Rainplus computerized umbrella – windproof portable umbrella continues you secure and dry in any weather – non-public journey length, breeze to apply – vehicle open close shelter from the rain

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  • fiberglass body
  • smooth one-handed use: who has time to fumble with an unwieldy umbrella? It’s raining out here! Fortunately our black vehicle umbrella opens up with the clicking of a button to prevent from getting soaked. Its non-slip handle also keeps it for your grip.
  • wind win situation: whilst it rains, it pours, and frequently brings heavy winds in addition. That is why this rainplus umbrella is double vented to be extra windproof, slicing via the air like a hot knife thru butter. It remains strong so you can keep on.
  • teflon-lined water resistant canopy: as we all realize, not anything sticks to teflon. Our pocket umbrella is lined with teflon so rain bounces proper off. Which means that now not handiest do you live dry, however your umbrella dries off easily as soon as you’re inner.
  • built to ultimate: even as it would appear that each rain umbrella is the equal, ours stands out in phrases of sturdiness. The rainplus portable umbrella is made with 9 bolstered fiberglass ribs, a sturdy canopy, and a hard take care of to be able to ultimate for years.
  • remains by way of your facet: even the weatherman would not realize if it’ll rain, so it is first-rate to be prepared. Way to a collapsible take care of and foldable cover, our umbrella is compact sufficient to store almost anywhere. It is the suitable vehicle umbrella for a wet day!
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product description

usually geared up for the rain

not anything is more unpredictable than climate. One minute you are on foot for your workplace downtown, and the next you’re completely soaking wet from a sudden downpour. Sporting an umbrella used to be cumbersome and heavy, but with rainplus tour umbrella you can live prepared always. Rainplus tour umbrella folds down small sufficient to suit in a purse or briefcase, then springs into motion with the press of a button whilst wanted. It’s the friend you need to leave you high and dry.

forestall wind in its tracks

don’t get carried away through gusts! Rainplus journey umbrella has a double vented windproof layout that cuts right through the blasts of air that accompany thunderstorms. That manner you received’t be left with an umbrella that’s became itself interior out and gotten ruined by means of the breeze. Rainplus umbrella is an awful lot extra reliable whilst you face harder climate.

open at a moment’s be aware

with its on hand automated open and near feature, rainplus travel umbrella is ideal for those storms that seem to come out of nowhere. All you need to do is press the button and your umbrella goes from stowed away to general shelter in no time. That simply makes it even less complicated to live dry and secure at all times.

take an umbrella with you anywhere you move! Rainplus travel umbrella has a folded length of 22 inches, which means it suits effortlessly in glove boxes, backpacks, or handbags, so you can have rain safety to be had each time you depart the residence. When the storms bypass, you can stow it away for storage and you’ll slightly even word it’s there.

frequently a transportable umbrella sacrifices consolation for packability. That’s no longer the case with rainplus journey umbrella. It makes use of an ergonomic non-slip manage that offers you a strong, secure grip. It gives your arms a secure keep even supposing they’re already bloodless and moist. If all else fails, we additionally encompass a wrist strap that guarantees your umbrella received’t depart your side.

have you ever ever walked interior out of the rain most effective to usher in enough water for a swimming pool? With rainplus journey umbrella, we remedy that hassle with our convenient defensive sleeve. Whilst you are at the door, simply fold your umbrella with the press of a button and placed it in the sleeve to hold your flooring and feet absolutely dry.


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8 reviews for Rainplus computerized umbrella – windproof portable umbrella continues you secure and dry in any weather – non-public journey length, breeze to apply – vehicle open close shelter from the rain

  1. Gran

    Really nice umbrella. Strong, durable. very practical controlling with one hand open and close. When you are done with it just push the button with your thumb and it retracts… Takes a small place. Better than any umbrella I have tried. With the heavy wind, it works very well also… The fabric works nice… Won’t get wet at all.. unbelievable…. lightweight and fits into my handbag…price is reasonable also… Can’t expect more… Read more

  2. Drumlin

    My 8-year-old grandson really likes the style of this umbrella, he likes the clouds underneath. However, be aware that this style does not have the wind vent on top like the solid colored ones. Also, it’s push button to open, so it’s best for older kids who know enough to point it away from themselves and others when they open it. It’s extremely hard for kids to close, so there’s really no way that they can push on it themselves. It’s probably an adult’s umbrella really, but my grandson does like it. It just takes a little more work on adults part. Read more

  3. Steve

    I liked the cloudy sky design. It is double- layered which gives you better protection. Material and fabric look durable. The small size is also a plus. Read more

  4. Tiffany Foster

    My mom has cancer stage 4. She’s 78, but she still lives on her own and goes out to see friends. She needed an umbrella and this looked like a nice one. Her lack of strength is the hardest issue, but she can handle opening and closing this umbrella. Its a nice one. Read more

  5. Barbara Savage

    I really like the construction and size of this umbrella, and the price is reasonable for a good umbrella. Nice choice of colors, too. I purchased this black and the green. I haven’t had to use them yet, do can’t comment on the durability. They definitely look sturdy though. Read more

  6. Akman Family

    It is a very well made and durable. The inside galaxy looks great, giving it a timeless look to space. It is easy to use, automatic Open close, it is working properly. It is worth of buying especially with this price. As it is described, I like a lot, and recommend it. Read more

  7. Adam

    I got it for my daughter and she loved it especially when she sees a sky. She takes with her to school even on a dry day. Durable and good price. One touch opening and closing is a great future. Recommend to everyone Read more

  8. Nelda

    I really like this umbrella. Living along the south Texas coast we use umbrellas a lot. This one is sturdy and can stand the wind gusts. It’s easy to open with the automatic pop up button. It folds down to a manageable size for shopping, a meeting or eating breakfast/lunch/dinner out. Read more

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