Platinum elite-softside expandable spinner wheel luggage, shadow black, deliver-on 21-inch

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  • expandable keep on spinner suitcase with external usb port and dedicated powerbank pocket meets faa regulations for keep on and checked luggage. Powerbank now not blanketed. The volume is 46 liters
  • precision drift machine consists of contour grip, 4 prevent adjustable powerscope manage and magnatrac spinner wheels for unique control and handy roll
  • fold out suiter packs garments wrinkle unfastened. Interior tie down gadget includes built in accent wallet and tsa compliant, detachable quart sized wet pocket for toiletries. Leather pinnacle and aspect deliver handles plus bottom cup provide carrying alternatives
  • subsidized with the aid of our built for an entire life limited fear unfastened warranty that covers the value of restore for harm from airline or other commonplace provider for the lifestyles of the bag after registration under the depended on companion promise
  • case dimensions: 21x14x9, universal dimensions: 23. 5×14. 5×9, weight: 7. Eight pounds
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maximize your carry-on with state-of-the-art fashion. The platinum elite 21″ expandable bring-on spinner offers big on shape and function with a tip-resistant growth that offers up to two” greater packing ability, deluxe tie-down machine, incorporated accessory wallet and a detachable quart-size wet pocket that is tsa compliant and ideal for toiletries. Plus, the drop-in, fold-out suiter is mainly designed to house putting garments and prevent wrinkling. Integrated usb port lets you strength up at the pass, while a devoted powerbank pocket in your again-up battery adheres to faa regulations. Perfect for brief to medium-duration trips, this deliver-on spinner is crafted in style with top class fabrics, proper leather-based and chrome zippers. Among the finest mobility features include the precision drift machine with eight magnatrac, self-aligning, 360-diploma spinner wheels guided by an adjustable powerscope extension cope with with patented contour grip and rubberized contact factors for secure, clean maneuvering wherever you cross. Backed by using our built for a lifetime restrained worry free warranty that covers the cost of repair for harm from airline or different not unusual carrier for the lifestyles of the bag after registration underneath the relied on associate promise. High-density nylon material with duraguard coating resists stains and abrasions, supra zipper heads are engineered to resist harm from common use and abuse.


2-Piece Set (21/25), Carry-On 19-Inch, Carry-On 20-Inch, Carry-On 21-Inch, Checked-Medium 25-Inch, Checked-Large 29-Inch


Shadow Black, Vintage Grey, Bordeaux, True Navy, Intrigue Black, Rich Espresso

3 reviews for Platinum elite-softside expandable spinner wheel luggage, shadow black, deliver-on 21-inch

  1. WheelSucker

    Full Disclosure – I’ve been a Briggs & Riley (B&R) two-wheel suitcase user for the last 13 years, mostly for business travel with the occasional family vacation thrown in. This was a Christmas present for my wife whose generic two-wheeled carry-on tended to tip over while stationary if not loaded just right. My only previous experience with Travelpro was a wheeled suiter that I think I used for a grand total of two times due to functionality issues (my poor choice vs. any specific issues with Travelpro design or quality). To be clear B&R has been stellar, especially around their no questions asked repair warranty. I’ve had two different wheeled carry-ons and one 26 inch suitcase restored after airline/airport baggage handling destruction or B&R component failure. My two 28 inch suitcases lasted through several trips to Asia without any issue beyond cosmetic wear. I was willing to pay the price premium for the four current B&R pieces I have so that I didn’t have to purchase anything in that size category again unless I wanted some feature/color upgrade – that is still my plan pending my comments below. Besides the price, the only other downside to B&R for me is that their pieces tend to be 1 – 3 lbs heavier than their competitors similarly sized bags which can be an issue, especially in Europe or Australia where the weight rules tend to be strictly enforced. My wife didn’t want a new carry-on and the amount of personal travel that we do wouldn’t necessarily need the B&R durability that I needed for business travel. Nevertheless I vacillated between B&R and Travelpro domestic 21 inch carry-on spinners based on my previous experience with B&R. What convinced me to go with the Travelpro was: a. The Platinum Elite wheeled luggage now seems to have a comprehensive warranty including airline induced damage as long as you register within the specified time period after purchase. b. The Travelpro weighed 1.5 lbs less than the comparable B&R model. c. The price of the Travelpro was a little over 60% less than the comparable B&R. d. The Travelpro magnetically aligned wheels seemed like they would be a good feature to have if they functioned as advertised. e. Wirecutter selected it as their top carry-on bag in a 2018 review. We just returned from a holiday trip where my wife packed a significant portion of her clothes in the Travelpro and wheeled the bag around the LAX and Seatac airports. This one trip alone is making me seriously think about getting a spinner for myself despite my B&R strategy articulated above. The difference in the effort needed to carry my backpack on her spinner vs. on my 2 wheeled B&R was pretty stark, especially when I projected that onto some of the bigger airports I’ve had to cross to make connecting flights – your arm gets tired with the two wheeled suitcase when the computer backpack resting on it weighs 15 – 20 lbs and you have to walk a considerable distance. Aside from the packing the capacity the magnetically aligned wheels seemed to work well for ease of movement in the crowds, all zippers functioned as they should when the bag was loaded, the adjustable height handle was used at a couple of different settings and she enjoyed the readily accessible outside pocket that easily held her 3 magazines and medium sized book. All in all the initial experience she had with the Travelpro was a good one. We didn’t use the bag in the expanded configuration (B&R has a better system and the Travelpro zipper expansion doesn’t look to add much volume) nor the drop-in suiter, I doubt we’ll use the battery side pocket as intended and while having the telescoping handle rails inside the bag vs. outside (again B&R has a better system) is annoying for me personally my wife’s prior bag had the same configuration and she was used to it. I’ll update this when I have any data on durability/reliability or warranty fulfillment (which is why I only gave it 4 stars). I hope this helps people who had the same questions I had when considering Travelpro Platinum vs. B&R and couldn’t look at the Travelpro in person.. Read more

