Renegade 28” light-weight hardside expandable eight-wheel spinner checked-length luggage, champagne, inch

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  • make certain this suits
  • by getting into your version range.
  • eight-wheel multi-directional spinners for effortless dealing with
  • expands a further 2 inches
  • important compartment interior features numerous zippered employer wallet elastic shoe wallet and a garment restraint panel
  • ergonomically designed retractable trolley take care of
  • glossy and fashionable outdoors with nook protect reinforcements enables protect your bag from harm
  • universal dimensions – 30″ h x 21. Five” l x 13-15″ d.
  • packing dimensions – 28″ h x 20″ l x 12. Five-14. Five” d.
  • weight – 11 lbs.
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  • is this bag too big for the 62 inch size requirement?
  • is that this bag too large for the sixty two inch dimension requirement?

  • may want to i have this healthy case as a carry on you observed?
  • could i’ve this suit case as a carry on you believe you studied?

  • i’m torn between the 20″ and the 24″. Is the 20″ huge enough for a week’s really worth of travel?
  • i am torn between the 20″ and the 24″. Is the 20″ huge sufficient for every week’s worth of journey?

  • does this are available in 24 x 16 inches
  • does this are available 24 x sixteen inches


    3-Piece Set (20"/24"/28"), 20-inch Carry On, 24-inch Checked, 28-inch Checked


    Black, Champagne, Cilantro, Eden Green, Navy, Rose Gold, Ruby, Silver, Sky Blue, Smokey Purple, Vivid Blue

    8 reviews for Renegade 28” light-weight hardside expandable eight-wheel spinner checked-length luggage, champagne, inch

    1. Kathryn Brick

      I bought this luggage after doing much research and reading many reviews. I loved it! However on the first use the top corner was dented! I was extremely disappointed as this had such great reviews as being sturdy luggage. I took a chance and contacted the Kevin Cole Company as listed on the tag that was on the luggage. It did say it had a ten year warranty. I followed the steps asked and to my surprise I was sent a new suitcase exactly like the one dented at NO charge! The company was absolutely wonderful to deal with and only asked for pictures and an explanation of what happened. My replacement luggage arrived in about a week! I will be a loyal Kevin Cole customer from now on. The luggage is perfect! Lightweight and more than enough room and I pack a lot! I can not recommend this luggage enough! It pays to keep the tags with the information!Read more

    2. Kyle A.

      Love this Luggage! I used to just travel with a large backpack. This, however, changed my life. The organizational pockets in this bag are amazing. I can fit business clothes for at least 4 days including two suits, and two pairs of shoes. I checked the bag once, and everything held up (I don’t recommend checking a bag). I have used it on probably 20 trips so far using it as a carry-on, and it fits in every aircraft I’ve been on. From small regional flights to international flights.Read more

    3. Alicia S

      So far, it’s loving the airports (Across the pond to israe), dragged around in buses for 15 days, and then back onto more airplanes. Not a scratch… not a dent.Holds so much that if you pack it fully, you will be overweight.Wheels are great… rolls well even when overstuffed.Price is perfect.Read more

    4. Bolt Nut

      Measurements (including wheels to handle) is 18″ tall, 9″ deep and 13″ wide. It is expandable which would add about another inch and a half to the depth. You can fit a lot of stuff in here. I had four t-shirts, a pair of tennis shoes (filled with four pair of socks), five pair of underwear, a hawaiian shirt, two long sleeved linen shirts, a pair of jeans, one pair of bermuda shorts, one pajama lounging pants and a small toiletry bag. That’s with the case at minimum width. If you expand it you can fit a few more soft items in there. The quality is about average. Not the best wheels but you won’t really be letting it out of your hands….plus they seem good enough. And the handle can be a bit ‘sticky’ at times. All in all, I think it’s definitely worth the money.Read more

    5. Kibbitzmom

      Wow! This bag is beautiful. It has multiple pockets and looks roomy enough for the 25 or so outfits, plus different shoes for each, that I usually take on a five-day trip. It appears to be tough enough to withstand the best efforts of baggage handlers to destroy it. Haven’t used it on the airline yet, but will post back here in a few weeks to let you know how well it stood up. Luggage handlers made short work of my last soft-sided bag and even managed to break a mug that I had carefully wrapped in layers of clothing in the middle of the bag, so I know they are up to the challenge. It is on! UPDATE: So sorry, I meant to post sooner. I took this bag on my recent vacation. It stood up quite well to the gentle ministrations of the baggage handlers. And it nicely accommodated every bit and piece that I packed with room to spare. Since I was leaving St. Louis on a day that was 28 degrees and heading to much warmer climes, I had to pack my winter coat in the bag once I got to the airport. No problem! I’m still a happy camper.Read more

    6. Adam D

      On average I fly between 120k and 150k miles per year. I have had 2 of these bags in the past 5-6 years and have loved them. Each of those first 2 bags lasted roughly 2.5 years which with my amount of travel is pretty darn good for a suitcase in the $60-70 range.A few months ago it was about time to replace again and I went ahead and ordered another identical model. That first bag lasted 1 trip and the cloth around the zipper ripped from where it connects to the hard case. I figured I maybe had a one off bad one and went ahead and got a 2nd. That one lasted 3 trips before the same happened, but the lining was already falling out on the 2nd as well.These were 2 brand new bags that couldn’t even make a combined total of 4 trips in the course of about 6 weeks. I’m not sure what’s changed, but the quality clearly isn’t what it used to be and I was forced to find a different suitcase. My advice to those who have had these in the past and are looking to replace it with another identical one — stay away, you will be very disappointed.Read more

    7. Con

      I purchased 3 sizes of this suitcase. I opened the 24” and the outside zipper broke first try. I traveled once with the 28” and it has a huge dent in corner already. In description it states “durable ABS exterior with molded corner reinforcement for maximum impact resistance”, don’t think so if it can’t handle one trip! Not to happy with these cases. Only thing I like is the secure garment restraints on both sides.Read more

    8. sbsmom

      I just received this suitcase today and it looks very nice and sturdy. I also like the red color is not too bright. I can’t wait to use it on my next trip.Read more

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