Princess lace ultraviolet-evidence folding umbrella anti-uv dome parasol style1 black

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  • make sure this fits with the aid of coming into your model variety.
  • spf: upf 50+; diameter: 34. 65inches (style1 umbrella)
  • spf: upf 50+; diameter: 37. 80inches (style2 umbrella)
  • may be utilized in rain and sunny day
  • 8 ribs made from robust fiber for extra aid
  • made by using one hundred% high-density water repellent polyester fiber and sunscreen cloth
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product description

honeystore business enterprise is wedding umbrellas, lace umbrellas, solar umbrellas, rain umbrellas, and other expert production and processing enterprise. The employer has its very own logo designers, layout the umbrella in line with the marketplace needs of the human beings, and has a entire and scientific quality control system. Integrity, energy and satisfactory of merchandise were diagnosed through the enterprise.

the beautiful princess lace umbrella black gothic umbrella will truly cheers you up in any party.

this black gothic umbrella is manufactured from sunscreen material, able to block 99% uv ray and protects you nicely from the heating sun and any predicted downpours.

this folding lace parasol may be used in rain and sunny day. Hold you cool inside the solar and safe inside the rain.

honeystore princess lace parasol ultraviolet-proof folding umbrella

1. Aqua coloration

2. Utilized in rain and sunny day

three. Jacquard lace(outer) + internal vinyl

four. Specific items for wedding, birthday, engagement, anniversary, celebration, halloween, girls, mom, sister, grilfriend, nice friends and your fere etc.

1. Watermelon coloration

2. Used in rain and sunny day

three. Jacquard lace(outer) + internal vinyl

four. Unique gifts for wedding ceremony, birthday, engagement, anniversary, celebration, halloween, girls, mother, sister, grilfriend, satisfactory pals and your fere and many others.

1. Ivory color

2. Used in rain and sunny day

3. Jacquard lace(outer) + internal vinyl

four. Unique gifts for wedding, birthday, engagement, anniversary, birthday party, halloween, girls, mom, sister, grilfriend, first-rate pals and your fere and many others.

honeystore princess lace anti-uv parasol solar rain umbrella


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7 reviews for Princess lace ultraviolet-evidence folding umbrella anti-uv dome parasol style1 black

  1. Alyssa D.

    Very beautiful and great parasol. I used this on my trip to Disney World in Florida. The heat was still intense, but it definitely gave me a lot of shade. It helped me keep the sun out of my eyes as well. Not only that, it’s compact and cute. I will say that it’s a bit difficult wrapping it up with its strap, but after some getting used to (and a bit of strength) you can close it. I will just say as a warning to people ordering this, there is a chance you will get a parasol that doesn’t open up all the way. I had to return a previous one due to that. Regardless, I would still order from here. You also get a cute bracelet (or some other free gift) as a free gift. The handle at the bottom might pop off if you spin it too much, but it can be easily screwed back into place. I loved this parasol, and I will likely be using it from outings. The material is nice, and it can suit the rain, although I have not used it in rain yet. Update as of August 28, 2017 I ended up using this parasol in the rain on my way back from Florida. There was a windy storm during the trip back. It held up well and protected from the rain just as well as a regular umbrella. I really love this umbrella, it’s cute and useful! Read more

  2. Ivy

    I wanted to love this. I tried! I really wanted a UV parasol to protect my fair skin from the searing heat of our Texas summers, but that still had the flexibility for when storms hit with sudden downpours. I usually just walk through the rain, but the evil day-star and I are not friends. The material is less the lightweight, water-proof standard umbrella fabric and more “vinylized.” There is a sorta “cute” pattern screened into the inside of the umbrella, so when it is fully opened, or even closed, you see a faux-fabric/trim design. I may have tolerated these aspects, but the handle was awkward to hold (not even in adverse conditions) onto, and the bulkiness of the double-folding design doesn’t close/fold neatly. I had to manipulate the material to get the velcro closure lined up. Then I had to cup the spines in my hand to line up with the handle/cup to securely close it. I felt like it didn’t wrap neatly closed, it tended to be lopsided and off-center. Maybe this would get better with practice. It has a little carrying bag with handles to transport it or store it between uses. Read more

  3. joyce oronzio

    I purchased this umbrella in black and am using it for work where I walk between buildings in the hot sun. It’s the difference between night and day for me. I get sick in the sun almost immediately so this is a true life saver for me. It’s dainty and also does the job it is intended for. Folds down to a convenient size and stores in it’s little lacy carry bag. Perfect for work. Read more

  4. Amanda

    On a functionality basis, this is perfect. I get light-sensitive migraines and sometimes blocking the sun from my eyes for even ten feet between car and building is very important. It is deep enough to help much more than traditional umbrellas, which I’ve used as better than a hand or nothing at all. Four stars instead of five because it’s not as easy to fold up and put away as it should be. This is my second UV blocking parasol; the other looks very similar and unfolds the same way(if a bit more smoothly), but it folds back up, too. This one I have to flip upside-down to manually fold, and the containing strap is placed badly so it ends up too near the handle if I don’t very deliberately adjust that particular fold. All of which has left this tossed in a crumpled heap more often than not as I’d likely break it when in migraine-induced short-temperedness. As a backup parasol, it’s fine. If I hadn’t bought it as a backup I’d probably be looking around for a different one that isn’t so annoying to get closed at a time when I’m really not up for fussiness. Read more

  5. Katherine

    I do not like the sun and this is way better than an umbrella for blocking the sun. Mine came with a little storage pouch with a lace handle too. It is kind of hard to stuff the parasol back into the pouch but whatever. I love this parasol and use it whenever I can. The picture shows how much sunlight shines through: not much! Read more

  6. Glo

    It’s big! Still wouldn’t recommend for two people, unless they are both quite small. And the umbrella looks just like the picture. Blocks the sun and UV rays very well. Holds up against water just fine. The first time you open will be difficult, and you’ll worry that you’re going to break it. Basically, you have to snap each “leg” of the umbrella DOWN, and then manually pull up to open the umbrella. The first “snaps” will be tough, but after that, each leg will go down easily. Read more

  7. Wintersfrozen

    You want a sun proof umbrella this is it. You want a water proof umbrella this is it. You want to look like you walked right out of a gothic catalog this umbrella is your man. Fan of anime and want to look super Kawii? This umbrella no joke. I can’t begin to say how many complements I have gotten with it. I bought it when it was still raining locally and this umbrella took the storm and did so in style. Now that It is hot as all hell outside this umbrella is still rock able. The little lace detail gives it such a unique look to it. I enjoy the versatility of this umbrella but I also secretly love the hand bag it came in. All of the umbrellas I have owned in the past just had a Velcro wrap that would hold the umbrella in place when it wasn’t being used. (this on also has that feature) but this umbrella went a step forward and gave me a cute little waterproof bag to keep it in that has lace to match the umbrella itself. Over all I love this umbrella and would recommend though I will give the warning of this is a black umbrella so if you’re getting it to hide from the heat be aware black + sun = hot even in shade. Read more

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