  2. Mike Lewis

    Travel-Pro claims that the suitcase is 23″ tall. I measured it, and they are correct. It is 23″tall. They have a short animated video on Amazon showing this suitcase fitting into an airline test box that is clearly marked as 22″. How do you fit a 23″ suitcase into a 22″ box? The numbers didn’t add up to me, so I went to my local airport (Orlando – MCO). I usually fly United, so I went to their check-in area to find “the box”. As you can see from my picture, it fits! How is this possible? I brought a tape measure and measured the box, and despite the labels, it was actually 23″ long. Some notes: The other dimensions (14″ and 9″) on the box were correct, so your suitcase cannot be wider than 14″ or deeper than 9″. If you stuff the front pockets of the suitcase, it not fit anymore because it will be deeper than 9″. I only tested one box from one airline. Your mileage may vary. Read more

  3. bennette

    My back isn’t what it used to be and after a recent trip through Europe I decided it was time to replace my very sturdy Eagle Creek two-wheeled luggage with something four-wheeled. My Eagle Creek luggage was a significant investment for me and remains in near perfect shape after several years but this time around I was looking for something less utilitarian. I purchased the espresso color and it is a deep, rich brown but not quite as dark as espresso, which usually strikes me as almost black. I was delighted with this suitcase right out of the box. It’s light, even lighter than my Eagle Creek, which was a huge improvement over other luggage at the time. The large pocket on the front of the bag opens up folder style just as it should, since I typically rummage through it while I’m standing at the airport or hotel lobby. It spins and moves like a dream, if that isn’t obvious. The hardware is well integrated into the design; with the deep color and leather trim, this is a formal looking suitcase. The interior is both thoughtful and attractive. This is a bag I will check. I’m not short (5’6”) but I personally would not want work to shove this into a crowded overhead compartment in economy; nor would it have been allowed as a carry-on on my recent trip to London on New Zealand Air, it weighs too much. I’ve got a smaller 16-inch spinner for carry-on and short trips. I’m a light packer, this is the bag I will use for five- to seven-day trips, longer with laundry access. I won’t be using the charging port. I can see it being useful for international flights where you are not sure you will find an outlet to fit your charger. Frequent flyers using economy with tight connections might find it valuable; that is a situation where outlet access can be limited. The pocket is in a handy location on the top side panel of the bag so I’ll definitely find a use for it. The attached toiletries bag is really nice but I’m not sure how practical it is as you have to fully unzip the bag to get at it, which means it needs to be on the table or floor. Where will I do this? In a fast moving security line? As I approach the conveyor belt? I’d be more likely to keep mine in the front pocket until after security and then stow it in the bag when I have access to a table or bench. The interior doesn’t fit my existing packing cubes, which I believe to be standard. The 17-inch large won’t zip into the pocket on the top inside of the bag and the medium to small cubes don’t seem to fit well. I don’t normally use the large bag outside of lengthy trips so I can work around it. My garment folder fits perfectly and is what I use most for work trips. I’ll figure out organizing with the smaller bags as I go along. The small mesh pockets on the top of the tie down may seem a little oddly sized (small and thin) but I always travel with some odds and ends that can’t all be tossed into one bag/cube so they are going to be very useful to me. All in all, different than the layout I’m used to but it’s going to be a wonderful travel companion. Read more

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