factors and prevents rust.

the umbrella’s ergonomic, slip-evidence, and rubberized take care of with wrist strap makes it easy to open and pleasant to keep.

it’s large canopy measures forty eight” resultseasily protecting you and your property from the elements.

whilst the umbrella is collapsed, it stands on its personal, defensive your valuable cover from grimy flooring.


Black, Blue Sky, Flower Bouquet, Indigo Flower, Navy Blue, Purple Flower, Red, Starry Night

8 reviews for Opposite umbrella – inverted umbrella – the other way up layout – teflon cover – windproof fiberglass ribs

  1. Jason

    Unfortunately, we got our worst rain while this was en route. But I can tell it’s strong and will definitely do the job. The opening and closing mechanism feels very smooth and quick. Read more

  2. Mylee

    This is such a brilliant concept! Sick of getting your car, home and office wet from a damp umbrella? This is your solution! Such a revolutionary product, although I recommend the version with the rounded handle, as it allows you to hold the umbrella on your arm instead of in your hand, so that you’re able to carry your purse or whatever more easily. The different prints are absolutely amazing and I love the galaxy look! Super cute, functional and makes using an umbrella actually fun! Absolutely love it. Read more

  3. Desmond

    The Umbrella is pretty strong and a great size- Having kids and sports- this is essential. Typically, I would say 5 stars but I was a little taken aback at the picture vs the actual product- I ordered the Navy- and it looks like its a nice two-tone black top with navy inside- when I received the umbrella- its all Navy- and the rods are orange- Again its not a deal breaker and I like the rods in orange- but think maybe they should work on the product pictures to give an accurate idea of what it looks like. Updated: After my post, Upper Echelon reached out and were nothing short of amazing- they asked a couple questions about my order and fixed it right away- The umbrella is great but the service was even better! Read more

  4. C-sharp

    Galaxy reverse umbrella – I love this style of umbrella – You can get into the car with ease and close it without having to fight the mechanism and the rains! And you can close it quickly without a problem in a downpour whilst entering the car, closing the door, etc. So much easier to manage than the traditional umbrellas. I’m a fan! Read more

  5. Bobbo

    I used it for the 1st time yesterday, during a rain/windstorm. The umbrella was great in protecting me from the elements. It did not flip inside out and kept me dry. Read more

  6. Mrs. Rob Smith

    I received one for Christmas and had to buy one for my mother in law. We love it so easy to use. Her hands are handicapped and she could open and close with ease Read more

  7. A W

    Very beautiful umbrella. Bought this because it has a handle that’s easier, for me, to grip. I’m not a fan of the c shape handles, that most inverted umbrellas have. Excellent customer service as well. Would purchase again. Read more

  8. Kindle Customer

    I really like this umbrella. It is the perfect size. I got to use it the other day. I like the way it stands by itself. It wasn’t windy that day. I hope it can handle high winds. We we see. If so I need to get my daughter one. I do not regret this purchase. Read more

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