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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your version range.
  • clean fashionable bubble umbrella: water-resistant clear cover for maximum rain coverage and notice via visibility
  • windproof and rainproof: with fifty one” cover, you’ll be covered from the wind and the rain so hair and clothes stay dry
  • lightweight production: aluminum shaft gives a light-weight layout with comfy acrylic matte silver end take care of
  • easy and sturdy. Care instructions: depart open to dry. Wipe smooth with a damp fabric
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  • how well does this umbrella hold up against robust winds?
  • query: how properly does this umbrella keep up towards sturdy winds? Solution: it really works quite properly, much higher than ordinary umbrellas due to the fact the wind would not get up inside and turn it. Out with our dog this morning, heavy rain, heavy wind, and a woman taking walks through me had her umbrella flip (“that is what i am getting for purchasing a reasonably-priced umbrella”) was her comment and this umbrella held up actually nicely. By way of lakegirl 88 on december 9, 2014 did not get solutions. See extra solutions (1) crumble all solutions

  • when the rain dries is it all noticed?
  • question: when the rain dries is all of it noticed? Answer: yes. However it never blows away and keeps you very dry. Really worth the spots. With the aid of shelley vitale on march 2, 2015 failed to get answers. See greater answers (3) crumble all solutions

  • what’s the diameter of the opening of the umbrella?
  • question: what is the diameter of the outlet of the umbrella? Solution: approximately 32 half of inches via danny s. On december 15, 2014 collapse all solutions

  • how wide is it?
  • when it’s miles fully opened the umbrella is about 30″ huge. An average sized guy and female can stand beneath it in a “comfortable” style, in other phrases, if he puts his arm around her shoulder. As far as umbrellas pass, this one feels a good deal sturdier than others. If it’s looked after, it must remaining a long term. Allow it to dry before you close it up. There is no such element as having horrific success from commencing an umbrella interior. If it is very cold- from being in the automobile- or, if it’s been closed for a long term, the vinyl will stick with itself, so peel it open with care. You could cross at the totes internet site to find out more. I advocate purchasing it, it is a sturdy umbrella and it works tremendous for me! See less


    Birds on a Wire, Clear, Dots, Iridescent

    8 reviews for Signature clean bubble umbrella

    1. Skye Cahoon

      This is a really cute umbrella, but it has a few flaws. Like many other reviews stated, it came coated in white powder on the inside and outside. Though this was an inconvenience, I don’t understand why people were giving it a one star review just because of that. Ten minutes with a facecloth had it looking clear and glass (you can see in one of my pictures when I had cleaned one half vs the dirty half). I mean, do I expect my umbrellas to arrive clean? Yes, but I rolled with the punches. However, upon cleaning it, I think I understand why it was coated in powder in the first place. The thick plastic that it’s made of sticks together when the umbrella is folded, making it very hard to open up again. The powder probably prevented the flaps from sticking together. In addition, the little strip you wrap around the umbrella and clip to keep it closed is very hard to wrap around the entire thing because it’s made of the same material as the rest of the umbrella and doesn’t slide against it. If the company wanted, I’m sure these are easy fixes- just give the umbrella some sort of coating (that’s not baby powder?) and make the strip out of a different material, but all in all for the price I’m not displeased. After all, it is a great looking umbrella that holds up to rain and wind well! Read more

    2. Jon R Pascarella

      These umbrellas were great! They do come dusty, but simply wiping them off with a rag made them very clear! We used them on our wedding day, because it rained, and they made for very cute photos. It is also a very good quality umbrella. Read more

    3. MsChristineH

      I’m a big woman and this is definitely a good umbrella for someone like me. I’m also handicapped and use a walker. I decided on a bubble umbrella so I could just put it over me and not have to hold it while I use the walker. I couldn’t find the clear bubble in any physical stores. Found it here, read the dimensions and decided it would be big enough. It is. 🙂 I have used it several times. I just tuck the handle in between coat buttons and it stays over my head so I can use both hands for my walker. Lifetime guarantee is one of the great things about Totes. Only problem, you have to wipe the plastic every now and then because of spots from the water drying. But other than that, it works for what I wanted. Read more

    4. Meaggay

      These umbrella’s are amazing and made our wedding pictures! Highly recommend. Read more

    5. Solointrepid

      All the other reviews about a white dust on the plastic are true, but it was easy to wipe off with a dry rag & it’s well made. I didn’t realize when I bought it that it has a lifetime warranty, so that’s definitely worth the price you pay for it. Read more

    6. RDawg

      Made the best Halloween costume ever! Read more

    7. Eli O.

      First impression…nice a big umbrella, handle is long, kinda bulky, clear view, fantastic. It feels sturdy and protective. I have yet to use it. I live in Southern California…waiting for rain. Update: I used this today in gusty winds and rain. El Niño arrived to So Cal yesterday! We haven’t seen this much rain in years! I can say that this really held up well. The bubble shade creates a shield around me. I really like this concept. The only problem this makes me feel like a horrible person because I cannot offer to shield anyone else from the rain. Read more

    8. Cynthia1c

      This umbrella is great! Sturdy and just the right size for me and my 6 month old. It provides great coverage while allowing my 6 month old and I a view. While using it I can honestly say we did not get wet. Great purchase and worth the cost. Would definitely purchase again. Read more

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